I Long for Your Love to Spread

By Linda Noskewicz

April 2, 2015

Belovéd Children, do not test your Lord God and Father. Do not mock My Laws. I am a good and compassionate Lord and long for each of you to Love Me as I Love you.

There is a time to play and time to prepare and I say that today is the Time to prepare.

You are affectionate and playful in your prayers and I Love your prayers, but you must also prepare your Hearts through solemn and reverent prayer.

All things can come through prayer. I see your needs and your desires and I know all that will make you well and all that hurts your souls.

Thus, I say, do not disobey My Laws.

They guide you to a life that pleases Me, your Lord God who Loves you, and lead you to Me as you live by those Laws.

When you Love Me, I am well pleased and bless you. I wait for your prayers and hope for your attentiveness.

When you Love your Brothers and Sisters, I am well pleased and made joyous. I long for your Love to spread, to be unlimited or boundless or forgiving/unconditional.

When you Love your Lord God and you Love your Brothers and Sisters, I am pleased and your obedience to My Laws becomes less difficult.

You are joyful too in your own obedience. You are given My Peace and the constant blessings of inner joy, the like that the temporal and fickle World cannot provide or understand or fathom.

[The Love of God, the Love of Jesus is too brilliant for their eyes to see, right?]

Belovéd Children, pray and work towards Heaven or the glories and gifts of Heaven. Do not work for the gold in this World so much that your soul suffers by your disregard for your Lord God.

Do not believe in the temporal, for this life is fleeting and I must be singularly the most important Love of your or every life.

Belovéd Children, place your Lord God, the Christ, first and foremost always. You do not fathom the crucialness or necessity or importance of this. (BIG IMPORTANCE!) You cannot know, for the consequences are BIG and so many of My Belovéd Children are lukewarm in their Love for Me, in their trust and faith in Me or they have disregarded and tossed away all of the Perfect Love I have offered time and again.

Belovéd Children, My Belovéd Son, Jesus, the Christ opened the Gates of Mercy for you by His Sacrifice and you do not see this Precious, Divine, BIG gift for what it is.

I plead, trust in your Lord God and Father, though you do not see or understand the true nature of this gift, trust your Lord God who Loves you infinitely and take the gift that is offered to Man.

Do not turn your back to this gift. Do not disregard the Christ and His Love as so many of My Children have.

Do not be frivolous with Time. You cannot afford to be away or at odds or un-God or anti-God.

To be away from Me is to be without Me. Do not reject My Love which is perfect and BIG. The Love you experience is imperfect.

No man or woman or child will give you perfect Love. Only your Lord God can give you Perfect Love, and I AM Love.

Your Hearts long for Me but you mistake “things in this World” for My Love.

Belovéd Children, turn to Me! Do not seek Me in the whims of today.

You will not find lasting joy in wealth. You will not find glory and peace in power. You will not find rest in solitude.

Only by seeking Me out and choosing My Love will you find unending Love, joy, peace and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, I call to you. Come to Me, to perfect Love. Do not wait. Bring others to Me.

The sins of this World are great and they have tethered themselves to the outcomes of this World.

Belovéd Children, accept this great gift of Mercy offered to you and be cleansed of sin.

Reconcile with Love and know the joy of forgiveness. Love will show you how and when you are touched by the Spirit of God, your trust in your Lord God and Father expands.

Choose Me, Belovéd Children. Love My Belovéd Son as I do, for He is the Divine and Merciful Christ and He has saved you from an eternity of death and gives you new life.

Belovéd Children, increase your Love for Me and pray. Always pray, for there is much need for prayer.

And when you pray, I hear.

Pray, My Children. Pray.