Thank God for His Mercy

By Linda Noskewicz

PictureThursday, December 18, 2014  6:20 – 7:06 pm

Father, I didn’t know how bad I was until I got bonked by You.  No offense, but that’s kind of rough.  I’m not sure if it makes me more aware of how bad the world might be too, but oh well.  I guess Your side effect is also ridiculous happiness too, so disregard the previous because that part is really cool.  BTW, how are You doing today?  How are Your angels behaving?  [Quite well, from what I got.]

Belovéd Children, I guide you by My Enduring Love.
I am ever with you.
You need only to call Me 
and I bring Myself forward through your Hearts.

Spare not your Love for this World.
It betrays your Heart and will continue to mislead you to darkness.
Follow only the Light of the Christ whose Love is thorough and true.

The Christ is your Redeemer and Most Holy King.    [BIG LOVE HERE!!]
Trust in His Loving Mercy, for My Son is Most Belovéd to Me as you are Most Belovéd to Him.

The Lord Christ craves your Love 
and longs to place the mantle of His Compassion and Mercy upon you.

Belovéd Children, you are offered a profound and LARGE/BIG ineffable gift in this Blessing.
Do not turn My Son away.
Partake in the feast that is Our Love for you.
Lay claim to His Loving or Love forgiveness, 
for it is yours when you are repentant and Loving of your Lord God.

Belovéd Children, there is not and cannot be a thing in existence 
more profound than the Love of God, of the Christ.  
You cannot fathom what it is, 
nor can you guess at its vastness.

Belovéd Children, know this to be true.
You are Loved or Belovéd to the Christ 
and thus Blesséd beyond all things in this World.

Knowing of these things 
and that you are Loved by the King of kings, 
the Son of God, My Most Belovéd, 
do as the Children of a Holy and Revered king do.

Worship your King.
Worship Him at His very feet and obey His Laws.
Obey His Laws well and set the truest example 
for all those who see or observe the Children of the Most Holy and Belovéd King.

God the Father is in the Son as the Son is in the Father.
To Love One is to Love the Other.
To revere the Son is to revere the Father.
To Love the Father is to Love and adore the Son.

We are the same, glorious in Our Oneness and Belovéd in Our Love for you.

Belovéd Children, do not sin.
Do not compromise with sin.
Do not compromise with the trickery or sophists of this World, 
as they would have you compromise.

They make what is black white and what is white black.

Look to your souls as it is yours to protect.
Treat your soul as a Belovéd.
It is a fragile thing and easily tainted.
Your duty is to your soul.

Thus I say, do not sin.

Do not look to the sins of your Brothers and Sisters.
They are not for you to judge.

Do not judge.
You are not fit or worthy to judge, 
and so I say, observe the sins that jeopardize your own soul 
and work to purify your own or that which is yours.

Belovéd Children, pray for your Brothers and Sisters.
Do not judge them.
Do not add your harsh words or criticism to the burdens they bear, 
lest I place those same burdens upon your shoulders.

Belovéd Children, know sin.   [Like, be aware of what’s a sin.]
What I Love and do not Love.
I do not Love sin.

Understand all that I do not accept and avoid these things.
Avoid those things I do not Love.
Reject these things with your eyes and ears and mind and Heart.

Understand that which I accept 
and those things that I Love.
That which brings your Heavenly Lord God joy.


Prayer, My Children, fills Me with Loving satisfaction and Greatest Love.
I long for your prayers and answer each with great Love and compassion.

Belovéd Children, prayer is what I Love and accept.

And??  Give me a list, Father…

Pray, My Child and discern through deepest prayer, My Belovéd.
The Holy Spirit guides you thus and you have known what is black and walked away.

Oh yeah.  I remember.  Good point.  But for others to understand too…

My Belovéd Children bring Me joy when I see great Love amongst them.
Love each other as you Love Me, your Father in Heaven.

Be kind and forgiving of your Brothers and Sisters and tamp your anger. 
This I see and I Love to see My Children working toward peacefulness.

I Love charity.
I Love the Merciful.
I Love those who act without boasting.
I Love the sinner who fights against his sin.

Belovéd Children, hear the calls of the Spirit that guides you if you will hear.
Open your Hearts to the Spirit and be led by Greatest Love.

What is not acceptable, Father?


I do not accept sinfulness, 
even as I am a compassionate and Merciful God.
You must not compromise with sin.

You cannot be gray in your Love for Me.
You must not judge your sisters and brothers, 
as I find this habit or inclination in My Belovéd Children particularly foul.

You must not squander the innocence of the Little Flowers who are so precious to Me.
To pain the Little Flowers is to bring pain to Me, your Lord God.

Belovéd Children, beware of the sophists always.
The tongue of the serpent is two-pronged 
and it will give you two tales when there is only one truth, 
and that is Me, your Lord God.

The Sophists would have you deny your Lord God.
They would have you deny My Belovéd Son, 
the Christ Jesus who redeemed Man by His Love.

They will have black be white and white be black.

Belovéd Children, thus I say, pray deeply
and know your Lord God intimately.
The Spirit will guide you and you will not be led astray.

Such is Time, My Belovéd Children.

It’s time for a good scrubbing of humanity, yes? …. I don’t mean to be bossy or a know-it-all, but will You pleeeeeeeease hurry already.

When the Merciful Love, 
every opportunity for repentance is bestowed upon the Belovéd.
Such is the Love of God, Child.

Would you have any souls that could be in Eternal BIGNESS be left where I am not 
because you are weary of this World?

Would you want this if you knew you were to be one who would not have Me?

Yeesh.  Alright.  Okay, take Your Time.  You’re the BIG Cheese and clearly correct in Your assessment of things.

Belovéd Children, Love Me and know Me.

Pray thrice fold more for the children of this World, the Little Flowers, 
for they are exposed to such detriments of their Hearts.

Pray for those who do not know Me and those who will not know Me.
Many will die in their stubbornness and it should not be as such.

Belovéd Children, pray always, as it is the answer when darkness befalls you 
and the way to Me seems shut before you.
Pray and learn to pray deeply.

Prayer is a saving grace 
and by it you are bound to your Loving God, the Christ 
who saves you and envelops you with Greatest Love and Mercy.

Pray, My Belovéds, and prayer shall bring you the peace you seek 
during times of strife and during the time of great darkness.

Belovéd Children, peace.