Pray and Become Strong(er)

By Linda Noskewicz

April 15, 2015


Wednesday, April 15, 2015 12:00:  12:45 – 1:37    Adoration

Belovéd Children, come to Me, your Father who Loves you.
I am for you and long for each of My Children.

Do not turn your back on My Divine Love.
Do not turn to darkness, 
for it holds on to My Children tightly.

You must not wait, My Children.
Do not make folly of Time.

You who see the destruction of cities 
and Time are fools.
Who dares to desire that which (I may) destroy 
but those who walk in darkness.

Little Ones, do not crave that which you do not understand.
It is a long and ungentle thing.
You must not crave the fury of your Lord God, 
but crave only His Divine Love and unending compassion.

Which of you prefers the rod and whip to the embrace?
Which of you prefers the bitter drink over the milk and honey?

Do not crave that which you do not understand, My Children.

Instead, determine to Love your Lord God with all of your Hearts.
Pray gently (to) and Love attentively the Christ, 
My Son who is Most Belovéd to Me.

My Son is My Belovéd.
When you adore Him, 
I am made joyous.
To Love Him is to Love Me.

When you doubt the Christ or when you mistrust the Christ, 
you mistrust the Father.

Belovéd Children, place all of your trust in your Lord God and Father.
Place your trust into the Loving Hands of the Christ 
whose Love is unconditional.

You do not understand the depths of Perfect Love.
[“perfect love” is not an adequate description – it is BIG PERFECT!! PERFECT LOVE!!!]

Children, what comes, comes and it will come, so I say, pray, 
for prayer strengthens the weak 
and prayer further strengthens the strong.

Focus all of your Hearts and trust on your Lord God and Father.
Look to the Christ in ALL things.

Do not be or become waylaid in your course to Me or in your Love for Me.
Many will call 
and many will mislead.

Listen to the Love of the Holy Spirit, 
for it calls out to your Heart 
and guides you away from darkness and misguidance.

Pray, Belovéd Children, for so many are misled.

My Beauteous Children are misled 
and will be misled by the darkness 
that desires their attentions.

They pull My Children from Me 
and into this shallow World
that is so ready to corrupt.

Seek out the swaths of Light within this World 
and brighten or extend them by your prayers.
Extend them and make your prayers larger 
by your Love for Me.

Pray and know your Lord God more intimately.
When you know Me, you know Love.
My Love is perfect and free from all darknesses.
You can trust in My Perfection, My Children.

Do not trust in the promises of this World, 
for they are extended from darknesses 
and seek to corrupt your or deter you from True Life’s Path.

The Lord Christ is your Path.
He is the Path for All of Mankind, 
yet those who see Him do not Love Him and turn their backs to My Belovéd Son, 
like a man turns his back to the winds.

Belovéd Children, you must turn to your Lord God who Loves you.
Be attentive to your Lord Christ 
who seeks your Love, enduring Love.

Know Me intimately through perpetual prayer 
and partake in the Most Holy of Holies 
and be blessed extremely or BIG 
by the Unity of you and your Christ.

When you know your Lord God, 
you see what I accept 
and what is darkness in My Eyes.

When you grow in union with Me, 
you see as I do, the darkness that sweeps the World around you.

You know where it is 
and where you must not step without strong armor.

So few of you are armored.

Belovéd Children, pray 
and grow to see through the eyes of My Belovéd Son.
Thus, you begin to Love all that you see as good, 
and your Love for your Brothers and Sisters no longer is a task or angst to you but a great joy.

To follow My Laws is not cumbersome but a delight.

Belovéd Children, come to Me.
Come closer to Me 
and become strong.
Do not fear what you do not anticipate or desire that which you do not understand.

What you may guess at may be terrible 
and what you may believe to be disastrous, 
nothing but a gentle touch of rain upon your brow.

Belovéd Children, pray 
and know My Love for each of you is great.

I gaze upon each of My Precious Children with Greatest Love 
and desire that every Child I created turns their eyes to Me with Love and joy.

Belovéd Children, cease your sinning 
and reconcile yourselves to your  Lord God.

Pray and repent.
Pray and have peace.

Peace, My Children.