I Am Big and You Are Small

By Linda Noskewicz

August 28, 2015

PicturePray for our priests!

Friday, August 28, 2015 3:10 – 3:50 pm

Dear Lord, how I fail You.  I can’t stand but hate myself for it.  Ugh.

I have Created Each of you in My Own Image and thus cannot hate what I have created, nor can I succumb to self-hatred, for I Am Love.  I am Holy and wondrous and powerful.  Your Eternal God holds only Love for you.  I AM Love.  You are created in My Image and I did this for Love and from Love.

Oh Blesséd Children, you worry and fret so.  Trust in Me, your Lord God and Father.  Submit yourselves to Me and know the peace of My Love Guiding you in your Life.  I do not send you afoul.  I do not send My Belovéd Children to the viper’s den.  I protect My Belovéd Children and give you good gifts.  Acknowledge Me, My Children who are lost within this World.  There is not one thing or one treasure or desire within this fleeting World that can make you more joyous than the gifts I have for you.  Do not fret over unanswered desires, My Children.  Do not worry about that which is so very and so obviously temporal.  Know that to give up these cheap or weak desirables or treats is to receive that which is beyond your comprehension or ability to imagine something (so) great for yourself.

I know you, My Children.  I know the fears that stay within the recesses of your Hearts.  I know your desires, your vices, your Loves and I see the hatred kindled within your Hearts.  Belovéd Children, release yourselves from hatred.  The hatred of others and the hatred of self.  Only darkness comes with hatred.  Hatred results in nothing good and nothing desirable.  Do not give life to that which is so black and terrible.  Instead, embrace Love and forgiveness as the Christ does and know the most beauteous fruits of this labor.  Yea, I know the nature of Man and it is such a chore or challenge for you to release your hatred.  That is why I ask you to do so.  To fight that part of your nature and instead pursue the Holy and Beauteous example of the Christ, whose love for you knows no boundaries.  He is for you as you are for Him. We are One and desire your Love as One.

Belovéd Children, there is urgency.  Give up your sins.  Walk away from that which harms you so deeply.  Come to Me in repentance and Love, for My Arms are open and I await for you with such great longing.  You cannot know Love without knowing Me.  Belovéd Children, race to Me.  Do not wait.  I am your Lord God and Father who misses you and I want each of you with Me.  I condemn those who have rejected Me and their Eternity is surely a dark one.  A terrible one.  You do not have the luxury of Time to argue My Existence, for I AM and will always be and have always been.  I have had no beginning and will have no end.  Your beleaguered minds cannot encase or enfold or embrace this knowledge, for you are My Small Children or you are such small Children, and I Am BIG.  I am your Holy Protector.  I am your Eternal Father.  I am your Eternal Yes, always present and always exuding My Love to you.

Oh wretched Children, do not pull your hair and beat your chests from your agonies.  Call on Me, instead, and I shall give you peace.  When you submit yourself to Me, all loads are lightened.  All concerns are forgotten and the path through life becomes pleasurable or manageable.  I guide you when you ask for My Guidance and I do so with such joy and pleasure.  I long to give My Children the wondrous gifts that I have for you and have had for so long with the expectation of You.  Belovéd Children, you are unique beings and so precious in My Holy Eyes that they are constantly gazing upon you, because you are so precious and beautiful.  There is nothing that you can find that will outstrip My Love for you.  It is an impossibility.

Faith, My Children, is your gift to Me, and how wondrous a gift it is!  Belovéd Children, Love Me.  Come to Me, for I thirst for you.  Come, My Children and do not make folly of your Time.

Seashores swell and downed in the mouths of the starving or hungry waters.  Rocks are made to fall from the skies above your heads.  Await the pangs of this World, for the sins of Mankind are great as will be the pangs of this earth. Avalanches will crush My Children.  Waters will run high and trains will burn and hundreds of Children will die all at once.  Do not wish for calamity or calumnies to be your sign or test of My Will.

You do not need the sign from the skies to know I am the One true God, and yet I shall suffer one for you.  Look to the East My Children.  Look to the East.  It comes with battered breasts and gleaming eyes.  The wolf, he comes on his throne of red, laughing and charming all who see him.  Belovéd Children, do not succumb to his brutality.  Do not succumb to his rancidness and lies.

Belovéd Children, I call out to you with such urgency.  Do you not believe in Me?  Thus, do you not believe in My Words? Do you not prepare before the great storm lands?  Or do you allow a storm to lay wasted to your homes? 

Children, I Love you and give you good gifts.  You must believe in Me with all of your Hearts.  I am a jealous God and do not compare nor do I compete with the chaos’s of this World.  I am the One and the only and ever shall be.  Know this to be true, My Belovéd Children.  All that you love and crave that is not Me is temporal and will die away from you.  I am the only Eternal constant, an Eternal Love that extends beyond all that is temporal; to enjoy those things that are fleeting with so much desire is folly.  It is dangerous folly as well.

Who of My Children will knock on My Door to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Which o you will have befriended Me, known Me, Loved Me throughout your lives?  At the appointed Time, you shall see the Face, the Glory of the Face of your Lord God.  There are those who do not know Me, who have seen without sight and hear without having heard.  And where shall these lukewarm Children be as they stand at the foot of My Door to the Kingdome of Heaven?  They shall not see the face of God, for they did not give Me their Hearts and their faith was lacking.  Their faith was ill-placed with that which is temporal.  There are My Belovéd Children who deny Me and take pride in their damning hatred of the Belovéd Christ, My Son.  Their blasphemy, once contagious, will cause their souls to burn in the Eternity of No, and I can no longer plead with them to join Me.  [I think the “No” means an eternity without God – no God = hell.]

Do not become the latter Children.  Trust in Me with All of your Hearts and all of your beings.  Do not question My Love and Will for you.  Merely trust in Me and I shall bring you your just gifts.  Belovéd Children, I am with you.  Now it is your turn to be with Me in Love, faith, and repentance.  Come to Me Belovéd Children and know the peace My Love brings.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.