A Marvelous World Awaits

By Giselle Cardia

February 12, 2022

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Countdown to the Kingdom

Message from Our Lady

Dear children, thank you for having responded to my call in your hearts. My beloved children, I ask you return to God with genuine faith; do it quickly — do not waste any more time because the time is over. My children, you will see things will be very strange to your eyes, but I say to you: never be afraid. My children, the times you are going through will become worse; but remember, do not be afraid of the time that is ending, but be joyful regarding the marvelous world that awaits you. The new Jerusalem will soon arrive. [1] Children, pray for the powerful of the earth and for the leaders of the Church, that they might avoid the great schism that is about to happen. Remember that I am a Mother and you are My children. Now I bless you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.
↑1 I and every other orthodox Christian feel certain that there will be a resurrection of the flesh followed by a thousand years in a rebuilt, embellished, and enlarged city of Jerusalem, as was announced by the Prophets Ezekiel, Isaias and others… A man among us named John, one of Christ’s Apostles, received and foretold that the followers of Christ would dwell in Jerusalem for a thousand years, and that afterwards the universal and, in short, everlasting resurrection and judgment would take place.” —St. Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho, Ch. 81, The Fathers of the Church, Christian Heritage

“We do confess that a kingdom is promised to us upon the earth, although before heaven, only in another state of existence; inasmuch as it will be after the resurrection for a thousand years in the divinely-built city of Jerusalem… We say that this city has been provided by God for receiving the saints on their resurrection, and refreshing them with the abundance of all really spiritual blessings, as a recompense for those which we have either despised or lost…” —Tertullian (155–240 A.D.), Nicene Church Father; Adversus Marcion, Ante-Nicene Fathers, Henrickson Publishers, 1995, Vol. 3, pp. 342-343)