Prayer, Faith & Trust

By Linda Noskewicz

February 5, 2015

PictureIsn't she just beautiful!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015  4:05 – 4:38 pm

Do not judge Blesséd Children,
for it is not for you to judge.
I am your rightful and Beauteous, Loving Master and Lord.
Do not judge.

It is a right only I bear.
You are My Belovéd Children 
and the weight is far too heavy for you to carry.

I am your Lord God and Father 
and I am Mightier and Stronger than all things.
I lift the pains of Life, those which stagger your Hearts, 
and carry them for you.

Oh, My Belovéd Children, allow Me to carry your burdens for you.

Trust in Me, My Belovéd Children.
Know that My Love for you is so wrapped up in you – BIG.

I long for you to see.
To know Me and understand that Love exists in Me, your Lord God.
That by My gentle Love and gracious and overflowing Mercy, 
you will find joy in your sadnesses and peace in tumultuous times.

My longing for you, My Children is a thirst for Love.
I am your Loving Father and greatly desire the Love of My Children.

[I was thinking as He said the above, “A hard bonk would work.”  That corresponds to the following lines.]

It must be of your desire or will or choice.
Recall, Children that I am not an intrusive Lord.

Your God Loves you beyond worlds,          
[This is an attempt to describe how big "BIG" is & it’s still not big enough!]
but I do not force My Children to Love their Father.
Love is not pushed or forced or willful. 

Belovéd Children, why are you stubborn or why do you reject such great Love?
I see into your Hearts 
and know your aches and emptiness.

I am the water that will fill you and slake your thirst.
My Love fills you and the emptiness you seek to fill 
is answered and filled by My Love.

Belovéd Children, your emptiness is your lack of Me.
When you are not for Me, 
your mind, soul, essentially whole of you, suffers.         
[Everything that is you]
Your fragile souls crave Life and Love and Light.

Belovéd Children, one call and I am with you 
leading you out of darkness and into the Light of My Love.
One whisper of hope and your hand is in Mine.

I want you with Me, My Children.
I want none to be misaligned or misarranged or confused.

You are to be prayerful, 
and All of My Belovéd Children must know this.

Show My Wandering Children how to pray.
Let them know that worship is good and necessary.
Their expression of Love to their God, 
their devotion to Love in the Christ is ever potent, 
ever necessary and ever Blesséd.

Our Heart swells by your praise.
Your Love brings joy to the whole of Heaven 
for you are in congruency with Love.
You received good gifts from your Glorious Father who Loves you.

Belovéd Children, sin no more.
Do not be negligent in this.
Do not wander from your Lord God.
Your faith in Me must be strong and solid.

Are you of strong faith, My Belovéd Children.  
Do you use temporal measures?
Toss those measures away Blesséd Children, 
for they are inadequate in measuring trust and faith.

Prayer builds trust in your Lord God.
Our interchange or speaking to each other brings your faith in Me 
closer to that of the angels 
who do not or never doubt the Lord God.

Trust in the Christ who has saved you.
How can you not trust in one who has saved you already?

            Belovéd Children, you 
            must pray as the world 
            comes together as one and 
            breaks apart to become one 
            again. Do not fear, My Children.
            Do not be afraid. These
            things must happen and I am
            ever with you. Do not
            starve yourselves of the Body 
            and Blood of the Belovéd
            Christ.  It Sustains your soul
            and steadies your faith.
            You must not (pass) or 
            forego on these days
            when the Light of Life is
            so readily and easily lit.
            One day the oil will be
            Difficult to find and the wax
            too thin to burn brightly.
            The soaps shall be polluted
            when once they were clean,
            and you shall cry for the 
            Light to push away the
            darkness. It is a darkness
            thick with Time.  Do not
            take for granted the grace
            the Most Holy of All
            Graces.  One day soon
            this Grace will be a passing
            wonder and impossible
            for too many to see.
            Only the prayerful will
            find solace in the 
            Communion of the Christ.

So, Dear Children, pray!
Do not doubt.

You do not question the skies before the storm.
Do not question your Lord God and Father 
before the Spiritual Embodiment of War
and the great darkness that will beseech My Belovéd Children to join their ranks.
You will be tested, Belovéd Children.


Pray, Belovéd Children, and trust in Me, your Lord God and Father.
I am ever with you.

Be strong in your Love for Me.
Know exactly what I accept and what I Love 
and what I do not accept and what I do not Love.

Only I may judge.
I am the Lord God 
and it is I alone who doles out My Justice and Mercies.

Belovéd Children, do not place the bitter nuts of fear into your Hearts.

Pray, My Belovéds and be faithful to your Father 
and to the Christ whose Love is gentle, Merciful, BIG.         
[The feeling of Love here was so sweet.]
Do not betray the Christ.
Do not speak against the Christ.

Fill your Hearts with Love.
Pray and commit yourselves to Me, your Ever Loving God and Father, 
for I Love each of you and I am with you.

Pray, My Belovéds.

PS:  Where you saw those "plus signs ++++" was for the following insert - I just didn't want to break the message with my commentary.  

[I had a vision of a group of nuns in black & white habits but the faces within their habits were dark skulls.  Then another image came of a nun riding fast on a horse.  The two visions were very quick.  Please don't take offense and please don't go attacking any nuns.  A lot of times the things that seem odd can be metaphorical, so I'm told.]  
Thanks and God blesses.