Kneel Before the King of Kings!

By Linda Noskewicz

Friday, November 21, 2014 3:43 – 4:24 pm

Belovéd Children, do not abandon your God and Eternal Father who Loves you like no other.
Do not abandon Me to sin and debauchery, My Children.
What is dark grows darker
and your hands cannot be inside that which is dark.

Belovéd Children, walk away from the darknesses that do or will betray you.
These are the worst of sins within this crumbled World.
This World is salted by the deadliest of sins.
This World that I have given over to you is ravaged by the darkness that is sin.

I weep for My Belovéd Ones when I see your sinning.
Come away from the darkness of sin, My Children.
There are so many darknesses calling to you
and pulling at you or about or around you and around your sides.

It is far too easy for My Belovéd but weakened Children to follow where temptation will lead.
It is always to sin.
It is always to darkness.
And darkness is a time or place or function or halted moment in time
when I am not with you because you push Me away from you.
[It’s like a fraction of time but outside of time as we know it, is the only way I can say it]

Your deliberate sinning breaks the Heart of your Lord God and My Angels weep with Me.
Walk away from the chains darkness will bind you in and come to the Light of My Love.

Come to the Light of My Belovéd and Most Beauteous Son, the Lord Christ
who has Sacrificed Himself in order that you amongst your other brethren may also be saved.

Worship the Son of Man with reverence, with adoration in your Heart
and a recognition of great Sacredness in your spirit.
He saves you from the fires of darkness.
He saves all of My Belovéd Children by His Expansive Mercy and Inexhaustible Love.

Thus, I say, behold My Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!
Kneel before the King of kings and make your Love and Adoration for Him be known
and draw others to His Merciful Heart!

You are unkind to your Brothers and torture your Sisters relentlessly.
I frown upon these things.

My Children must Love One Another always,
showing all things charitable, patient, kind, generous,
joyfully, affectionately
and without malice or resentment.

Instead, I see much anger and much disregard.
My Children offend one another
and covet that which they have acquired
and that which they desire to acquire.

My Belovéd Children seek or desire
those things that are temporal and irrelevant or desperately zero – nothing important
and spend all of their Time frivolously.
My Children will toil in their hot fields for hours …for… one coin.

My Belovéd Children do not place their importance in the order that will suit them. [that will bring them good]

Children, let go of all that is temporal.
Do not waste your efforts for a coin when you may reap the results of your work
in the way of a whole kingdom.

Belovéd Children, listen and remember and know this to be true.
The temporal is only that and gives you no credit for the future.
It does not fare you well or otherwise at all.

Great prayer, great Love for your Lord God,
great Love for your Brothers
and minding all things that are of Christ,
these are the blessings or graces that will fare you well.
These things are not temporal or frivolous but necessary and essential for your soul.

Believe in Me, My Belovéd Children.
I Love you singularly and you I Love completely.
I do not betray My Belovéd Children.
Do not turn your Loving Father away.

The Sea of Time grows
shallow and the storm
grows massive and
dark. Let the animals
loose to bray and the
dogs to howl in
warning. The lighted Cross
comes and fire that is light
shoots at each person in
the World, one by one by one
by All. And all are struck
dumb as if the air has gone
away. The fire lights up
within their Hearts
and each person in this
World sees all that entails
their soul, and their
souls are dark, some
more than others and
some are frightened by
what they see and others
angered and still others
very much repentant.
Thus says the Lord,
Pray and change your
Lives that you may
See the Face of God.
Cleanse yourselves of
The Eternal darknesses
of sin. Sin no more
and worship Jesu Cristo
as He must be adored
and glorified as
a King.

Wear the garments of
peasants in His midst
and stand in awe of
His Holiness and Divinity.
Your worship should bring
you to your knees that you
may kiss His very feet.

Behold the Son of Man!

He has saved you.
He redeems you and
brings Mercy to Man.
Do not live disregarding
His Sacrifice. To do
so is to live with death
at your side.

Worship the Lord, Christ.
Worship Him.
Do not deign to insult the
Christ or toss vulgar utterances
at His Name. This sin
I frown deeply upon
and I am quick to

Belovéd Children, be not frivolous with your Time.
It comes like springtime.
It is sudden like warmth and harmlessly arrives without bidding.
Once the door opens, the full force of its power will explode or take Man by awful surprise.
[I am unclear what “IT” is. God’s judgment? The Holy Spirit coming to whack us all upside our heads as a warning?]

Where you saw a leopard,
you will see three dragons.
Whence there were a king,
you will find twelve servants.
Do not be betrayed by the
wolves in red.
And know that he is here.

Belovéd Child, be at peace and know I am with you.

Belovéd Children, pray and pray much.
Peace is with you each of your days, My Prayerful Ones.

Peace. Peace.