Don't Worry, Be Happy

By Linda Noskewicz

PictureNew statue in memory of dearest Bonnie.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014   3:30 – 4:20 pm

   Belovéd Children, I am ever in your Hearts, 
   filling you with My Sacred Love.
   When you open your Hearts to your Lord God and Loving Father, 
   surely you taste the wonders or ecstasies of Heaven’s joys.

  My Beauteous Children, 
  come to Me, your Lord God, 
  and lead a life of joy and great satisfaction.

Satisfaction??  What does that mean, or how does that mean?

My Love brings you such peace and reassurance.
Ever is My Love with you 
and in this confidence you step nowhere unguarded.

Where you are, you feel no anxieties because you have placed all of your trust in Me.

Thus I say, Belovéd Children, trust in Me with all of your lives 
and you shall know great joy, reassurance, comfort, peace, 
and a deep or holy understanding of Love.

Love reveals itself or reveals the extreme beauty of its true nature 
when you place all of your trust in Me, your Belovéd God.               God = Love = God!

You know no fear when your Heart is mine.
Your concerns are less weighted because you trust that I answer you in all things.

Belovéd Children, your Loving Father seeks to be your Loving Good Father.

A Loving Good Father protects His Children.
He gives His Children good gifts 
and feeds them milk with honey and ripest dates.
You are fed the plum cuts of calf and sleep on warm beds.

A Loving Good Father sees to all of your needs 
and watches over you constantly.
He dotes over His Children with a Heart burning with Love and pride 
and compassion and anticipation.

Allow Me to be your Loving Good Father, Belovéd Children.
I will bring you succor and wet your lips when you thirst most.
I know what it is you need before you know it yourself.

Love Me, Belovéd Children.
Come to Me, as you cannot be frivolous with your souls, 
nor can you pretend your time is infinite.
You do not expect the storm that will come.
You do not see its fury.

Belovéd Children, come to Me, your Lord God, with penitence in your Hearts.
You cannot know what awaits you, My Children, 
and do you not believe one day you shall face darkness and Light?
Do you believe you will avoid or be excused from accounting for your sins?

I say no, and hear Me, 
and know this to be true.
Each Child has each a soul, a fragile Beauteous wondrous soul 
that becomes polluted by sin.

There is no darkness or sin in the Kingdom of God.
It is perfection.

Thus, your accounting occurs that you will purify your soul for a time 
before you step or arrive or are “officially” welcomed to My Holy Kingdom.
Therefore, walk away from sin that your time apart from Me will be brief instead of long.
[All of this was put into extraordinarily simple terms for me from Him.  It was otherwise too BIG for me to understand!]

Father, are we going to have the chastisement thing or warning or three days of darkness?

Belovéd Children, surely this World is corrupted and in need of correction.
It is an opportunity to return or come to your Lord God when you have dismissed My Calls.

I give My Belovéd Children every opportunity to come to Me, the Lord God.
Even as My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ sacrificed Himself that all should live, 
My Children throw back this BIGGEST LOVE in favor of all things temporal and so temporary.

If My Children saw the lack of wisdom in this, 
how you would cringe and beat your heads in fury with yourselves.

My Son, the Christ, is compassionate and Merciful.
The Love of the Lord Christ Jesus is powerful and all encompassing.
He is given the right or power to judge all things.
He has great Mercy for all Belovéd Children, but Mercy is or will be tempered by His Just Hand.

Your Lord God sees within your Hearts.
I plead with all of you to Love Me, 
yet I am not an intrusive God.

Know this to be true.
Your Love for Me must be made by your will.
My hope and desire for this are great.
I wait for each call from My Belovéd Children.

Do not fail your Lord God by dismissing My Eternal Love, 
for Eternal darkness or “Eternal No exists as well.

            Belovéd Children, look to the
            west where the clouds ride low and
            red and watch with careful
            eyes the skies as they become red
            with blood. Many more
            disasters follow where there
            are three days of red darkness.

            Great avalanches of rocks, weeds
            and mud destroy entire towns.
            The whirlwinds will toss people
            like so many sticks. Greater
            storms still come.  Storms that
            cause fire and storms that 
            drop ice like stones and 
            storms inside the earth
            that make deep cracks in rocks.
            There will be hatred and war

            It begins with Israel 
            and ends with ****. It
            begins with Jerusalem, My 
            Belovéd Judea, and all nations
            watch, some benevolently,
            others anticipate, wolves waiting
            to join in.  Waiting to help
            tear her apart as wolves are
            want to do.  Then shall Israel
            fall and the red wolves shall
            rejoice in their victory. These will
            be the dark times of the unjust.
            When the Eucharist will be
            hidden and to acquire its wealth
            a difficulty almost unmanageable
            for most.  I say, use this
            opportunity to partake of My 
            Heavenly Feast now before it
            is no longer made available
            to you.

            Belovéd Children, do not 
            take these things for granted.
            The red wolves will tear Israel
            apart and My Name shall be
            kept from this World for
            a time.  Pray in these
            Times of testing. Pray and know
            I am ever with you. Hold fast to
            your faith in Me. Be consistent
            and spiritual in your prayers.
            These times will challenge you
            very much and you will need
            to have strong faith, for 
            so many will be fooled.

Belovéd Children, beware of the sophists.
Their words move like snakes and turn what was once white black 
and all that was understood to be black is white.

Beware of the Sophists.
They are working throughout this World to quell the Love I offer My Children.

Belovéd Children, again, I say, pray 
and do not allow these fiends to deaden your Hearts against your Lord God and Father.

Every Child will be tested to their soul.
Do not doubt this.
Do not allow pride to fuel your pride or strengthen your stubborn thoughts.

Be prayerful, My Belovéd Children.
Thus you will discern what is truly of Me, your Lord God 
and of the Christ, Jesus, My Belovéd Son, 
of the Spirit that brings the Light of Love to you, 
through constant and devoted prayer.

Partake of the Holy Lamb.
Love your Brothers and Sisters.
Eliminate all malice from your Hearts.
Love only.

Love your Lord God and I will give you discernment.
You will know that which is truly white and that which is truly black without cause.
This is a gift I will give to My Belovéd Children whose prayer is devout.

Belovéd Children, Love Me with all of your Hearts and Beings.
Fall away from the sins in this World.
Trust in your Lord God who Loves you.

Be at peace, My Belovéd Children.  
Pray, My Children.

Pray. Pray.