Be Careful Regarding Vaccines

By Giselle Cardia

March 16, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Our Lady

My children, thank you for being here in prayer. Children, I come again to warn you and to help you not to make mistakes, avoiding what does not come from God; yet you look around in confusion without realizing the dead that there are, and that there will be on earth — all because of your obstinacy in only listening to human decisions. Many times I have told my children to be careful regarding vaccines, yet you do not listen.[1]
Beloved children, look at the cross of Jesus and stand under His Blessed Cross by which He has redeemed you. Beloved children, the Wrath of God will not delay in making itself felt, but humanity is so blind that it will not notice anything, giving only scientific explanationsChildren, you are my true Church and it is to you that I commend myself, because thanks to my faithful she will be reborn, resplendent and glorious. Children, now nothing will be the same as before: they have taken everything away from you including your freedom. Be faithful to the Lord and to the Holy Scriptures. Convert: only thus will you be on the path of light prepared for you. My children — the Church, oh, the Church — what pain! My heart bleeds to see her falling brick by brick — what pain!! My children, you are at war and must fight; it does not matter if you are mocked, go on without stopping. Now I leave you with my Maternal blessing in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

Note (from Mark): A few hours after posting the article Grave Dangers on the warnings of misused science and experimental vaccines, this message from Our Lady was sent to us. Here again, the warnings from Heaven and from science continue to merge (see When Seers and Science Merge).