On Chastisement

By Linda Noskewicz

April 22, 2015

PictureWednesday, April 22, 2015 3:37 – 4:13 pm


Thus, says the Lord, 
My Children wander from their Lord God and Father 
and grieve Me greatly by their continuous sin.

I chastise this World threefold for its sins 
and show My Children the Hand of the Lord is near 
and has a keen eye on His Belovéd Children.

Belovéd Children, 
do not dismiss the words that I give you.


Come to your Lord God for mercy and forgiveness.
I will not turn you away.
I can forgive you of all your sins.

Petulant and aggressive or faithless child or children, 
why do you wound Me with such questions?

Why do you say My Forgiveness and Love are unnecessary.
Where are your Hearts, My Belovéd Children.

How grieved I am to be so belittled and unLoved 
by those I Love so dearly 
and who I created with such Love 
for Love and by Love.

Oh Children, do not make the grave mistake of disbelief.
Surely your time is short 
and once the door of Life is closed, 
it can reopen no more.

Belovéd Children, I call out to you to come to Me 
because I offer Love and Beatific Joys 
and all that is Holy (BIGNESS Love, gifts, Heavenly rewards).          [Things that are too wondrous.]

You cannot comprehend the gifts I have readied for My Belovéd Children.

My Son, the Christ, awaits your arrival with such joy and anticipation and Love!        [The BIG FEELING here!]
Angels rejoice at the arrival of new souls to the Kingdom of the Lord

Do not be so frivolous and shortsighted 
as to insist on taking all that you desire in this World now, immediately, 
for if you live your short, brief lives with patience and humility and Love, 
surely the rewards you receive for all of eternity will greatly surpass 
all those you desired while here.

Trust in your Lord God and Father 
who seeks only your Love and affection.
I give My Belovéd Children good gifts.

If you are offered a gold coin today 
but are told if you will wait until the end of the year, 
you shall receive a gold-filled chest instead, 
will you keep the gold coin today 
or wait patiently for the chest filled with gold?

This is how you should see your lives.
Heaven is inexplicably beautiful, valuable, and unfathomable to you.

Sins are the coin.
Thus, is it worth denying your Lord God your Love 
and to go about denying sins exists or compromising with such sins 
that turn your souls black 
merely to enjoy a brief time in this World?
All in exchange for eternal joy.

Children, you must also know there is the darkest alternative or punishments also 
when you turn away from your Fatherly Lord 
and that is eternity in Loveless darkness, 
for you will not have Me, and the pain will be great. [There was such a feeling of sadness here.]

Belovéd Children, do not wander from Me.
Time is short, 
and My Children’s souls are wounded daily.

Belovéd Children, I call out to each of you with My Love.
Hear My Voice.
Hear My Holy Call 
and answer your Lord God who wants you with Him so much.

Belovéd Children, pray always and deeply 
that you may grow strong in your faith and understanding of the Lord God.

Prayer makes your trust in the Lord stronger 
and when you meet with difficulties, 
rely on this trust, 
for I look after My Children
and I will give you rest.

            Belovéd Children, the storm
            indeed comes, ratcheted
            and (mottled) in the skies                     (spotted, blotchy, varied colored)
            about and in the bushes you
            see.  The animals will grow
            mad and the sky storms
            with dark, dark clouds
            that roil impervious to
            our fear. Oh, Jezelus (?)
            you cannot take our
            Love for Christ away
            From the prayerful!
            You cannot take our
            trust in the Lord God away.
            The Faithful ban Him 
            And His horns and
            the storm continues.
            All the clouds turn gray
            to black and roil oddly
            and spill on top of one
            another. Slowly, the sky
            opens up with red clouds 
            that turn gold and silver
            and surely the Cross
            descends in all of its
            Glory and the Spirit
            flies to complete its
            task as we drop to
            our knees in prayer and

Oh prayerful Children, your prayers are good 
and I Love your prayers.
Always pray, as they are like songs to your Lord God.

I hear your prayers 
and answer them with My Perfect Love for you.
Know that to be true.

Never wander from My Love, Dearest Children.
I am your Father who Loves you.

Peace, My Belovéds.