The Warning is About to Occur

By Giselle Cardia

November 6, 2021

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Our Lady

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on November 6th, 2021:

My children, thank you for having answered my call in your hearts. My children, I ask you to have a pure heart: rid it of hatred and resentment, and make weekly confession; be ready, because the Warning is about to occur. I will make a bridge between Heaven and earth for all my beloved children. [1] My children, walk on the way of holiness, your sufferings that you offer up will help for the salvation of many souls, especially the suffering of my beloved [daughter, i.e. Gisella Cardia]. I am gathering my children so that together they would evangelize as much as possible: this is now urgent. My daughter, speak of my Jesus in the world; I will be at your side — my love and consolation are drawing many souls who would otherwise be lost. My children, pray for those in government, for they are plotting something dangerous for you. Pray for the Church. Now I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


On the Warning
Once again, there is so much packed in another message to Gisella Cardia from Our Lady — all of it consistent with the prophetic consensus we are hearing from many souls in the Body of Christ throughout the world. Our Lady indicates that the ‘Warning is about to occur.’ The fact that she then encourages weekly confession suggests that this long prophesied event is rapidly approaching with increasingly little time to prepare. 
If we consider the Timeline on this website — which is not some kind of gnostic baptized fortune-telling, but a straightforward chronology based on St. John’s sixth chapter of Revelation and the Early Church Fathers exegesis of Genesis, 2 Peter 3:8, Rev 20:1-11, etc. — then the “breaking of the seals” could and likely will definitively unfold like dominoes, one event after another leading to the Warning. As for time frames, none of us knows (except, perhaps, those seers in many countries who were given “secrets” to disclose at a future point), but events could pile up very quickly: war, economic and social collapse, a complete breakdown in the supply chain, etc. things that are clearly capturing the news headlines already and hardly require private revelation to see what is unfolding. Still, how soon is “soon” from Heaven’s perspective? This should not concern us since any one of us could die in our sleep tonight. The main point is that we are living in and loving Jesus right now, and loving our neighbour as ourselves. 
On Weekly Confession
Hence, Our Lady calls us to be like the “wise virgins” who fill their lamps (hearts) with the oil of grace (Matt 25:1-12). But first, we must frequently empty them of sin — ‘weekly confession’ — Momma advises. This is significant, given that for decades through the apparitions at Medjugorje, Our Lady encouraged “monthly confession.” Weekly confession arguably suggests the urgency and necessity it is for us to seriously repent, to maintain a ‘pure heart’ and follow Jesus in Simple ObedienceThat said, there is nothing novel about this heavenly advice:
Confession, which is the purification of the soul, should be made no later than every eight days; I cannot bear to keep souls away from confession for more than eight days. —St. Pio of Pietrelcina, from his letters

“…those who go to Confession frequently, and do so with the desire to make progress” will notice the strides that they make in their spiritual lives. “It would be an illusion to seek after holiness, according to the vocation one has received from God, without partaking frequently of this sacrament of conversion and reconciliation.” —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Apostolic Penitentiary conference, March 27th, 2004;

But what could you possibly confess each week in the Sacrament of Confession?

Without being strictly necessary, confession of everyday faults (venial sins) is nevertheless strongly recommended by the Church. Indeed the regular confession of our venial sins helps us form our conscience, fight against evil tendencies, let ourselves be healed by Christ and progress in the life of the Spirit. By receiving more frequently through this sacrament the gift of the Father’s mercy, we are spurred to be merciful as he is merciful…

Individual, integral confession and absolution remain the only ordinary way for the faithful to reconcile themselves with God and the Church, unless physical or moral impossibility excuses from this kind of confession. There are profound reasons for this. Christ is at work in each of the sacraments. He personally addresses every sinner: “My son, your sins are forgiven.” He is the physician tending each one of the sick who need him to cure them. He raises them up and reintegrates them into fraternal communion. Personal confession is thus the form most expressive of reconciliation with God and with the Church. —Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 1458, 1484, 

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On the present and coming evangelization
To read of the coming Warning and the mass evangelization that will take place (and is already crucial at this moment) — including how priests are the “bridge to the Triumph”, read the three-part series:
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I wish I could divulge more about what will happen in the future, but I can say one thing about how the priesthood relates to the secrets. We have this time that we are living in now, and we have the time of the Triumph of Our Lady’s heart. Between these two times we have a bridge, and that bridge is our priests. Our Lady continually asks us to pray for our shepherds, as she calls them, because the bridge needs to be strong enough for all of us to cross it to the time of the Triumph. In her message of October 2, 2010, she said, “Only alongside your shepherds will my heart triumph.” —Mirjana Soldo, Medjugorje seer; from My Heart Will Triumph, p. 325
And let us not think that evangelization is only the business of the priesthood or a select few.
…we must rekindle in ourselves the impetus of the beginnings and allow ourselves to be filled with the ardour of the apostolic preaching which followed Pentecost. We must revive in ourselves the burning conviction of Paul, who cried out: “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel” (1 Cor 9:16). This passion will not fail to stir in the Church a new sense of mission, which cannot be left to a group of “specialists” but must involve the responsibility of all the members of the People of God. —ST. JOHN PAUL II, Novo Millennio Ineuente, n. 40
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“Something dangerous”
Finally, to understand the grave dangers of the new form of Communism spreading across the world under the pretense of a “Great Reset” (whose pillars, say the World Economic Forum, are “COVID-19” and “climate change”), watch the riveting video “God and the Great Reset”:


↑1 Italian: Io farò un ponte tra il cielo e la terra per tutti i miei figli prediletti. Given that the expression “figli prediletti” can also mean “favored sons” (i.e. priests), in the context of these messages, and in the light of the reference to the sacrament of Confession, an alternative translation here could be “I will make a bridge between Heaven and earth by means of all my favored sons [priests]”. Translator’s note. See Commentary below.