Prepare As You Would Before A Storm

By Linda Noskewicz

March 4, 2015

PictureWednesday, March 4, 2015 2:30 am – 4:03 am

Belovéd Children hear My Call.
The lukewarm souls break My Heart.
Pray for these Children, for I Love them, 
but they break My Compassionate Heart.

Belovéd Children, there is no room for halfway or gray.
You are for Me as I am for you.
You are My Children whom I Love.
You are My Belovéds.

Feel the Love I offer you.
See it in all the gifts I give to you.
I am Love and I give Myself to you always.

Belovéd Children, My Son, the Christ Jesus, calls to you.
He beckons to you and urges you to Love Him 
and notice the Sacrifice He made for you.
It is not without a Sacred and most Holy cause.

Do not dismiss the Love and Deity or Beatific or Sacredness 
or Holiness or Spirituality behind His Sacrifice.         
It is a great thing filled with absolute Love for Man. 
[These descriptions are meant to indicate the enormity of His Sacrifice that we cannot grasp with our mere selves]

Do not dismiss it.
Do not ignore this gift.
It is your saving grace.

It is a great Light in utter darkness 
and it offers you Mercy where once there was none.
It offers you compassion and redemption and forgiveness.

My Son gives you great Mercy by His Sacrifice 
and yet you are dismissive and speculative and doubtful as to His Love.

Oh, Children, how you wound the Son of God and Man.
When you wound the Son, you wound the Father gravely 
and I look with great disfavor 
upon the Children who err by their actions in this nature.

Do not doubt.
Do not be lukewarm.
Do not say the words with doubt filled Hearts.
Do not repeat the words of praise with empty Hearts.

Nothing can wound My Son for His Sacrifice like the sadness of an empty Heart.

Belovéd Children, when you pray to your Lord God and Eternal Father 
whose Love for you exceeds all that you can understand, 
place all of your trust and belief behind your words and into your Hearts.

I know your Hearts 
and desire very greatly your Love and thus complete trust.
The degree of your trust will affect the amount of so many gifts you will receive 
or the graces you receive as you journey towards Me.

I say again, do not be unsure or indifferent of your Love for Me though.
Do not break My Heart or that of My Son.
When you break One, you break the other, 
for We are Eternally connected by Love and greatest unity of the Spirit.

Belovéd Children, the sheer, unimaginable beauty of My Love for you 
cannot be fathomed by your Hearts.
They are not yet BIG enough.
Come to Me, My Children and know a small taste of what it will be.

Belovéd Children, you do not want to be isolated from Me.
A Time comes when you will want to know Me dearly 
but it will be difficult 
and you will regret your indifference.

You will no longer find joy or comfort 
in the trappings of this World 
and many will die for having done so 
for so long and so extremely.

Avarice and pride, My Children are darknesses 
that are prominent in the Hearts of men.
Weed these out and Come to your Lord God who wishes to protect and Love you always.

Do not wait until the storm is at your door.

When you are warned of great storms, 
you block your home up 
and prepare your children and family.
You prepare for the storm.

When you are expecting a new child, 
you prepare in all things, 
because you know great changes will take place.

Therefore, as I say to you, the Time of Warning, 
a time when My Children will know of My displeasure comes.

I send you this warning because I Love My Children 
and I wish to give each of My Belovéd Children
in this sin filled and failing World 
another chance to bring your Hearts to Me.

A good parent will discipline the disobedient child from Love, as I do My Belovéd Children.

Thus I say, as you prepare for a storm 
and as you prepare for a new baby, 
prepare for this discipline 
so that your disciplinarian will look with favor on you.

Belovéd Children, you are now aware.
Do not doubt the words I give to the young one.
She is My Servant and Belovéd Child who works faithfully for her Lord God.

She believes in her Father and Lord.
Take this as a sample              [example or illustration/model]
and take courage My Love 
for you do not fail or (she does not fail).

I do not abandon My Children.
I do not lie and My Heart is yours.

Belovéd Children, I say to you, 
know what I Love and accept 
and what I do not Love 
and what I do not accept.

Do these things and pray.
These things are important.

To be worthy is to move towards the path that the Christ set before you.
Reach out to Him, 
and He too will never fail you.

Our Love for you, each of you, is unequaled.
My Children, know this to be true.
You must not take for granted the many words you hear.
It is soon.

My Words must be heard and understood, 
for the Time for choosing Light and darkness draws near 
and there will be no room for doubts or indecision.

Be prepared, My Children, as you prepare for great storms or great events.

Pray, My Children, and that is the greatest preparation of all.
Prayer and the Love of your Brothers and your Lord God.
First and foremost is Love.

Belovéd Children, Love and pray.
I say to you, pray.
Love, My Children.

Pray.  Pray.