I Long for You to Love Others

By Linda Noskewicz


Monday, December 29, 2014 3:52 pm – 4:31 pm

As with most things, I’m muddled.  I felt so depressed today and for no reason.  And in my head, something prodding me, pray, pray.  So I did, and the anxiety subsided.  I have not spent time with You, Father, and I think it drives us both a bit crazy.  I feel You calling me and my heart gets filled.

*Note - today's message was quite visual and you will see many clarifications.*

Belovéd Children, you are so belovéd and beauteous to Me.

Love one another, as I have created each of you 
and I long for My Creations to Love other Children.
I long for each of you to admire or see the wonder of your brethren beside you.

If you could see the details of Love I placed so carefully within each one of you, 
you might understand My Truest interest in you 
and comprehend the fullness or exactness of My Love, My Children.
You are Belovéd to Me.
[I visualized some of the extreme details he has put into flowers and the flecks in the color of our eyes.]

Beauteous and willful Children, do not turn away from the God who Created you 
with such Love and Heavenly or spiritual affection.
My Love for you is sacred and My Mercy for you is endless.

Belovéd Children, there is nothing you might do that I will not forgive 
if you come to Me in repentance, 
but Belovéd Children, 
come to Me.

Your Lord God and Father longs for you      [this was such a strong feeling...the depth of longing]
and there is urgency in My Calls.
Do not wait.

Time, My Children.
When you see the plum, ripe for eating, do you let it sit?
When you are called to prepare for great storms, do you not act immediately?

Belovéd Children, My Love and Judgment or end times or (this is something unfamiliar to me but something whole
are sweeter than the sweetest of honeys 
and fiercer than the greatest of storms 
and grand and incomprehensible in My Love for you.

Do not wait but take your Heavenly Mercies now 
as a Loving, inexhaustible gift (of) the Lord Christ 
who is the Son of the Lord God and Father.

The only Son and the Belovéd One.
He is brighter than flame in the Kingdom of Heaven 
and all before Him kneel with great Love and respect or awe or 
as He is so treasured to those in Heaven.
     [BIG!! And a huge distinction in how He is loved (or not loved) here]

He is the Light of Heaven and earth and brings with Him such Love and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, Love and worship My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus 
who rewards you with life everlasting.
He rewards you by His Own Love that He will never deny you.

The Christ is God 
as the Father is God, 
and the Christ is My Son and a Belovéd, Cherished One.       [That is to mean, "One", as in unique or a oneness…or  like singular – there is no other One.  Just Him.   I felt such wonderful affection in my heart here.]

Belovéd Children, pay homage to Him always, 
for when you greet the Son with Love, so do you greet the Father.

[Regarding the following, I am sharing this because I am moved to.  If nothing occurs, God be praised.  You can throw tomatoes at me.  For some reason, late 2015 into 2016 comes into me.  It has come to me before, but I’d have to revisit the journal entry because I’m not sure I even transcribed that information.  Remember, God says to pray, not panic.]

        Belovéd Children, darkness comes.
        You must prepare yourselves with Light.
        One dispels darkness with 
        Light and who is and always
        will be and has always been
        the Life and Light of this
        World but the Christ.
        There is the king of canines,
        a dog in the World who
        is sitting on haunches
        like a wolf with teeth
        bared and a bird of flight 
        sits upon is shoulder.
        The bird is eager to hunt,
        and the dog/wolf growls
        but sits patiently.
        There is a crash of water
        All around and lights
        light up the nighttime 
        skies.  A wave of boulders
        break and roll towards
        me but I move before I       
        am crushed.                [I see these things -  the dog, the bird, and the wave of boulders.  I also hear what is next.]
        I am sent to create havoc
        in this World and havoc
        will I make, someone
        calls out.                    
Do not be afraid, My Child.
These things must happen.
The way through darkness is with the brightest of Lights.
When you pray, you light the fire of My Enduring Love and darknesses dissipate.

Do not be afraid but do not be frivolous of Time.
You cannot afford to stay away from Me, nor can My Children.
Their Love is not as strong as they might believe.
They are not ready to be tested.
Their lamps are not lit and their Hearts are not full.

They are filled with words of Love but are not willing to act upon those words.
When they are inconvenienced or when it hurts or when it is a disagreement.

I Love My Belovéd Children and give good gifts.
I hear your calls and your prayers.
I am your Lord God and Father who Loves you.

Do not quell your Love for Me, My Children.

I yearn for your full Love, 
yet so many of My Belovéd Children mistrust their Loving Father.

Put your lives in the Hands of the One who Loves you 
and Created you and you will know true joy and Peace.

Belovéd Children, darkness will come.
The storm of awareness or "accountment" will come.

Pray, My Belovéd Children.
Show others how to pray.

Pray always and tell your Loving Father how you Love Him.
Tell the Christ how you worship and adore Him.
Listen to the calls of the Spirit and Love.
Lead others to Love and continuously pray.

Pray, My Children, for your prayers are like songs in Heaven.

Belovéd Children, believe Me when I tell you, 
prayer is a saving grace 
and it is only through greatest prayer that you know and understand 
the Will of your Lord God and Father who Loves you.

Walk with Me, thus and know My Love, My Belovéds.
Know that I see you and I am always with you.

I am Love and I call on you to Love.
Love your Lord God with your largest, most astounding Heart 
and Love your Brothers and Sisters whom I Love unceasingly.

Belovéd Children, pray and rest.
You are with your Lord God, and I say peace, My Children.

Peace.  Peace.