The Experience of Accountment

By Linda Noskewicz


Friday, January 16, 2015 3:31 – 4:26 pm

Benevolent Children, hear My Call to you now.
I am ever with you, 
and ask each of you to cast aside all doubts of My Love for you.

It is impossible for Love not to exist.
I am here and have been and will always be 
and this, My Belovéd Children, is incomprehensible to you and your fragile Hearts.

Allow Me to bestow upon you the graces of My Love, Children.
Do not turn Me away.
You cannot afford to be so unlikely or stubborn or 
reliant on the known or what you know and see.

You do not see wind, yet it exists.
You cannot see your breath, and yet you breathe.

There are many things Man does not know or understand 
and you are willing to accept these gaps or inconsistencies or these nothings of knowing.

Yet when I ask you to come to Me, 
to Love Me, 
to believe in My Love 
and partake in My Joy, 
you turn your back on Me 
(and) dismiss My Love as an impossibility.

I am.

I exist 
and I am BIGGER than all of the things you might know in your time here 
and BIGGER, more significant and present than anything you touch or see or hear.     [There is profound feeling here especially “present.”]
Children, you do not have Time to be frivolous 
or to bring anger to your Hearts when My Name is spoken 
and with such Love and affirmation or affinity or sureness or confidence.

Why do My Belovéd Children hold such anger for Me, 
their Lord God and Father who created each of you with such amazing Love 
and with the intention to give each of you such Holy and glorious graces.

I am your Good and Eternal Parent.
I am the Holy One 
and you treat your Lord God and Father 
and My Most Belovéd Son whom I adore greatly, 
the Christ who came before you to Redeem you from everlasting death, 
you spat curses at your God of Light and speak untruths about My Very Love.                 [This is overwhelmingly heartbreaking…]
You deny Me your Love and turn your faces away from Me.
You laugh at My Will and make the Name of God part of your farces.
You are putting the fingers of your fragile souls in the hottest of all dens 
and will reap the sure vengeance of your God who can be angered.
[This didn’t seem threatening, but more like a warning; like a father warning his kids not to swear or they'll get the belt.  He doesn't want to do it, but because he loves them, he will, for their own good.]
Belovéd Children, I am a God of Love and Mercy.                                                         
Through the Christ, your Lord God is all merciful                                                        
and you receive forgiveness so readily, by Love.                                                         

Your God is also a God of Justice and anger.
I am not prone to middle-ship.
I do not allow gray into the Kingdom of Love and perfection.
There is no sin where there is the perfection of Godly Love.

Thus, Children, do not make the mistake that so many do.
Do not be confounded by the grayness offered by the sophists.
Your Lord God has standards or rules or things He does not accept unequivocally.

Do not mistake My Glorious and Inexhaustible Love for blindness to sin.
My Children must know what is black and what is white.
My Children must know what I Love and what I do not accept.
I do not accept the blasphemy of My Name.

The tongues of My Belovéd Children are like serpents’ tongues, 
spitting out poison when you blaspheme.
The Name of the Lord is Holy and thus shall not be brought low.
You do not cast pearls before pigs or you do not give the treasures to the swine (pigs).

Belovéd Children, do not compromise with sin.
Hear the Holy Spirit and He guides you away from that which is dark.

Endure the ridicule and pain of this World, 
for the rewards you will receive for Loving My Name faithfully, Lovingly, are great 
and you shall know a joyousness surpassing all you know or could dream about.
I am the Lord God and bless My Children with Greatest Love.

[The itty bitty sense I felt about those rewards and joy hinted at something so BIG, we aren’t even close to anticipating it enough. We should be like children before Christmas multiplied times a billion!!! Crazy excited and doing our best!]

Belovéd Children, I say these things not to scare My Belovéd Children 
but because I want you with Me and free from the calamities of sin.
I do not wish for any souls to suffer time.

Belovéd Children, I tell you these things that you will turn to Me, your Lord God, 
with great Love instead of anger.
That you believe in My Love 
and not forego the Great blessings I give to the faithful.

I want each of My Belovéd Children to take 
the Most Beauteous Mercies 
offered to each of you 
by the BIGGEST Sacrifice of the Christ, 
My Most Belovéd Son.

Take the mercies you are offered now.
Turn to your Lord God now.
Soon Mercy will shut its door 
and the Time for cold Justice will come.

Belovéd Children, do not be frivolous with your Time.
Is it not less painful to step on one bramble 
than to fall into the entire brush untethered?
This is what I say to you.

Your Lord God is peace and joy.
My Love is not a bramble but Greatest Blessings!
Come to Me now while Time is gentle and waters are calm.

Do not wait, now that you know,
To fall into the great brush of needles which will be painful
and take much time to remove and heal.                                         
[He is trying to explain to us by drawing us pictures, comparisons….so we understand.]

            See the hare, he
            comes with all of
            the pungency and putridness
            of sin.  Children who
            know Me pray and know
            the Light of My Love and
            are given the grace of
            peace. Those who insisted
            on walking into the brush
            face the pain and needles
            without guard. Those
            who have chosen today
            fare well. Those who
            will choose on this
            day, when the accountment
            of sin becomes clear,
            will have this time
            to walk into darknesses
            or to choose Light.

            Save yourselves the pain
            of such needles. Come to 
            Me now and know your
            Lord God intimately. Know 
            Love which stuns you by
            its peace and joy and
            the absoluteness and
            BIGNESS of its existence.

            Do not be fooled by the
            temporal, Children.
            The hare comes and
            it is a putrid, unpleasant 
            thing. It will puncture
            you unlike any knife
            punctures a heart.
            You will see what will
            bring you to your

            Choose to Love Me,
            your Belovéd and Loving
            Lord God and Father.
            Know My Absoluteness
            and Love.  Do not choose
            the chaos of this World,
            for the hare or the
            experience of the hare
            will bring its own terrible

            Belovéd Children, do not
            be afraid.  You are most
            prayerful and prayer
            increases your faith in
            Me. Do not be troubled
            but be always guided
            by My Will for you
            which is always Merciful,
            Blesséd, and Loving.

            Belovéd Children, do not argue 
            with Time. What will you do when 
            daylight leaves and darkness 
            stays and your tongues go quiet 
            dumbfounded? Will it take 
            a momentous darkness to make 
            you call to your Loving and 
            Eternal God?

            Behold, the 
            Holiest of Spirits descends from 
            Heaven to touch each Man, each 
            woman, each child on this day 
            and the Light and fire of truth 
            of the Spirit will open your eyes 
            and the blind will see. And 
            the deaf will hear what they 
            have not heard.  And many 
            will praise God in all 
            His Glory.

Know, Belovéd Children, that darkness will also pull or wrench others to its grasp. 
Chaos will erupt because darknesses will create or stir fear.

Belovéd Children, pray and know I am with you always.
I walk with you on this day and every day before and after.

I am your Lord God and Eternal Father.
I give good gifts to My Children.
You are Belovéd to Me.

Pray for those who will not know Me, for their Hearts will burn painfully.
Pray they come and meet the Call of Love I send.

Pray, My Belovéds.
I watch each of you and know all of you so well, 
to such detail.

Pray, Children, and spread the peace of My Love.
Be guided by the Spirit of Love and pray.