The Blessing of Communion

By Linda Noskewicz

June 29, 2015


Monday, June 29, 2015 3:22 – 3:56 pm

Belovéd Children, it is with Merciful Urgency I call to each of you, come to your Lord God and Father.  I am for you as you are for Me.  I Love you like no other and I am here with you always.  Children of My Light, seek out the righteous and pray for this World.  Prayerful One’s, gird your belts and hold tightly to your Love for Me.  You alone can do no thing.  But with Me, all is possible.

I AM and all that is I have made and all that will be is Mine.  I am Love and look always to My Belovéd Children for Love. Belovéd Children, do not make folly of your time.  Come to Me with all of your Hearts.  I Long for your attention and see such beauty – exquisite beauty – in you.  Allow your Lord God and Father to dress your wounds and assuage your Hearts of the fury in this World in which you live.  Belovéd Children, I am yours.  I am before and after and always.  Do not hesitate to believe in the goodness of your Lord God and Father.  I am right in all things and seek the righteous of Heart and the meekest of Souls.

Do not wander from Me, My Children.  Do not break My Heart by betraying your Love for Me with that which is so far lesser or inferior.  My Love is like no other.  I embrace you and crave your Love in return.  Yet, My Children, in all of your betrayals, still I am here and My Love for you has not and does not wane.  Belovéd Children, hear the Christ or adhere to the Christ.  He is My Living Word and by following the Son you come to the Father in all of Our Glory

Belovéd Children, a time comes when the Son, and His Divinity, will be like a dried up well here in this World.  His very name shall be blasted from land to land and His Sacredness in hiding, until like to a bird of paradise the Son (Sun) rises and the explosion of Light… or trumpet(s) His Glory.  You are not alone, My Prayerful One’s.  Pray always and you shall have solace and rest later.  Today is a day of preparation.  Armor or Arm yourself by the Blessing of Communion, oneness with your Lord God.  You are given such desirous or substantial or Hallowed gifts during such times.  The Eucharist, the Living Host, is your Life.  Sustain yourselves and partake of the Eucharist daily.  It will be a darkness, as you will not have the Host available to you any more.  Your Hearts shall seek Me out and the prayerful will find Me and will be sustained by your faith and Trust in Me, your Lord God.

Belovéd Children, I say to you, do not judge.  I am the Eternal Judge and it is through My Holy and Beatific Eyes that I behold each of you.  Each of you (is) so precious to Me as I hold you in My Hands.  You are My Precious Treasures and I do not accept the judgment of My Children upon each other.  Do not judge, but Love, My Children.  Look to Me in all things and allow My BIGGEST Love to sustain you in joy and in difficulties.

Belovéd Children, do not betray your Holy Father who Loves you so well.  Children, do not deny the Christ your Love. Do not seek to wound Him so!  He is My Most Belovéd and Gentle Son.  He is Mercy and Love and by His Great Love for you, you are made whole for the new life.  He is the bounty of Life.  Seek out the path of the Christ and be One with the Lord God.  For when you adore the Christ you adore Me, your Lord God.  Love My Son with every fiber or bit of your self. Each piece or bit or second of Love you give to My Son is returned a thousandfold to you and that your Hearts will know the King of the Jews, the Christ, is Eternal, Holy, Beatific, and Glorified in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Worship Him like the King He is.  He is your King and has saved you from Eternal darkness or the Eternal No.  Bow down and serve the Christ.  Serve Him as His Love for you knows no boundaries.  

Belovéd Children, pray! Pray and you will move rivers to different paths and crush boulders beneath your sandals all with one prayer to your Lord God.  Trust in Me completely.  Perfect your faith in Me and My Love and I shall guide you with My Loving Hand.  People of the Risen Lord or Risen God, prepare with prayer.  When the greatest storms of all come, come to Me in your hours of fear and tribulation and know My Love will comfort you and My Great Love will protect you from the enmity of this darkened World.  Only pray, My Children, and remain vigilant.  The thief comes at night.  The drought comes and the land will suffer.  Gather your plants and water your souls or prepare as an animal does for the winter.  You are My Belovéd Children and you will face the storm of warning.  Thus prepare for the drought of the Host by partaking of its very divinity often, now and remain ever-prayerful.  

Belovéd Children, you are so precious in My Eyes.  Pray and be attentive to Me.  Pray and I hear your prayers and I am attentive to you, My Children.  Pray and I am every with you.  Gird your belts through absolute prayer.  Belovéd Children, confess your sins and pave the path of your Heart’s Contrition so you are a welcome home for the Holiest of All Holies.  Dust your feet of sin, My Children, and come to Me with your Love, today, now.  Pray, My Children and know My Peace is ever within you.  Pray and I listen and find great joy in your requests.  Believe in the Holy Benevolence of your Lord God and Father.  I give My Children good gifts and respond to your every prayer.  Belovéd Children, Believe in Me, your Lord God.  I am and will be and I see your Hearts as they are lit or extinguished.  Come to Me, My Belovéds and know the true meaning of Love.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.