Message from Our Father

By Linda Noskewicz

December 4, 2015


Friday, December 4, 2015 3:33 – 4:03 pm

Father, I know I have been inattentive and my pride has made me blind.  Help.  I am here if You want me or need me.
Belovéd Child, I am always in Love or Loving of you.  Do not sway from Me, but Love Me and be ever in My Holy company.  Straying Children, come to the Lord God who Loves each of you.  I am the One true God and it is through Me that you are given My Light, My Belovéd Light.
Behold My Son, the Christ!  He has given you new Life and yet you turn away from His Loving Sacrifice.  It is He who saves you.  Do not disregard or dismiss the Love of the Lamb.  Oh Children, you know not what you do.  Do not reject the Lamb, the Son of God, the Son of Man.  Listen and hear Me, oh Children, for I am God and to reject the Son is to reject the Father and I look down gravely upon this sin.  You cannot have Life, new Life, without My Love, the Love of the Everlasting God and Father.  Thus, I say, turn away from the World that can give you nothing and choose Me, the Love of the World’s Children.  Love Me and know great joy and satisfaction.
Walk away from darkness, for the evil one tempts all of My Belovéd Children.  Do not fall astray of My Love.  Pray.  Behold the Christ and worship Him with large or huge Hearts and Greatest Love.  For He has redeemed you of your sins.  Your sins are countless and grave.  Yet you are forgiven in your contrition and made whole by the Son of Man and God, your Eternal Father.  We are One and it is with Him that I see you.  Ever small, ever sinful, but ever Loved.
Do not doubt My Love, oh Children.  It wounds Me most deeply when one Child doubts My Love.  You are My Children.  Hold yourselves in great regard and Love.  I have given you each your temples and I ask you to Love your temple as I Love your temple.  I have created each of you and the Good Lord, your God and Father holds each of His Creatures orCreations in the Love of My Heart.  Belovéd Children, do not doubt My Love for you.  Do not be despondent in your loneliness.  Do not fear your enemies.  Do not weep when your family has died.  For I am with you always and I hold you firmly to My Breast and console you with Great Love.
Children of the West, you are lowly and kind.  Be with Me ever praying, and you shall revel in the Glory of God.  You will see My Glory soon and by your great faith and prayers, I shall smile upon you, My Children, and protect you from the anxieties of fires and storms.  Belovéd Children, you must pray.  Do you not see or know that I hear your prayers for Mercy and I will or do answer you.  I will move mountains for My Children who are prayerful.  I will send oceans reeling apart by your prayers.  Where is your faith, Belovéd Ones?!  Do you not know I am the One.  I AM and I am always and shall be forever.  How will you doubt the power of the I AM  (God IS - like everywhere).  For I am with you and around you and before you and after.
Children, do not wait.  I cast My net wide, but so few are captured by My Calls.  Weakest Children, pray, for your Hearts crumble without Me.  Love Me, Children.  What is it to Love all that is good, glorious, Love?  Are your Hearts so hard that you must be stunned from your blindness to Heaven and (the) King who dwells within?  Of the King who dwells within the Hearts of Man?  Belovéd Children, know the Son of God is Glorified by your prayers.  Seek not to challenge His Place beside Me, but Love Him with full Hearts and constant adoration.  My Belovéd Son, the Christ, yearns for you as I do, for WE are One, the One true God.
Have faith in My Love for you.  Know I am ever with you.  The Holy Heart of My Merciful Son dwells within you.  Come to Him in Holy Communion and usher the Greatest of All Blessings into your Hearts and fragile Souls.  Be refreshed by the Saving Grace of the Body and Blood of the Most Holy Christ.  Come to receive His everlasting forgiveness.  Bend your knees and worship the Son of God, My Belovéd Son, who longs for your attention.  Do not turn Us away, for in the days of darkness, you shall be overwhelmed with fear and confusion because you do not know the Light of Mankind.

Belovéd Children, it behooves you to pray always.  Pray and Love the Lord God with your entire Hearts.  Pray and I hear you.  Love, and I smile upon you.  Forgive and you are forgiven.  Belovéd Children, I give you My Abundant Love and Peace.  Know My Peace, for it is there for you to be consoled.  Belovéd Children, pray, for the Time has come for chaos ordarkness or tribulation.  Do not be sorrowful, for these things must come.  Pray and be ever Loving and faithful to the Christ, lest you come (to) face darkness alone.  Pray, and I protect you.  Pray, and I rejoice.  Pray, and it is like songs in Heaven.  Belovéd Children, pray and put My Beatific Angels to task.  They are for you as I am for you and you are for Me.  You are Mine, Belovéd Children.  Walk in the path of My Belovéd Son, the Christ, and know Peace.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.