Message from the Eternal Father

By Linda Noskewicz

March 17, 2015


Father, except for the field mouse part, please  put Your wisdom in my big mouth when someone asks for advice concerning You.

My Will for you is good, My Belovéd Children.
Do not be fooled by the stories and persuasions of this World.
You do not put your fate in the hands of what is temporal.

You are My Belovéd Children 
and you are meant to be with Me, 
your Loving and Eternal Father.

I Love each of you 
and My Joy in observing you 
is a sweet and enduring Blessing for you.

Know I am ever with you, 
especially in difficult times 
when you believe you are most abandoned.

Trust in Me.
I am like the air you cannot see, 
but I give you breath.

Belovéd Children, be kind and bless the elderly.
Their prayers are good 
and their devotion to the Lord God, the Christ 
is strong and unbending.

Learn from these Blesséd Children 
what it means to pray with devotion 
before this level or caliber of devotion is lost to you 
and this decaying World.

Belovéd Children, do not leave the Little Flowers to grow 
without the sun to warm their Hearts.                
["Sun" is a play on "Son"]

Bring My Beauteous and Belovéd Son, the Christ into their Hearts 
that they may see the depths of Love within His eyes for them.

Let their innocence be enhanced by Greatest Love.
Let them be free and joyful in their Love of God 
and with wonder of My Sanctity and Divinity.

Let them pray to their Lord God who Loves them so absolutely.
The Little Flowers are more precious than you can guess.

The Hearts of children are pure 
and their Love is freely given.
Their trust is complete 
and their Love is filled with affection.

Do you not crave the joy they share with the Christ?
Love, trust, affection, absolution.               
[Absolution, because children forgive much so easily.]

Why do you believe you are unable to have such a pure relationship 
with the God who Loves you so deeply?
The God who created you and the God whose Mercy and Love is endless?
Can you not be like a child once more and trust and Love?

Belovéd Children, watch the Little Flowers of this World.
Do not take from them the Blessing of childhood.

Be like a child and you shall know 
the purity of Love 
and learn a complete trust.

A child cannot feed itself 
or move itself abroad or secure itself 
or protect itself without a Loving parent.
Thus the child relies solely on the aid of another for its safety and happiness.

The child does not question whether the Loving parent will do this for him.

He is sure of it.
He asks no questions.
He has no doubts.
All of his faith is full.

I ask you, My Children, to be as a child.
Trust your Eternal Father and Loving God.
I will provide for My Belovéd Children without fail.
I protect you from all evils.

When your Love for Me is unwavering 
and your trust in Me complete, 
what more do you need?
You are left only to enjoy all that is around you.
You are free to live without worry 
and with full Love for Me and for your Brothers and Sisters.

Thus, you will also see your Brothers and Sisters who have not submitted themselves to My Blesséd and Divine Will.

You will see those who do not trust 
and those who do not believe.
You feel pity for them and often your (hand) stretches out for them 
that they may see with opened eyes
and feel with an opened Heart.

Their Hearts are unlit 
and their trust is replaced by dismay, mistrust or suspicion, 
and darker things that I have not been allowed to protect them from.

It wounds the Heart of God.
It pierces Me.

Children, walk with Me foremost in your Hearts.
Place Me always first 
and you shall have your unerring guidance.

I Love My Children and call out to each of you.

Children, come to your Lord God 
and know joy, Love, compassion, and forgiveness.
My Heart is filled with Mercy 
and I offer it to all Children who come to Me.

My Greatest Desire is to give My Mercy to every Child in this World.

I hope for every Child to seek Me out, each in his way, 
that I might bestow My Love and Mercy upon every Heart of Mankind.

My Love is so large, I can grant such Mercy 
and still have so much more Love and Mercy to offer in reserve.

I offer My Mercies in abundance.
Come now while the doors of Mercy are opened wide to you.

Take this gift of graces that is yours!
Do not lapse in this.

Oh, Belovéd Children, now is the Time to come
and take My Blessings 
and I shall grant great blessings 
to all who come!

Belovéd Children, this is a unique time.
Do not fail in this.
Take this opportunity to open your Hearts to Great Graces 
and absolution from your inequities.

Your souls are in need 
and this is My Divine gift to you, 
for I Love each of you 
and want all of you with Me.

Belovéd Children, you must take advantage of your Time, 
for you do not know if you shall have another.

Pray, My Belovéd Children.
Prepare your Hearts with deep contemplation of the Mysteries of My Love for you.

Draw out of your soul the sins that have offended Me, your Lord God.

Pray for awareness and you shall find the roots of your sins.
Pull those roots up and do not allow them to take root again.

Acknowledge your sins.
Reconcile yourselves to Me in great sorrow 
and repentance in your Hearts.
You will have My Mercy.

I will take you in My Loving Arms and grant you Mercy 
and give you Great Blessings by My Forgiveness of your sins.

Always pray and strengthen your spirit so those roots do not take hold again.
The remnants of their presence are quick to replant themselves and grow again, stronger.

Belovéd Children, hear My Call and bring others to Me.
Be unafraid to speak in My Name.
You are My Belovéd Disciples and I watch you with Great Love.

Belovéd Children, your Loving and Eternal Father blesses you this day 
and in all the days to come.

Belovéd Children, pray, 
for I Love your prayers 
and I answer them according to My Loving and Divine Will.

Belovéd Children, have peace.