Messages from Our Lady

By Eduardo Ferreira

May 27, 2017

Ok, so maybe the last message he received wasn't the final message.  It certainly sounded like it though.  Sorry for the confusion.


Note from the translator:   Below are translations of the latest messages received by Eduardo Ferreira. I have appended some notes as they refer to lesser-known apparitions from the past regarding which I had to do some basic research! Naturally all this is offered on a "for your discernment" basis... This kind of historical detail is not new as far as the Sao Jose dos Pinhais apparitions to Eduardo are concerned; setting the record straight seems to be one of their purposes. In Oliveto Citra it appears that the visionaries are still receiving messages: will investigate further!


May 27, 2017, Itajaí / SC
Dear son, peace!
Tonight I invite you to pray for peace, for the Church and also for my projects for this nation.
I am the Mystical Rose - Lady of Peace.
It is necessary to pray many rosaries in order that humanity might find true peace. Peace is what only My Son Jesus can give you.
Give good testimony.
Put into practice all my messages already left over these almost 30 years.
I am here dear children to transform your hearts.
I want the salvation of all. I want this generation already to begin to have true peace.
I want you to love your neighbor and also to forgive.
I want to be ever closer to each one of you.
Little children, in order to attain faith, you need to pray.
I am your Mother.
I am here to protect each one of you.
Beware of the new age that is in the midst of you.
I am here to assure the victory for you.
I also invite you to pray for Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela.
I am here to protect you from the danger approaching for Brazil.
Love your neighbour.
Seek conversion every day.
My children, it is time to awaken to a new life. A life of prayer turned to God.
Pray the rosary in your families. Pray the rosary in the churches.
I call everyone once again to this great army of Mine.
Do not be afraid.
Fear paralyzes and does not let you pray.
Always carry the rosary with you. This weapon will defend you from the evil one.
Little children, a true Christian can not live [according to] those laws in which many are living.
The law of abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual marriage.
You must be true soldiers of Jesus.
I come to Brazil to invite everyone to conversion.
Do not be distracted when you pray. Pay attention when you pray the holy rosary.
Pray for the young children.
To my priests I say:
Give good testimony. Pray the rosary with the faithful.
If you want a change in the parish, start praying the rosary today. Let the faithful pray the rosary. Help them.
Pray, pray.
I am your Mother and I want all to convert.
My wish is to lead you to Jesus.
With love I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May 25, 2017, Itajai / SC

Peace, peace, peace.
I am the Lady of Peace.
I invite you today to pray the rosary for peace.
The world is increasingly heading towards its self-destruction. Pray!
Remember today the great miracle in the town of Sabana Grande / Puerto Rico on May 25, 1953*. The sun in its great fullness pulsated and shone coloured rays on the clouds.
This great sign showed my real presence in Sabana Grande.
I am the Mother of Love.
I am happy when I see children welcoming my messages and signs.
I can say that Sabana Grande warmly welcomed my appearances.
In April 1991, I gave a new sign** in order to say to everyone:
"I am with you and I welcome with affection the requests of every child who comes to Me with love and trust."
I am the Lady of the Rosary.
Beloved, with these signs God wants to show you the authenticity of my appearances in Puerto Rico.
Pray, pray much.
Even though for many priests it is difficult to believe in this apparition; I say:
"I love Puerto Rico."
I made coloured rays descend on the well, blessing the water of this place.
The miracles using water prove the affection and love I have for each child who goes there with faith and hope.
Be pure in heart and only then will you understand the meaning of my visit to Sabana Grande.
Grace, hope and faith.
With love I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

[* The alleged apparitions in Sabana Grande are not recognized by the Church, although local bishop Alvaro Corrado del Rio proposed a dialogue process with the 'Our Lady of the Rosary of the Spring' association in 2014 and celebrated Mass there in 2016. See]
[archival footage: ]


(24/05/2017) Itajaí / SC

Dear son, I am the Mother of Consolation.
This afternoon I invite you to pray for peace in the world.
My requests should be taken seriously.
Be careful not to profane what is Sacred.
My son, remember today my first appearance in Oliveto Citra* in the abandoned Castle of the city.
I did not only appear to one person, but to several.
With My Divine Son in my arms, I invited all of you to pray for the Rosary for peace.
I invited everyone to pray for the leaders of the nations, especially those who consider themselves owners of the world.
Signs and deliverances were sufficient to show my presence at the Castle.
Signs in the sun and the scent of roses: thousands of pilgrims witnessed.
Today I repeat: pray for the great nations that hold peace in their hands.
God will intervene ... and science will not be able to explain the wonder having occurred.
Only the humble and those who are praying the rosary will be able to understand the call of God.
Come back quickly.
Pray for Spain, Italy, Japan, Norway, China, Denmark, the United States and Mexico.
Pray also that Germany will not have nights of darkness without the presence of God.
Pray, pray and testify that I am your Mother, the Lady of Consolation and Peace.
I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

[* At Oliveto Citra, the Bishop of Salerno has authorized the parish priest to welcome pilgrims. The history of the alleged apparitions which began on May 24, 1985 can be found in Italian at . It should be noted that the Foundation formally dissociates itself from the Naples-based 'Grupo dell'amore' claiming to receive messages at the site. See ]


May 23, 2017, Itajaí / SC

I ask of you peace and prayer.
I invite you to pray for peace. I invite you to pray for Italy, especially for the pilgrims who are today in Crosia / Italy, a place where I appeared in the 1980s and 90s.*
I am the Lady of Sorrows, the Mother of Pure Love.
It all began on a Saturday 30 years ago on May 23, 1987 in the abandoned chapel where little Vincenzo met Me in front of My image.
I chose Crosia to restore many hearts. To ask for peace and love for souls.
With a heart full of love I chose Anna who also starts having dialogues with Me.
Remember my son: I am the Mother of Sorrows.
The world is heading for a tragic event, where many Christians will weep.
Here I ask you: Do not judge.
Only God has all authority to pass judgment.
But know that God is also Love.
Anyone who has experienced this love knows how to forgive and love others.
Pray much for Italy.
An earthquake of great magnitude will shake Italy.
My tears** at Crosia showed concern and also love for all those children who are far from Me.
Many of you are far from understanding the designs of God for this generation.
I only ask you to pray and to love your neighbor.
Do not be afraid, my children.
Pray for priests.
With love I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

[* The alleged apparitions to 14 year-old VIncenzo Fullone and then Anna Biasi were the subject of a 2015 film documentary by Fabio Mollo presented at the Torino Film Festival. A short Italian-language presentation of the Crosia apparitions by parish priest Don Michele Romano on their 25th anniversary in 2012 can be seen here: 
** (1992)]