Me First! Me First!

By Linda Noskewicz


Monday, December 22, 2014  5:03 – 5:33 pm

Know, My Belovéd Child, that the Times for injustice reach you 
and those who utter the words to hell or who want to lead you to hell 
have opened their doors and walked through.

The doors of injustice are open.

Belovéd Children, you are most Belovéd to Me, your Lord God and Father.
Increase your prayers and know I am ever with you.

Belovéd Children, the Sacred Cross burns light upon the darkness of this earth. 
(I see nighttime and a dark Cross standing, and what is its “shadow” is instead fire in front of it.)

Be led by the Holiness and Sacredness or Sacristy of the Cross, 
for My Belovéd Son has sacrificed Himself that you will have life. 

The Christ Loves and saves by His Beauteous Sacrifice.
Worship Him with all of your Love.
Know He absolves all sinners with His Loving and Great Compassionate Heart.

The Blood of the Lamb heals all things, all maladies and all illness.
Look to the Christ and He shall heal your wounds 
even as He saw or sees His Own in your eyes.

Belovéd Children, such darkness comes and you must Love the Eucharist.
Those who partake of the Body of the Christ bring Light with them.
They are bold in their Love for Me 
and fear no one who will speak against Me, their Belovéd Lord God.

Beatific Children, Time is all but gone.
The yardsticks by which you measure your moments are different from My Own.

Pray, Belovéd Children.
Prayer will breed or bring you discernment.

Betroth yourself to Me, the true God who Loves you, His Children and creations. 

Belovéd Children, be merciful of your Brothers and Sisters.
I Love Compassionate and Loving Children.
When I will see you treating your Brothers and Sisters as one with Christ, 
how Expansive BIG will…My Heart be.

Children, I ask you to be Loving and Merciful of your Brothers and Sisters.
Expel the hatreds within your own Hearts.
Love when it is most difficult for you to Love.
I see your struggles and efforts and by these, I am made joyous.

Belovéd Children, I am yours to Love, just as Love…is yours most Eternally.
Come to your Lord God who yearns for you and your Love.

Do not favor darknesses.
Do not, for they are dark angels for you.
(I saw an image of some creature with great black wings – everything was grayish but the immense black wings.)

Belovéd Children, turn to Me, your Lord God and Father 
and I will give you graces.

You, My Belovéd Children, must pray.

Pray, sweetest Children, 
for the harmonies of Heaven.
The darkness weighs heavily upon this World.
(Something is spinning – I see all different manner of objects and things just spinning.  I can’t even describe what they are…globes, moons?)

Belovéd Children, I call to you with great hope and with My Eternal Love.
Do not dismiss My Loving Call.
The Love of your Lord God saves 
and I want all of My Belovéd Children with or amongst Me.

Belovéd Children, be filled with the Holy Graces of Communion.
The Lamb is Sacrificed and you are invited to feast.
You will not know when famines come.
Take advantage of the feast!

Revel in the Love of God.
You will not know when the worship of the Lord Christ will go dark.

Belovéd Children, do not be afraid.
These things must happen.

I cull the fields and give My Belovéd Children every opportunity, every moment, 
every chance to come to Me, to change their Hearts 
and know the ecstasy of My Patient and BIG Love.

Beyond the darkness comes the Light.
The wonder of the Light is a beauteous wonderment.

Know your Love for Me.
Make it strong.
Give yourself great strength through prayer.

Love Me and above all, know Me first.
I am in all things.
See Me in all things 
and give Me priority or make Me your goal or sole interest in life.
Your only interest first.

When you are filled with absolute Love for Me 
and give your trust to Me in all things, 
turn to your Brothers and Sisters and further bless them with My Word, My Love, and your Love.

Belovéd Children, pray with great Love in your Hearts.
In all that you do, Love Me as your Lord God 
and further hone or shine or build the great Love in your Hearts.

Thus do you please your Lord God.

Peace, Belovéd Children.