The Descending Cross

By Linda Noskewicz

March 16, 2015

PictureMonday, March 16, 2015 3:19 – 4:04 pm

I prayed and He showed me elephant ears…You’re funny (heart).  

(A lot of times I ask Him for the ears of an elephant, to hear Him better; the mouth of a field mouse, so I limit my words; the disposition of a dog because they're always happy & thankful; the arms of a badger, because they're strong & I want to give good hugs; & the heart of a cow so that I have a lot of room for love & forgiveness.  That's where the elephant ears came from.)

Belovéd Children, My Will for you is good.
Trust in your Holy Father and Lord God 

and know true Joy and Love.

My Love for you is Great 
and you do not imagine its strength.

My Love outweighs all of the universes you see and do not know 
and is infinite and all-encompassing.

I am Love, thus I am in All of you.
Light the Light of My Love within your Hearts by responding to My Loving Call.

I call to My Belovéd Children 
and hope to draw you to My Love.

Why do My Children turn their faces away from Greatest Love?

            A great storm comes,
            My Children, and skies
            roil black like an ocean
            wave turning over the skies
            swiftly, swiftly.  Can you
            not see the black clouds
            that sit on the horizon
            before you?  Then the quell
            comes with the red skies
            and mixes with black
            and purifies what is
            black that the skies
            begin to clear, and the
            clouds are thick and white
            and before the World, they
            shall part and the Glory
            of God shall pass through.

            Vision:  A beautiful, hot golden   
[I tried to paint it to show you (see picture) but it's impossible to convey it's . amazing beauty.  It's glory is astonishing...BIG.]
            Cross descends and it is filled 
            with light from above,
            like “glory lights” and it shines
            so!  And it is so beautiful
            and my heart beats faster
            as I witness it and I
            don’t want it to go away and
            fire orbs come from underneath
            and fly like sunbursts
            out throughout the World.
            The glimpse of such Glory
            brings the World to its
            knees.  Satan will roar
            in dismay and his minions
            will writhe as if on
            fire.  The Glory of
            God will be seen by
            Man and the souls
            of Man will be laid

Thus, I say Children, come to Me for My Mercy.

It is so plentiful 
and I offer it to you with such Love and Compassion.

I turn away none of My Belovéd Children, 
for My Belovéd Son, the Christ has delivered you up for Mercy by His Greatest Love for Man.

His Sacrifice gives you unyielding Mercy.
You need only repent and come to Me with an open Heart.

Oh, Belovéd Children, you know not what you do to your souls 
when you step away from your Lord God and Father and into Worldly darknesses.

The World turns all that is white black, 
and all that is black white.
It blinds you with gray scales 
and the conveniences of this World have My Children easily compromising with sin.

Belovéd Children, you cannot be lukewarm in your Love for Me.
You must be passionate in your Love for your Lord God.

Your Hearts must be invested 
and you must understand that I Am God.

You must trust the Christ beyond all Worldly thoughts or aspects or beliefs or practicalities.

Which of you is guided by your Lord God with great contentment 
and complete Love for My Will?

Belovéd Children, strengthen your trust in Me and My Will.
I am a Loving and Merciful God 
and I am a just Lord.
Come to Me with your Hearts and I grant you All Mercies.

Mock My Laws and spit upon or insult the name of or 
insult the Heart of My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ 
or take hateful aim against the Spirit of God 
and you shall experience a Lord who is Just and righteous and merciless in His judgment. 

[The above assumes that you continue to refuse to love God and apologize and ask for His forgiveness.  But He longs for us regardless, as you see below.]

I offer every moment to My Children; 
every minute second to turn your Hearts to Love 
because My Love for you is so great 
and you are for Me as I am for you.

Even if you were to murder a thousand men 
and rape a thousand wives 
and strangle a thousand children, 

Were you to come to your Lord God with great sorrow in your Heart, 
with repentance and the fear of God in your Heart, 
a desire to undo all that you have done, 
a desire for true Mercy, forgiveness, compassion and unconditional Love, 

Even then I do not turn you away 
but open My Arms to you with Joy that you have repented and heard My Call.

When you are forgiven much, are you not all the more grateful?

Trust in Me and My Great Love, My unconditional Love for you.

That’s so hard to swallow though.  You try to be a good person, and okay, you’re cool – not perfect, but cool.  Then you get a murderer who at the last second says sorry and he’s cool too.  I know You get it because You’re God, but it kind of gives people an incentive to party and go debaucherizing all their lives before answering Your call at the last hour.  I mean, like could I get away with doing that?? Not that I would want to, but what if I went on an ice cream binge?

Thus you judge, Child 
and it is not for you to judge the Heart of another Brother or Sister.

Recall you take on their sins as your own 
and I grant you the same mercies that you would have Me grant them.       [Ouch.]

Children, do not judge.
Your judgments are of this World 
and have no room or are of no consequence within the realm of Divinity and perfection.

Do not judge, Children.
The laws of this World and the laws of God are vastly different.
Remember this in your Hearts.

Belovéd Children, hear My Calls.
Draw others to Me, 
for so many of My Children betray the Lord God.

So many are in danger of falling into the eternal pit of darkness where I cannot be known.
Pray for those who refuse My Love and deny Me.

Pray for My Servants and for My Little Flowers.

Pray for My true prophets, 
for the false prophets exist or work even now and effectively.
Do not follow those who are not focused on Me, My Love, 
My Belovéd Son, the Sacrifice He endured by His Greatest Love.

The false ones march everywhere, 
so I say, pray for discernment, for many will be fooled.

Pray for the ill and dying, 
that in their states they hear My Calls 
and turn to their Heavenly Father who Loves them so.

Pray, Children, to mitigate the damages of future storms that come, 
for many unnatural storms will come 
and their destruction is only limited by your great prayer.

Belovéd Children, I hear your prayers 
and I am greatly pleased and espoused with Greatest Love by your praises and adulation.
Know that I answer your prayers and My Divine Will is Loving.

Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace this day.
Pray and be in peace.