Prepare to Take the Eucharist

By Linda Noskewicz

August 25, 2015


Oh Belovéd Children, I call out to each of you and demand the attention of such Belovéd Children.  Fill your Hearts with My Love, My Children and do not fear what comes.  When you are My Prayerful Ones, My Heart swells and I so treasure your beautiful prayers.  Belovéd Children, I answer all of your prayers.  Do not doubt the Lord God who Loves you.  I dote upon you and caress you as sunshine warms your faces.

Belovéd Children, understand that My Love for you is Eternal, huge, vast and inescapable. Even when you are blind, I am in Love with you.  Even when you are deaf or do not hear or can not hear, I whisper words of Love to you, patiently waiting for you to take notice of My Great Love and Mercy.  Oh Belovéd Children, My Mercy is a treasure.  Grasp it, for it is yours.  Please come to Me for Mercy and I forgive you all sins.

Father, there is confusion about all sins and the UNFORGIVABLE one.  How does that work, Father?  So many ask….

Belovéd Children, I see what is in your Hearts and into the greatest recesses of your souls.  I have made you in My Image.  To lapse in your Love for Me and in Love for yourself is the most dangerous thing, for when you do not Love your Lord God and Father, when you disdain the Christ, and reject Our gift of Love, thus you are in great darknesses and your soul cries out.  When you do not repent of this state and you die in this state, so are you ever lost to Me. Belovéd Children, do not reject My Love for you.  How this shatters My Loving Heart and the whole of Heaven is placed into anxiety for you.  (is anxious or concerned)

Oh Belovéd Children, do not take My Laws lightly.  Love your Lord Christ who is Love itself and Mercy itself.  Do not deign to disrespect My Most Belovéd and ever Holy Son, the Christ Jesus.  He is My Cherished Son and when you deny the Christ, you deny Me and your Soul is in grave peril.

This World is in grave peril.  Do not doubt the pains that come.  The earth vomits the evil placed before it and the World will shake and cry and sand will pour and beetles will come in mounds and mounts and flying in clouds in the desert. You are in grave peril My Children.  The oceans will rise higher and wider, and so make themselves land (and) land will be invaded by great waters.  Earth will turn over and great chunks of land will disappear under the water.  

Belovéd Children, cease sinning.  Bow down to the Deity, the Absolute Sacred that is the Eucharist.  Make your Hearts ready or clean and receive My Forgiveness which makes My Beauteous Children clean.  Respect the Eucharist.  It is Holy and words cannot reflect the holiness or sacredness that it holds [WAAAAY BIG]  My Belovéd Son endured great disparagement because of His Love for Mankind.

Do not be tempted by this darkening World.  I am God.  I offer light to My Children.  Thus I say, walk away from the darknesses before you.  The Spirit calls out, and you must listen.  Belovéd Children, the darknesses come from so many corners.  I worry so for you.  I worry and long for you to come into the folds of My Loving Arms.

Belovéd Children, beware of your anger, for anger leads to deafness and deafness to hatred and ultimately the Loss of Love.  You also wound Me even as you wound yourself.  My wish is to have each of My Belovéd Children with Me.  You live in a temporal state but you are making such weighty decisions or taking weighty actions.  Belovéd Children, avoid anger and dismiss your pride in all things.  Make yourself the least of all things or people and I grant you such blessings.  How I adore a humble and simple Heart.  You are most precious in the eyes, the Holy Beatific eyes of your Lord God.  

Thus, your pride is self-serving, unnecessary and hurtful.  In life you only need the acceptance of My Love and the joy of knowing I Love you dearly.  There is no thing or person that can equal the treasure of My Love.  To believe otherwise so you may make that which is Worldly before Me is a foolish folly.  Which of you would accept one gold coin today if in waiting you would have a vat or pot full of gold in only months?  Such are your lives now and in Heaven.  Choose well, My Children.  Choose Me.

Belovéd Children, see the skies as they churn Black and red.  They churn with dissatisfaction and all that is shall be mixed up or made chaotic.  I am the Lord God and the sins of Humanity are an affront to My Heart.  The World will cry out as it shifts its attitude and grumbles in complaint.  You will endure upheavals of widening proportions.  Wars will grow larger and spread like fire from one people to the next.  War will spread like fire and in spite of this, Man will plod on through it.

Take heed My Children, and prepare your Hearts.  I say to you, you will regret dismissing My Words.  Words that I have said out of or from Greatest Love.  Oh Belovéd Children, without the guidance of your Lord God and Father, you shall drown in death.

Belovéd Children, see the red dragon so prominent before you.  How it longs to blow its fire in the faces of My Belovéd Children.  He 
or it is ensconced on a throne and moves wildly, impatiently while it sits.  Belovéd Children, beware of those who would drag or take you away from My Love.  Beware of those who would turn you afoul of the Christ Jesus who is all good, all Merciful and all Loving.  When you are urged to leave your Love of My Son, the Christ, know that the one before you is Satan.  Do not be fooled.  Follow only Jesus and understand His Love for you is Great, Beyond Words.

My Son has opened the door to Heaven for all of My Belovéd Children.  He has supplied you or provided an avenue for GREATEST Mercy by His Sacrifice.  Do not disobey His humble request for Love.  Show My Son, the Christ Jesus, only Love and Heart filled worship.  He is My Son and you cannot turn away from My Son without turning away from the Father.  Belovéd Children pray, pray always and place your trust in your Lord God (who) Loves you.  Trust in Me, for My Love for you is the Greatest and I want you with Me.  Belovéd Children, do not stray.  Do not stray.  Thus I have said, you have been warned.  Belovéd Children, I Love you.  Pray to Me and I shower you with Holy Blessings.  Pray and I answer your prayers.  Pray and it is like a song in Heaven.  But pray My Children.  Pray.