Constantly Pray

By Linda Noskewicz

PictureGod's Artistry! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 3:27 – 3:58 pm

Belovéd Children, take this Time to purify yourselves through prayer.
Show your Love for Me by your constant prayer and obedience to My Laws.

My Laws are not burdensome when they are followed with Love.
Like motherhood, it is a task or<em "mso-bidi-font-style:="" normal"=""> obligation or work accomplished with Love, 
not hatred or resentment. 
[Because there is anticipation of the goodness at the end.]

It is done with pleasure and great Love 
because you Love the One you serve.

You Love the One whose Laws you follow.
And your God, the Lord God and Father, Loves His Children so infinitely.
My Love for you has no equal and cannot be quelled.

When I see the efforts of My Belovéd Children to follow My Path set for them, 
My Heart swells with Love and Greatest Joy.

When My Belovéd Children are obedient and Love Me, their Father and Lord in Heaven, 
I am made joyous by this.

My Belovéd Children are good or<em "mso-bidi-font-style:="" normal"=""> acceptable or are given “God hugs.”

            Belovéd Children, raise the alarm,
            ring the bells.  Tell the World what
            comes!  The Almighty God sends His
            Belovéd Son and this World is
            made clean!  

            Beware oh wicked ones.
            There are surely consequences for
            what you have done to your Brothers.
            There are punishments for what you
            do.  The Christ is a merciful and
            beauteous, beatific God, but
            His Justice will be as swift as His
            Mercy.  Know this to be true.  There 
            will be a time for great mercy
            and a time for cool justice.

            Children, you will see or know
            great differences between the two.

            Know that the boar is a ruffian
            and a killer and comes to ruin
            what it encounters. It pulls apart 
            what would stay set or together or
            unified.  The boar rages and roars
            and hurries on to damage everything
            he encounters.  The hare is not
            so heavy and in this too, you
            My Belovéd Children, will know
            and sense <strong "mso-bidi-font-weight:="" normal"="">or feel the difference.
            You will feel the difference

            between the rough, hardened
            bristles of the boar that pierce you
            and the rough fur of the hare that
            has no bristles but is still not
            pleasant. It reeks and has an
            unpleasant feel.  It is not soft
            but thick with dirt or filth.

            The hare is not the boar but
            the hare is not soft or easy or
            beautiful. It is not what you would
            have it be.  Thus, Children,
            spend your Time in deepest prayer,
            for you know not when the hare
            comes and you will not hear the
            boar coming before you.

Belovéd Children, follow Christ.
His Mercy is your Mercy.

My Belovéd Son is in every Brother and Sister you have 
and when you refuse one brother or sister, 
you refuse My Belovéd Son.

When you bring agony to your Brother, 
you bring agony to the Christ.

Be Merciful to your Brothers and Sisters 
as the Christ and Redeemer is so inclined to Mercy Himself.

How My Belovéd Son craves to offer Mercy!

Belovéd Children, know Greatest Love and take what is offered to you.
Take of the bounty that is laid out before you.

Do not hesitate, Belovéd Children.
You do not hesitate before piles of gold or a banquet feast.

Belovéd Children, the Love of your Lord God is Greater than any feast 
and more valuable than all the gold that could fit in this World.

My Love for you, My Children, is a stunning, outrageous gift.
It is so BIG as to turn you, Time, “it” inside out. 
[Everything we know changes as a result. It’s indescribable: inside upside outside downwards.]

Belovéd Children, know the ecstasy of My Joy.
Your Love for Me and your prayer brings Me such happiness.
My Heart swells to have so many of My Belovéd Children’s attention.

Oh Belovéd Children, draw your Sisters and Brothers to Me.
I plead with each of you, do this, 
for so many are at war with their own souls 
and are ill-prepared for death.

Yet, so many will die.

I do not want to lose any of My Belovéd Children to darkness 
because they would not know My Love.

Belovéd Children, take My Proffered Hand.
It is before you, ever waiting to guide you through your lives on the good path I lay out for you.
Trust in Me, your Belovéd Lord, 
and know that I give My Belovéd Children good gifts.

Belovéd Children, trust in Me.
Come to Me and know Mercy and joy and unconditional Love.

Perfect Love.
I am Love, My Children, 
and where I am, there is no darkness.

Belovéd Children, remember or<em "mso-bidi-font-style:="" normal"=""> recall always 
that for every action there is an action or consequence.

Follow My Laws for they were made from Love 
and as you follow them with Love, 
no longer do you feel antagonized by the idea or by being told so.

I say to you, sins do exist in this World 
and for every sin there is a consequence or punishment.

Do not disbelieve this.
It is an error My Belovéd Children too often make.

Believe Me when I say, follow the Christ, My Son, and His example.
Love and show Mercy.

Love your Lord God only and pray, My Children.
Always, always pray.
It is the light within this darkened World.

So I say to you, pray My Belovéds.
Pray and have My Peace.