Don't Despise Love

By Linda Noskewicz

December 5, 2014

Father, I think I’ve been praying the Rosary wrong all of this time. Is there more than one way?? Does our Lady get upset?? Or is everything cool as I kind of think it’s the Love that counts, yeah?

Know, Belovéd Children, this is not the time to be frivolous with your Hearts.
Time works against you or moves fast than you guess.

Belovéd Children, so many of you are unprepared for death
and My Call urges you to recognize this
and to come to your Lord God and Father for Mercy.

I urge you to come to Me and know the Love and forgiveness this World will not provide to you.

Thus, Children, so many of you die unready to see Love.

Precious Children, what is it to give Love in return for Great Love.
Is it not a perfect exchange or thing or relationship.
You are Man and I am God.
You are My Creation and I am Love.

You were made by Love for Love and to know Love.
How can you know Love when you do not heed Love’s call?

Blesséd Children, awaken the Brothers and Sisters around you
whose Hearts are dead or ignorant of My Great Love for them.
Show them the extent of My Love.
Lead your Brothers and Sisters to Me
and the scales from their eyes shall fall.

When they know Love, finally their sight will return.
They will see and their ears will open and they will hear
and their Hearts will open and they will know Love.
Greatest Eternal Love.

All of My Belovéd Children need My Love and it is yours.
It was yours and is and will always be,
for you were created by Love for Love and to Love.

Take not of this, Children,
for the Man who does not Love is furthest from the Son of God.

The Man who despises Love despises the Son of Man.
The Man who despises the Christ is the Man who despises the Father,
for We are One and as you praise My Belovéd Son,
you praise His Eternal Father.

And when you despise the Son, Christ, the Redeemer,
He who has saved even the lowest sinner,
so do you despise the Father and Spirit for We are One.

There are those who will
feign justice and Love
in My Name. They will
make every effort to
forge their way through
to the Hearts of Man
and when they are quite
confident in their stations,
their true motive will
come to light. Do not be
fooled by the wolves in
red. I say to you, they
will be the bane of this World
and the prayerful will know
and those who Love Me
will know and the holy
ones will know. But those
who have despised Me
will not know and thus
will be ill-prepared for
the consequences of their

That is continuous upheaval.
This World is not close to
through yet. More storms
venture out of the earth and
will stretch the boundaries
of what Man has known.

Do not be surprised in any of this, Children,
but pray with great trust in your souls
and truthful adoring Loving in your Hearts.

Belovéd Children, pray for those who know Me not
and for those who despise Me.
Many die who are not prepared.
Pray for those who long to see the face of God but cannot.

Belovéd Children, do not be afraid to ask your Loving Father for anything.
I give My Children good gifts and I Love hearing My Children.

My Little flowers are precious to Me.
Do not lie anymore.
Do not lie.
Lies are more harmful that you guess.

I say pray instead and be at peace.

Peace, Brothers and Sisters. Peace. Peace.