Pray for Those Who Will Die

By Linda Noskewicz

PictureMy favorite rosary that God changes silver to gold when I pray. He's so cool. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 3:30 – 4:15 pm

You do not know of what you speak when you consider Time, My Belovéd Children.
It is merely a drop of water in an Eternal ocean.

Belovéd Children, but for you, your Time is finite.
My Love for you is not.
Lift up your Hearts to your Lord God 
and know the Wisdom of believing or following Me or Love.

You are saved by Love, yet so many of My Children doubt.

Father, it’s like no one thinks they’ll get cancer when they smoke at 20 because the ideam of dying is too far away to worry about it, right?

Children, Eternity is real as is My Heaven
as is My Belovéd Son and His Wondrous Sacrifice for your Eternal Redemption!
His Love for all Man is such a Holiness, He grants every Child Mercy in all things.
He is the Christ and yet the very ones He Saves are the very ones who doubt Him.

What foolishness is this, My Children?
What choice compels My Belovéd Children to reject the Love of the Christ, My Belovéd Son, 
to sin against Him, to sin against the Creator who Loves them so.

Children, know that when you deny the Christ, your Lord God, the Holiest One, 
you sin a dark sin and if you are to die, 
you die unprepared for death.

Belovéd Children, thus I say pray for those who will die, 
for so many are unprepared by their outright or vocal or enthusiastic rejection of the Lord.

Your Belovéd Lord God and Father is not a petty God, 
but there are consequences for sins that have not been paid for or apologized for or paid penance over.
You cannot wound yourself and expect the body not to bleed.
It is the consequence of the wound.

Thus is the consequence of sin.

All of My Belovéd Children must make an account of their sins.
Some are so vile, your Father cringes while darkness is delighted.
You must make an account for your sins that you will understand the full nature of your souls.
Your souls are precious things.

With them, you are capable of such goodness.
You are also able to do them much hurt and cause them much damage by your sinning.

My Children, you are like the rocks that tumble off of mountains 
or those that are worn smooth by water.
One is like a blow of lightning striking, such destruction and noise in its path.
The other like the breeze where nothing is compromised by its path.

Belovéd Children, you must not be destructive of your souls, 
your temples I have presented to you as gifts of Creation.
Each sin is like another rock crashing down a mountain, wreaking destruction.
When you follow Me and follow the way of the Christ who Loves all people and is merciful to all people, 
you are the smooth stone that is the breeze that does not destroy.

Belovéd Children, I say to you, you must not compromise with sin.
Your Love for your Lord God prevents this allowance.

You cannot have black and white meet and expect each to remain untainted.
You cannot Love the World and value the treasures it puts before you 
and say that you Love Me, your Lord God and Father foremost.

You cannot say your Love for Me is pure, 
for it is compromised by your pride and desire of all that is temporal, 
yet these things will not help you when you meet with Judgment.

When you meet with the Christ, 
He will disdain the baubles you worked to earn 
and frown upon the number of moments you noticed the poor.

And when the poor arrive for judgment, He shall welcome them heartily 
because when they had nothing, still they shared all that they could.

Love Me first.
You cannot Love the World and Love Me at the same time.

This World leads you or urges or encourages My Children to sin in all manner.
The darknesses in this World 
seeks to taint all of the Children who are easily mesmerized by temporal pleasures. 

Belovéd Children, know this to be true.
You will give an account of yourself 
and the gold you relished will be the scorpion in your hand.
The atrocities you committed will be the viper in your bed.

The account is not an easy time 
or it is a very, extremely difficult for Mankind 
or it will be a huge shock when it is our turn.

Belovéd Children, so I say, choose Me.
Why spurn Love in favor of baubles and gold that will merely poison your veins later.
Is your Heart so enraged (engaged?) or spoiled or self-indulgent that you cannot see this.

Belovéd Children, I give you Love and in My Love, the gift of joy in all things.
When you come to your Lord God, all things are made new 
and the moments as you breathe are filled with the ecstasies of praise and Love.
I will open doors to those who invite Me into their Hearts.

Come to Me, Children that I may give you Greatest Love 
and that you will benefit from your full and true awareness of it.

Do not be fooled by this World.
Do not compromise with sin.
Love Me and know what I accept and what I do not Love.

Love Me with all that you have inside your Hearts 
and know that I am perpetually listening and waiting for your prayers.

Oh, Belovéd Children, I am here and I long for each of you to know My Love.

Belovéd Children, there are many of your Brothers and Sisters to pray for 
and so I ask you to pray more often, more fervently, with more “Heart Explosion.”
        [It's exactly right - the description]
Your prayers are powerful and I listen and answer each one by My Grace.

Pray, Belovéd Children, for those who die.
Pray for those who do evil, great evils within this World.

Pray for those who determinedly pain or bring pain upon My Little Flowers, 
for I frown upon this and it troubles Me deeply.
Do not hurt the Little Flowers, for they are Precious to Me.

Pray for those who die, for it will be very difficult for each soul.

Belovéd Children, you are the Belovéds and I give you Greatest Love!

Pray My Children.
Pray.  Pray.