Aching World, Hear My Call

By Linda Noskewicz

June 5, 2015


Friday, June 5, 2015 10:58 – 11:32 Adoration

Father, was Jesus scared before everything happened to Him?  Like before Judas betrayed Him – maybe the day before…?  He knew sort of what was coming and He was a man.  I kind of think He was (a little scared).  The anticipation is sometimes worse than the beginning – especially when we’re afraid of “it.”  Well, please look out for those who are thinking of suicide. Thanks.

Belovéd Children, I am here and I call out to you.  Your Belovéd and Loving Father calls out to His Children.  Oh, Children of this World, this aching World, hear My Call.  

Belovéd Children, the Christ calls out to you.  He has Saved you and He calls out to you, and yet so many of My Belovéd Children do not respond and do not hear.  Oh, Belovéd Children, it is close and you cannot afford to play or make folly of your souls.  Do not reject My Love.  Do not reject the boundless Love of My Son, the Christ.  His Love for you is great.  His calls to you are desperate and His Compassion and Love for you Passionate.  He calls each of you.  Hear the Calls of My Most Belovéd Jesus.  He is My Son who Loves Mankind, even with all of its faults or sins or sinning.

Do not ignore My Call.  I Call to you because My Belovéd Children need the Peace of the Lord God and their Eternal Father within your Hearts.  How can you know Peace when you do not know Me?  Your Creator and Truest Love of all. You are My Children and I am your good and Loving Parent.  Trust in Me in all things, and I shall give you peace.

I shall give you the comfort and Love as you are My Children.  My Children, look to Me always as your good and Loving Father.  I am your Eternal Parent and Love My Children like a good parent.  I discipline My Belovéd Children just as I give good gifts.

Belovéd Children, My Laws are not mocked.  Believe in Me, your Lord God and Father, and know there are consequences for sinning so blatantly and without cause or reason. There are consequences, My Belovéds, for the Kingdom of God, Heaven is free from all sins or darkness or iniquities. Thus, you are purified even as you are so Belovéd to Me.  [Withoutcause/reason - just blowing it off that it’s a sin anyway, like you don’t care.]  

Belovéd Children, I Love you like no other can.  This World is cold and filled with pitfalls that draw you away from Holiness.  Pray and be led by the Spirit who guides you away from darknesses and to the Light of My Son, the Lord Christ.  He reigns in Heaven by My Glory and shall reign on earth.  Look forward to this Day, My Children, for it will be good.  [Talk about an understatement!!!]

Belovéd Children, know that you are so Loved and so precious.  I Love you like no other can, for I AM Love.  I AM and will be and have always been and you can trust in My Greatest Love for you.  I do not leave you to cry alone.  I do not leave you in fear of darknesses or evil.  I am calling you always.  I plead with you to answer My Calls.  Belovéd Children, come to the Glory and Grace of your Eternal Father who Loves you.

Belovéd Children, it comes in the spring when the air is filled with sun and the moon rocks heavily on her sphere.  Trust in Me and pray, for I will answer each and every call from My Belovéd Children who cry out for Me.  Do not be fooled by the trickery of some men and women, for their false words will lead you astray.  They will lead you away from your Lord God, and so you must know Me.  You must be attentive to Me as I am attentive to you.  I watch over you like a good gardener tends His garden or like a faithful shepherd watches over His flock.  

Do not be afraid when I Call to you.  Do not fear the test that comes.  Instead pray for fortitude and you shall have it instantly by My Great Love and Mercy for you. Do not be afraid of darkness.  Call to Me in deepest prayer and I answer your Calls before they are even upon your lips.  For I am the Lord God and grind evil beneath Me and gather great Love to Me.  Turn to Me and be saved.  Do not fear the evils of darkness when you know Me.  

…I know you because I have Created you for Me, and I Love My Creations as surely as an artist Loves His art.  Pray to Me Children, and you will not be lost in darkness.  Pray, My Children, and know with your full and open Hearts that I am with you.  Be attentive to Me and you shall know the Great Power of My Love.  Be with Me intently when you are in prayer and bring or pull others to Me.  A saved soul is beatific and worthy of greatest celebrations.

Belovéd Children, I call to you.  Do not be frivolous with your Time.  You cannot afford to lose your souls to a darkness of eternity or eternal evil.  My Belovéds were made for Love, and I AM Love.  Be with Me in Love and I shall give you My Peace.  Pray and My Compassion and Mercies are yours.  But, My Children, I say pray and know the Lord God intimately. 

Belovéd Children, pray.  Pray and I answer.  Pray My Children and I make all things good again.  Pray and I bless you with My Good gifts.  Pray, and I answer with Greatest Love.  Pray, My Children.  Always pray or be in prayer.  For I Love the prayerful and gaze upon you with Greatest Love.  Pray, My Children, and know the Light of Love and ease your burdens.

Belovéd Children, I cannot or do not emphasize this enough.  Prayer.  Love one another, your Brothers and sisters and pray. Pray together and give all of your Love and trust to Me.  I am here.  I Love you, My Children and give you My Gracious and Most Holy Peace.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.