As Close to Divinity

By Linda Noskewicz

March 23, 2015

PictureThese lights are being seen worldwide in the sky. Northern lights?? 

Monday, March 23, 2015 3:53 – 4:29 pm Adoration

Belovéd Children, you have much to fear from a Spirit World that exists 
when you have not prepared your own soul 
and made it strong.
(I saw a dragon snapping hugely.)

You must make your souls stronger 
by strengthening your Love and understanding of Me, your Holy and Divine Father.

I am not reclusive, My Children.
I am always available to you.
Indeed, I crave you, Children.

More than ever, I thirst for you 

and hope with all Glory that you shall, each of you, choose to find Me and revel in the joy of complete Love and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, you must reconcile with your Lord God, 
for I heal you as you open your Hearts to Me.  
I heal your souls and give you rest by My Healing.

Recall the path My Beauteous and Beatific Son laid out for His Brothers and Sisters.  

His path is good 
and I hope for all of My Children 
to walk upon His Path of Love to Me.

The Lord Christ is My Belovéd and Most Divine Son.

Belovéd Children, lay claim to your Savior 
who gives you new and everlasting or eternal or forever life with the One God.

Belovéd Children, I say to you, behold the Christ 
and worship Him with great Love and reverence.

He is the Lord Christ 
and you cannot defile His name and not pull or anticipate My Anger or wrath or punishment.

Do not turn away from My Light and Love.
Do not turn away.
Every soul that does this and refuses ever to turn back 
sees only darkness and never can know the beauty and joy of My Mercy.

My Children who refuse My Love and forgiveness break My Heart.

They must look to Me while they can, 
as the darkness and fire of the pit is real and unfathomable 
and will bring their souls all miseries and pains 
and no hope and no deliverance.

Oh Children, do not disregard the God who Loves you so!
I warn you of this time and again 
and still so many turn away and reject Love.

Pray, My Belovéd Children, for your prayers save many.

Belovéd Children, your prayers are joyful things for Me.
How kind and Loving they are to Me.
I revel in your Love and My Angels sing as you pray to Me, your Loving God and Father.

Belovéd Children, know this to be true.
You can pray to mitigate all that comes.

This World has many children who pray, yet they all or you all must pray much, much more.
It is not enough to pray once a day, 
nor is it enough to pray once a week.
You must pray often and everywhere.

For this special intention, you must pray for specifically.
Pray the rosary to mitigate all that comes.
The storms and havoc the World itself culminates in its protests against Man.

Believe Me when I say, the World does indeed protest against sinful Man, 
for your sins are terrible 
and you do not repent or reconcile with your Lord God.

Children, the Spirit of God calls you to Reconciliation as a must or as a spiritual necessity.
I am calling to each of My Children 
to take advantage of My Greatest Mercy now.

Do not wait and do not proclaim your faith half way or with lukewarm Hearts.

Repent of your sins and search your souls for all those you do not see.
Pray for discernment and I shall guide you.
Your Hearts/Souls must be cleaned of sin as best as you can remember or as best as possible.

Thus, search your souls deeply for all those acts 
that have offended your Lord God who Loves you with Greatest Love.
I wish to cleanse your souls with Greatest Mercies and Love.

Oh Belovéd Children, do not waste this Great Gift of Love and Mercy.
It is the most valuable gift or existing “anything anywhere ever” that you will ever encounter 
and it is yours to claim.

Claim this gift with a full Heart, 
ready to confess your sins faithfully, honestly, 
and with sorrowful Hearts.

You shall be cleansed and new!
The Angels will sing in celebration!

Then as you are in Communion with your Loving God and Savior, 
know that you are as close to Divinity, All of its Graces, 
and the Christ as you can be in this World.

Pray as you are in Communion with all that is Blesséd 
and I shall touch you with My Light.
You shall know true joy and the peace that comes 
with the true fullness of faith and trust in your Lord God.

Children, do not err in your worship 
by worshipping with a mediocre or lukewarm Heart.
My Love was not meant for middleness or for less than total Love.

Find your Hearts, Children, 
and return to the passion of Loving your Lord God with true joy and trust.

How you trust Me is a measure of your Love for your Lord God.
As your Lord God, do I not want All of your Love, 
and thus All of your trust?

Belovéd Children, pray about these things I have given you this day, 
for they are large things of great import to your souls.

Do so with a complete Spirit 
and with a finality worthy of your Belovéd God 
who is ever with you.

Do not deny Me 
and do not disregard this gift, 
for it is precious.

Peace, My Belovéds.  Peace.