Love the Christ

By Linda Noskewicz

April 10, 2015


Friday, April 10, 2015 3:40 – 4:23 pm

When the Glory of God stands before you, 
how you shall weep and sigh 
and groan 
and leap with joy.

Who will you be on this Day, Belovéd Children?

Do you walk in the Light with the Beauteous Son of God, the Christ?
Do you deign to walk in darkness and call yourself ignorant or wise?

Belovéd Children, take Time and use it wisely.

Pray, My Belovéd Children, 
for the Gates of Mercy close before you even as you watch.

I am a Most Merciful God and Father.
I Long to show you My Love and Compassion.
I Long to give you My Mercy.

My Belovéd Son calls to each of you pleading for your Love.
Yet many of My Belovéd Children turn away.
The Gates of Mercy close when you do not recognize the Christ.

I say, My Belovéd Children, know this to be true.
You do not receive My Mercy until your Heart 
has turned and embraced Me!

I wait and long for your Love.
I thirst for your attention.
I call to you always, waiting for each of you to come to Me.
I wait until there is no more and you succumb to darkness.

My Judgements are righteous.
When you do not know My Belovéd Son, the Christ, 
how shall your Lord God recognize you on your last day, 
on your last breath?

If you have rejected My Love 
and do not seek My Mercy, 
and you do not turn to the Light of My Son,
surely you turn to darkness.

An eternity of darkness awaits for those who dismiss My Love.

Oh, Belovéd Children, do not reject My Love, 
which is Divine and Perfect.
I give you all things that are good.
I sustain you and see to your joys and pains.
[His pleas are so deep and desperately hopeful…it is as if we are giving Him so much pain…]

I do not break My promises as this World will.
I do not offer you wealth in this World, 
but extraordinary treasures when you are with Me in My Kingdom.

What is a minute for something so (stunningly, beautifully wonderfully GOOD/BIG?)
You will wait for such lesser things 
with great patience 
and anticipate lesser things with great excitement.

The very presence of your Lord God, the Christ, is a treasure beyond your comprehension.
Your patience to enjoin yourself to His everlasting Heart should not exist!
Your humanity would LEAP with GREATEST JOY and frustration at waiting 
if you knew the Graces that await My Children.

Do not reject the Christ, My Belovéds.
Do not reject Him.
You throw away abundance when you do so.

You burn all of your spiritual “belongings” 
as would your house burn to the ground.
To reject the Christ 
is to lose every piece of wealth you believe you maintain in this World,
multiplied in ways you do not guess.

Belovéd Children, I say, there is no middle.
I have said this before.
You cannot Love your Lord God halfway.
I do not crave the lukewarm Heart.

There is no darkness where My Light exists 
just as there is no Light where darkness reigns.
You cannot force the two together.

I am perfection.  
I AM Love.
My Will is All Good and correct.

I know My Belovéd Children and protect each of you with My outstretched hands.
Your Hearts feel the heaviness and pangs when you try to engage Light with darkness.
You know this to be true.

When you Love your Lord God, 
the Spirit enters your Hearts 
and shows you that you are pushing the two together 
when you cannot.

It is a foul action and your Spirit is greatly wounded by it.

Thus I say, Belovéd Children, do not be lukewarm in your Love for Me.
Do not compromise with sin.
Do not mistake convenience for “whiteness” or benign-ness or benevolence.

Convenience pushes My Children often to sin.

How can you labor when true tribulations come 
when you cannot bear mere inconveniences such that you compromise with sin?

I ask you again, is it better to invite the wealthiest man to dinner
knowing he imparts expensive gifts to his hosts 
or is it wiser to bring in the poorest man who has no wealth 
but knows the Lord God and is attentive and Loving to the Christ?

Is it wiser to overlook the thefts of your child, thinking the child …will stop stealing?
Or do you …deter his habit while he is young?

When you crave a piece of meat for dinner, 
do you slaughter a cow and ruin the rest of the meat?
Or do you wait until you can sustain the entire vitals 
and eat for an entire year?

When you are thirsting in the desert 
and are given a jug of cool water, 
do you drink from the jug this sweet water 
or do you pour its contents out onto the hot sands?

What have you decided, My Children?
Where are your priorities or where is your Heart?
Am I first or do I come last?
Are you lukewarm or do you reject My Love outright?

To invite the wealthy man to dine with you over a man with intense Love for the Lord is folly.
You have poured the sweet water of the jug into the sand.
You waste your very soul.

You destroy more than you can guess, 
for the Love of the poor man spreads to your entire family.
Just as sustaining a cow may feed you an entire year.

Belovéd Children, do not be frivolous.
Do not be frivolous with your Time.
I offer you such blessings!
I offer you such Mercies!

I am Love, My Children.

Come to Me and know true joy.
Follow the Christ, My Children.

Love the Christ, for He is My Belovéd Son.
To do otherwise is to bring the full weight of eternal darkness upon your head.

Belovéd Children, I call on you to reconcile with your Lord God 
and seek out the Love and Compassion of My Heart.

Come to Me and I embrace you.
Love Me and I am made joyful.
Belovéd, Children, but come.

[There is a boulder weighing down my heart

Pray and be Loved, My Children.
Pray and be forgiven.
Pray, My Children.