Do Not Test the Will of Your Lord God

By Linda Noskewicz

April 3, 2019

Belovéd Children, come to Me, your Lord God with Love and joy, freely willingly, and with all of your Hearts. I seek the full Hearts of Man that My Kingdom might be filled by the Love of all souls.

Dearest Children, I am betrayed. Belovéd Children, I am wounded. Your lack of Love for Me and dismissiveness pierce and puncture My Full and Loving Heart and My Angels sigh in sadness.

When will you turn your Hearts over to Me, My Children?

Belovéd Children, you must come to your Lord God who Loves each of you unconditionally. Do you not see the power and Glory of My Love?

Belovéd Children, do not test the will or seriousness of your Lord God and Father. I am a good and Loving Father and I see how My Belovéd Children destroy their souls and the souls of their Brothers and Sisters.

You must not lead others away from your Lord God. You must not endanger the souls of another. It is a deep sin and I regard this with much antagonism or agony and anger.

Come to Me, My Children, and do not pretend at being gods on earth. You are not gods, as you shall discover.

This time is a fleeting thing. Do not crave the comforts and gold of a king in this World, My Children. Do not make this your goal or sole objective in your Hearts.

Rather, see to the next life where these things will not matter but will be greatly surpassed in value and enjoyment. What you value now will lead you to what you will have tomorrow.

Do you see, My Children? Love your Lord God, for I give you good gifts and these gifts outpace gold and power and wealth and beauties.

Belovéd Children, you must not disregard Love. You must Love your Lord God, the Christ who has opened the gates of compassion and Mercy to you by His Most Loving Sacrifice.

When His Name is ridiculed and debased, the whole of Heaven cries out and the World is shamed.

The World must hold the King of kings in great and Loving reverence.

Belovéd Children, Love My Most Precious and Glorious Son, the Christ. Worship Him and His very name. Worship Him reverently, gently with great Love and attentiveness.

My Belovéd Jesus is Mercy itself and therefore the kindest of all things gentle.

His Heart is filled with Love and Mercy and He cannot bear to withhold these gifts from you.

Love My Son with your BIGGEST Hearts, with all that you are, and so you shall make Me, the Father and Eternal God, joyful.

You will be good in My Eyes.

Love the Christ. Do not dismiss Him. Do not deny Him. Do not regard His suffering with disrespect.

To do these things is a mark of the evil one. He begins to brand those who are against Me.

Those who show they have no Love for the Lord God, for My Son, the Christ, for the Spirit, those who would deny us again and again, despite My Calls, their un-Love draws the evil one and he brands My Children, My Belovéd Children!

Dearest Children, do not be pulled into the dark clutches of his temptations. What he gives today he will take away tomorrow and he will leave you in darkness, starving and without Love.

Belovéd Children, do not doubt that My Son saves all Men from the throes of hell. He is the Savior of this World. Hear the call of Love.

Belovéd Children, hear the pleas of the Most Faithful, most gentle, most Blesséd Mother who shares Our Love for you.

She grows weary and longs so to teach you how to Love her Belovéd Son as she Loves Him. She longs to lead you to Him, her Christ Jesus.

She is thrilled by the Love My Children express for her Son, the Christ.

Oh, Children, do not let Time go by. Use this Time wisely, carefully. Heed Our Calls for Love. Come to Me for forgiveness.

Belovéd Children, Mercy and Forgiveness are yours today. Take these Heavenly gifts that your Lord God offers to each of you. Benefit from the Love of God that is so BIG, it is unfathomable, indescribable, un-understandable.

Your Hearts are yet too small to contain all of the Love I will offer you in its wholeness or completeness.

My Love is more than the waters of this World I have created for you. Your Hearts, My Belovéd Children, are mere cups to be filled by My Love. To pour all of these waters into your cup would do you no good because you only can contain what you can contain before the rest spills.

Long for this GREATEST Love. It is Love in its completion.

Thus, disregard the comforts and wealth and power you find so desirable now and with great sureness look towards tomorrow, look towards My Love, My Belovéd Son, the Christ, and anticipate with great ardor and Love that GREATEST treasures and gifts await for you and you will know a joy that you will thrill to.

Belovéd Children, stay close to Me, your Lord God. Do not turn away to face this World. Instead, give this World your back and give Me all of your Hearts.

Love Me, your Eternal Father and bring joy to My Heart.

Belovéd Children, come to Me in prayer and devotion and I give you strength to walk the path of Righteousness. You walk a path of Light and walk away from darkness.

Belovéd Children, cease sinning and do not judge your Brothers and Sisters. Love them.

Pray often and reconcile that your Hearts are cleansed as you go in Communion with the Christ. You must be washed of your calumnies before partaking of the Most Precious and Blesséd Eucharist.

Children, do not treat this lightly as I do not take this lightly. You are unified with the Lord God as you partake of Christ and in your imperfect state you must cleanse yourselves as much as possible before you present yourself for such a blessing.

You do not know or understand the powerful Love and absolute Blessings, Divinity, that flies or roars or transfers or (I say like unified where we are totally with God for that brief moment) that your soul s granted. It is Divinity and Holiness.

Belovéd Children, do not become dismissive of the Christ and His Sacrifice that Redeems you. Pray deeply that you may begin to understand only slightly the heaviness or importance or BIG IMPORTANCE of this.

The Christ must be worshipped with all reverence, all Love, gentleness and always great attentiveness.

My Belovéd Children, today I am your stern and Loving Father because so many of you are putting yourselves in grave danger. Your sins grow more terrible and My Chastisement will grow more terrible or stronger too.

Pray, My Children, that this World retreats from sin and returns to Me. Returns to its devotion to your Loving God and Father.

As more Children turn away from Me, the more the World shall object in abnormal ways, with abnormal storms in unusual places throughout the World.

Do not doubt this to be true.

Storms, greater, far greater storms than you have ever experienced, they will occur, because the sins of the World continue and multiply and grow more terrible.

Belovéd Children, still you must pray more. Your prayers mitigate and prevent storms from absolute destruction.

Pray, My Children, because I Love your prayers. Pray, My Children, because your own Heart draws you to do so. These prayers bring Me much joy. Pray for your Brothers and Sisters and for the Little Flowers who suffer throughout their short lives.

I gather many soon. Many of My Flowers will come to Me, and they will be joyous with Me, their Lord God and Father (while) the World shall weep bitterly.

Hundreds of tears, one for each child.

Belovéd Children, pray. I say again, pray.

It is your good prayers that save many, MANY souls. Your prayers are strong and good.

Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace. Peace.

Be at peace and trust in Me. Peace.