Thank You for the Reminder

By Linda Noskewicz

July 2, 2015


Thursday, July 2, 2015 3:17 – 3:50 pm (33m)

Belovéd Child, I am ever with you, holding your hand and kissing your brow.  When you do not feel or sense or have your Heart filled by My Glory, still I am there by your side, Loving you.  I am your Good and Loving Father.  Be attentive to Me, Little One, for your attention brings Me such joy.  Do you not understand?  You are everything to Me, for I am your Lord God and Father and all that you are I have given to you by My Great Love for you.

Belovéd Children, all nations stand against Me and My Word, My Belovéd Son.  How this World wounds the Christ by your lack of Love for Him.  My Heart breaks and I weep for My Belovéd Children.  Hear or Heed My Calls, Belovéd Children.  Heed My Calls.  My rules are not mocked and surely punishments will rain down upon this World that I Love so dearly.  Children, I am besought ordistraught over the many sins of this World.  Even if they continued and, indeed, grew larger, I will forgive but Love Me.  The Love of My Belovéd Children assuages the pain I feel from watching you sin.  Love is a salve and I am Love, Children.

Belovéd Children, the dam breaks.  The skies will fall.  The storm shall come and so many of My Belovéd Children are unready to endure the darkness that comes.  Gird your belts, My Prayerful Children.  Even you are ill-prepared.  Pray. Increase your prayers, My Belovéds.  All of your time should be spent in prayer, for the very sound of your prayers fills Me with great hope and joy.  This World is a darkening place for My Children, and still I watch all of you so Lovingly. Do not rest in your prayers, for one day missed in your Love for Me, your prayerful acknowledgment of Me, your Lord God and Father, is like an eternity of silence and a great darkness to your Hearts.

Be with Me, Children, and wipe the dirt from this World off of your feet.  Join Me and know the Eternity of Life.  We crave you.  We long for you.  The Christ has opened His Heart and blood has been spilt that you should know Mercy and forgiveness.  The Mercy and Love of the Christ, My Belovéd Son and your Holy King, is boundless, endless, eternal, and righteous.  My Son, the King of Mercy, longs for your Love.  Children, do not reject the amazing, overwhelming BIG Love of My Son who saves.  To reject Him is to reject Life itself.  Belovéd Children, you cannot live on your own accord.  I breathe life into each of you.  Love My Belovéd Son.  When you Love the Son, you Love the Father and when you wound the Son, so too do you wound the Father, for He and I are One and We are for you.  Do not reject the Love of God. [Heart swells!]

Belovéd Children, be hardy and know that I see thee.  I wait most anxiously for your Love and attention.  Come to Me, Belovéd Children, before it is too late or before you have no more time.  Do not play folly with your time.  Do you not know that the storm does come and I am your Grace.  Your eyes and Hearts will be opened by this great storm and you and your Brothers and Sisters shall see and finally know or understand the True Glory and Divinity of your Lord God.  I send the Son just as I have sent Him before.  You shall behold the Splendor and Majesty of Love in its purest form.  You cannot fathom the Greatness of Our Love for you.

Oh, Prayerful Ones, I see into your Hearts and revel in your devotion and Love for Me.  I give you graces for your Devotions and My Heart swells with your prayers.  Belovéd Children, do not rest in your prayers to Me.  You are My joy and I Love each of you to your ultimate cores or humanity.  Belovéd Children, do not rest but Love Me.  Love Me and know I am ever with you and attentive to your Soul.  Come to Me.  Be with Me, Belovéd Children, for I wish Eternal Life for each of you.  Belovéd Children, My Heart worries or frets over the wounds you are giving to your Souls.  Your Souls are fragile and easily wounded by Sin.  Indeed, all things in which you immerse yourself can cause stains, dark stains, upon your Souls.  You do not want a darkened souls, but One that is filled with Love and joy and never fear or anger.

Recall My Love for you when the darkness comes before you.  Call out to Me and Light is restored.  Belovéd Children, come to Me, for My Love and forgiveness are ineffable and they are ready for you now.  Do not wait to give Me your Love.  Do not stray, Children.  Not one of you knows the Time that your Lord will arrive.  You do not guess at the gifts I have for My Belovéd Children.  Thus, stay attentive to Me.  Know what I Love and what I do not accept and be ever faithful to Me and My Belovéd Son, the Eternal Christ.  [WOW]

Belovéd Children, just as My Son thirst upon His Worldly Crown (?), I thirst for your Love.  Know this to be true and do not wait.  You do not know the Time.  Belovéd Children, pray and I give you My Peace.  Be ever faithful to Me and know the joy associated with your Love for Me.  I am not a burden but a lightness of Heart.  Trust in Me, Belovéd Children, and Men shall tremble before you and mountains will crumble to dust and oceans will be made shallow all by your Loving prayers to Me.  Your faith can make this World whole again.  Trust in Me and know the Splendor of My Divine Love. Trust in Me Children, and be attentive to your Lord God who Loves you.   Peace, My Children.  Peace.