The Love Letter

By Linda Noskewicz

March 31, 2015


Holy Week.  I am still profoundly changed by the reality of Jesus’ humbleness and humility.  I know that it is something I should have understood immediately – yes, he walked around being humble and nice to people – but this is more profound.  It has helped me a lot.  Jesus became man and we treated Him, God!  like dirt.  What are we, NUTS??  He humbled Himself, coming down from absolute bliss, to become a mere man (a speck), and allowed us to punch, punish, humiliate and kill Him.  And HE'S GOD.  Who am I, a mere bit of dirt, to complain if and when I have to humble myself.  I should be in a constant of humility.  It is like inviting your grandparents to your home and having them sit on the floor and eat dinner on it with their hands with the dogs.  Complaining is like saying we're better than GOD!  Ugh!  For me to ever complain feels like the biggest sin ever.  I’m lucky to even have a bad dog.  Shouldn't that make it easy for all of us to keep our yaps shut and love everybody???

Devoted Children, do not waver in your faith.
I am the Lord God 
and to Love Me faithfully and fully is your saving grace.

Do not fear when I am with you.
I am your guide and your Belovéd Lord.

I give good gifts to My Belovéd Children 
and relish greatly in your Love for Me.

Belovéd Children, answer My calls to you 
and know everlasting Life and spiritual joy or ecstasies.

I am the One True God.
When you are with Me, 
I give you good gifts.
I am your Loving Father and Lord God.

I want all of My Children with Me.
Do not waste your time on folly 
and the obstinance of this World.

This World denies Me so 
and I am brought to tears.
My Angels weep as My Divine Heart is pierced by this un-Love and rejection.

Belovéd Children, embrace My Love for you 
and do not pierce My Loving Heart.
Come to Me and know Love and forgiveness.

Bathe in the Glory of My Son’s Light, the Divine Light of the Christ.
He is My Belovéd Son.
Worship Him faithfully.

When you give your fullest Love to the Christ, 
you please the Father so.

Your Love for the Christ is a Love for the Father, for We are One.
You cannot bring joy to One and not the Other, for We are One.
Our joy and Love are shared.

Belovéd Children, do not turn your faces away from the Christ.
Do not reject His Divine Love for you.
He is My Belovéd Son who has redeemed this World 
and has endured such darkness that each of you may have everlasting eternal life.

To reject the Christ is to die.
To deny your Lord God is to live in an eternal death where you will find no light.
You will find no Light because My Divinity will not be present.
Know this to be true, My Children.

I Love each of you unconditionally 
and will always, always (great emphasis) welcome you into My Loving Arms.

It will not matter what your sins may be; even if those sins be as black as night, 
when you come to Me, your Lord God and Eternal Father 
who Loves you with such ALL or BIGNESS, 
I will forgive you your sins with great compassion and My Loving Heart embraces you with joy.

Thus, I say to all of My Wayward Children, 
come to Me and I will embrace each of you with Love.

Only, come to Me.
You must know Me, My Children.

Belovéd Children, My Love for you is immense 
and all of you are meant to be with Me.

Understand, Belovéd Children, that I am a Loving and compassionate Lord 
and a righteous and just God.
I am a good and Loving Parent 
who knows what is best for My Children.

Trust in Me and live a life of joy and peace 
and strength in your Love for Me and in My Greatest Love for you.

Deny Me, your parent who Loves you more than any other you can ever know, 
and I am a righteous parent 
who reprimands or corrects or punishes His Children.
I do not do this from cruelty but as Love.

Belovéd Children, who will say it is a good parent 
who allows their child to run freely 
and damage the livelihood of your neighbors 
without reprimand or correction that he might continue this pattern of distress?

No, the good parent will discipline his child
so the child will learn 
and the child will be better or behave better in the future.

I am a good and Loving Father to My Belovéd Children.
Know this to be true.

Thus, I say, cease your sinful acts 
and (tamp) the pride that brings you to sin or to these sins, 
for the sins that are committed are surely outrageous or abnormally bad.

Cease your sinning, My Children.
You know not what you do to your fragile and Belovéd Souls.
Cease your sinning.

Children, you must not compromise with sin.
This is a great trap that many children fall into, 
mistaking kindness and righteousness for that which I accept. 
[You aren’t being kind or righteous by accepting something that God doesn’t like]

Belovéd Children, I am perfect righteousness.
I AM the One True God.
In My Perfection, I have nothing but Love.

(Here I saw a “totalness.”  I can’t explain it, but it was a colorless knowledge, like neutral.  He didn't show me the amount of love in it but just that it was infinite and amazing.  It was like showing the immensity of totalness.  It’s too BIG.)

Children, serve the Christ with Love and devotion.
His path is good and He leads you away from darknesses 
and all those things that bring you to sin.

Love Him and be devout.
His Love for you is wondrous 
and He is your Redemption.
He grants you multitudes of Mercies.

Belovéd Children, accept these gifts as yours.
Do not turn your back on these astonishing gifts you are being given.
You must not make trivial assumptions of time.
I grant you Mercies and Love with compassion.

I am your Lord God.

[The next is very specific and not to me.]

Come to Me in repentance with a full and open Heart that I may embrace you, My Child.

I want you with Me.
I Long for you, Child.
Your Lord God and Father yearns for you, Child.
Do not turn away.

The Spirit calls and your Heart hears, My Belovéd.
Come to Me and know enduring Love.

Belovéd Children, Love one another deeply as I Love you.

Be at peace, My Children, and pray always.