Final Messages to Eduardo?

By Eduardo Ferreira

May 13 and May 18, 2017

May 13, 2017, São José dos Pinhais / PR

Dearly Beloved [singular]!
On this afternoon of prayer, I wish to invite you to remain in peace together with Our Queen the Mystical Rose.
Heaven is making itself present in this place chosen by God.
It is necessary to persevere in your prayers day by day. If you do not pray, you will be defeated.
Many present here are distancing themselves from the Lord's way by attending places where God is not.
From today on bring roses to offer to the Queen of Heaven and earth.
Do you want to receive grace?
Then come and place what you have of most value at the feet of Mary Most Holy. Place your heart [there].
(At this moment St. Michael speaks to those present)


May 13, 2017. São José dos Pinhais / PR

Peace, peace, peace, I beseech you at the end of this afternoon, my children.
I am your Mother the Lady of the Rosary, Mystical Rose.
It is with joy that I come down from heaven to be closer to each one of you. I love you.
If you pray my children, peace will come upon humanity.
Pray, pray, pray many rosaries as families and also in churches.
I call upon each one of you once again to be part of this great army already in order for battle.
I ask you to be witnesses to these apparitions, which are already coming to an end.
My children, every time you come here, I your Mother have my arms open to tell you:
- trust in my intercession.
My children, remember today my apparition in the Cova da Iria at Fatima to the three little shepherds.
These little shepherds who give each one of you a great example of courage, prayer and total trust in Me.
If you do not yet have them as an example, take them as a good example today.
Before me are these great saints.
I invite you once again to live out my messages every day.
Put them into practice.
Give good testimonies as true Christians.
Take the rosary in your hands and pray every day.
Pray for the Pope and also for priests.
Pray, pray, pray.
I am very sad when I see one of you criticizing them.
Pray and do penance for them. The evil one tempts them daily.
My children, I am the Mystical Rose - Queen of Peace.
Listen to my voice crying out for peace in the world.
Pray for Venezuela, France, Mexico and Brazil, this country that I love so much.
My son, make this message public:
- The sign that God will give you on the mountain of Garabandal will be a warning signal to humanity. It will be a sign to call you to conversion.
It will be a sign for the purification of men.
The sign that God will give you on the hill of Medjugorje will be a proof of the love that I have for each one of you.
There is no need to wait for these two great signs to convert, to turn to God.
Return this very day to the arms of Him who loves you and wants you near to Him.
Little children, I am here with open arms. I love you.
Work in order that this work might grow every day, for in grace it is already immense.
You must recognize this my children.
Come quickly to be next to this Mother.
I look at each of you this early evening.
I Intercede for each one of you.
Be bringers of peace. Sow peace wherever you go.
Go quickly to those who do not know Me. To those who are distancing themselves from God's eyes.
Pray, pray, pray very much, my children.
Again I repeat:
Do not seek God where He is not.
Ask the Holy Spirit for discernment.
With love I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


May 14, 2017 São José dos Pinhais / PR

Late this afternoon I invite you to pray for peace in your families.
Little children, pray the rosary and also do penance.
Beware of the news that is spreading around the world concerning wars. This news causes agitation in your families and terror at the same time.
Pray, pray.
Put into practice what I tell you.
With love I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


May 18, 2017, São José dos Pinhais / PR

Dear children, peace!
Put into practice all those messages that I have brought to the world over these 29 years.
I have nothing more to say. It is necessary to pray many rosaries.
You have to realize that peace will come only when everyone recognizes that God is Lord and Creator of everything.
Do not be discouraged.
I am your Mother, the Mystical Rose, Queen of Peace.
I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.