Don't Wander from Home

By Linda Noskewicz

April 27, 2015


Monday, April 27, 2015 3:41 – 4:12 pm

I read a story that Rembrandt's "Night Watch" (an amazing masterpiece that is at the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam) was stolen.  The person poured tons of glue on the painting, covered it with black velvet material, and painted an enormous picture of Elvis Presley on top just to be funny.  Totally destroyed the piece of art.  When interviewed, the culprit said he didn't think the piece was so important to the world and oops, sorry.  Also in this periodical, there was a story about a couple (newlyweds, I think) who had been treated by surprise to an extremely fine & expensive dinner at a topnotch restaurant in Paris by a generous couple they'd met.  Other diners were appalled by their behavior when the two proceeded to have a food fight for fun (apparently it got pretty messy and most of the delicacies were wasted - the chef got wind and was furious).   The last story was about lepidopterology - the study of moths and butterflies.  This individual who studies these winged wonders was in shock (aka extremely angry) because a young adult (23 year old) took a very rare species of purple butterfly and pulled its wings off, even while knowing its rarity.  No reason.  Just did it.   

Fortunately, none of these situations are true (the Night Watch is fine!).  I'm curious if anyone was shocked or appalled.  At church today, while being zapped by the BIGNESS that is God, I was talking about a few things with Him.  In particular, Jesus being the masterpiece of all masterpieces.  Jesus died for us - took the bullet, shouldered the blame to bust open the gate - even though He knew we'd still be sinning away in 2015.   But he said, "Yeah, okay.  I'll do this" anyway.  It must be heartbreaking for Him to see how "well received" his sacrifice has been by us.  So I think I understand where He's coming from about the lukewarm followers.  If a person has more passion about a piece of art, a butterfly, or a fancy meal being wasted and destroyed than they do His gift - even if we go to church every Sunday - that's pretty mean.  When I do something nice for my husband, I'm a big kid.  Like when I clean something in the house, I want my husband to bring out the band and start a fireworks display.  I'll even point it out to him.  "Look how shiny this is...touch the counter.  Smooth, huh?  I scrubbed it with Ajax and Clorox and extra strength battery acid and now it's super clean!"  Seriously, I want him to say, "Oh, Linda, you are so wonderful!  No one is more wonderful!"  And that's just for doing dishes.  Imagine how Jesus feels after having died on the Cross?  The whole world should be on its knees telling Him how awesome possum He is and throwing rose petals at His feet.  Just hard to figure out why we don't. (apologies for the essay - God blesses!)

Belovéd Children, I am the Lord God, 
and My Love for you is Great, 
unfathomable and merciful.

My Mercy is won by the Beauteous and Beatific Heart of Christ the King, 
My Most Belovéd Son, 
whose Love for you exceeds all comprehension.

You are precious things, 
precious cherubs, so small and needy.          [We are like sweet little babies: cherubs, little things]
I answer each need and each call you send out to Me.

My Love for My Belovéd Children is infinite and Eternal.

You are such small beautiful things
that you cannot understand the BIGNESS of My Love for each of you, 
and the whole of Heaven waits hopefully 
for you to join the Eternal Joy, Beatific-ness, Beauty Holiness, Divinity of the Kingdom of God.

My Belovéd Son longs to fill the Kingdom with each of you 
and you will know such Love.

Children, do not falter.
Do not despair in this World that is all at once strange and difficult.  [for us]
Your extraordinary tasks are gifts 
and prepare you for everlasting Life.

Belovéd Children, you are not alone in your struggles, 
for the Son of God walks beside you, 
hoping you will call out to Him; 

He is always ready to answer you 
and give you comfort through your trials and tribulations.

Belovéd Children, do not doubt the Christ.
Know His Love 
and understand the Mercy He extends to each of you.

Belovéd Children, do not wander but stay near.
Do not risk what you do,
for idle days may bring much busy-ness when you least expect it.

Your Master may arrive 
when you have wandered from your home.

Belovéd Children, know that I am with you always.
Do not doubt, but trust.
Praise the name of your Lord God with Great Wonder and Love!

My Love for you is felt in the BIGNESS of your Heart 
and in the eyes of your brothers and sisters.
Thus, to wound one of them is to wound your Lord God.

Belovéd Children, believe in My Love.
Do not turn away from Me.
You are My Precious Children 
and what parent endures rejection from their children without GREATEST pain?

            Belovéd Children,  the time comes 
            when a wolf will knock at your
            door and will claim his rights
            to you.  He is in red and he will
            be charming.  As sweet as honey are
            his words. He confounds multitudes
            of My Belovéd Children.  Pray, My
            Children, that you may be of a 
            discerning Heart.  Thus when the 
            wolf in red passes, he will know
            you are close to the Lord God,
            Jesus Christ.  He will stagger
            in fear and gnash his teeth
            for having been thwarted by
            your prayer.  Belovéd Children,
            yet, because he shall claim
            multitudes, such difficulties 
            come.  Oh Belovéd Children, see the
            Blesséd and Most Holy Eucharist.
            Divinity calls out to you. There
            comes a time, a dark, very dark
            time, when life of the Christ will
            not be easily found. You will
            thirst for the Body and Blood of
            the Christ and seek it in many
            places to no avail.  Pray and the
            Spirit guides you to the Light of 
            this World.

Belovéd Children, pray heartily 
and begin to understand what I Love 
and what I do not Love on a deep level.

You do not judge.
You do not compromise. [with sin]
You do not hate.
You pray and you Love 
and your Love and constant prayers become a rejoinder for us.

Oh Belovéd Children, be wise with your Time.
The three days of darkness are real 
and the solvency of these are done by great prayer only. [That is to say, to have comfort…]
Do pray, My Children, for I Love your prayers.

Trust in your Lord God.
I do not fail My Belovéd Children.

Wallow not in fear 
but rejoice in My Most Belovéd Son, Jesus the Christ, 
who is above all things, My Belovéd Son 
and your Redeeming Savior.

Belovéd Children, the grace I give you by your prayers is great.
Do not ignore it.

Belovéd Children, now is the time to prepare with great prayer.
Be kind.
Follow the rules or laws of God, your Father 
who Loves and cherishes you dearly.

Choose to Love Me, your Lord God.
Belovéd Children, please, I plead with each of you, 
do not break My Heart by ignoring My Call 
and turning your back on Love.

Belovéd Children, I give you peace.
Peace, My Children.  Peace.