When There Is No Light, There Is Only Darkness

By Linda Noskewicz

March 24, 2015


Belovéd Children, I am singular in My Love for you.
I want all of your Love electively                     (by choice)
and it is you who must choose Me.

My Heart longs for you.
Come to the aching Heart of your Lord God, the Christ.

Belovéd Children, My Love for you is a forever and eternal thing.
I do not change 
and I Am Love.

I Love you without condition.
I have made each of you for Love 
by My Love for you.

Beauteous Children, do not defy Me with your transient Hearts.
You do not know the consequences of this, 
for you are small 
and you are children.

Belovéd Children, allow your Eternal Father to protect you 
and give you Love and Mercy 
through My Beauteous and Most Belovéd Son, Jesus Christ.

By His unfailing Love for all of you, 
those who were before and those who are after, 
He opened the gates to Heaven for Mankind 
that you too might live forever.

The Divine Loves Man so much 
that He succumbed to the subjugations of this World.

Thus, I say to each of you, My Children, 
the Son of Man offers you this Great Gift of Mercy. 

Do not defile His Name.
Do not reject His Perfect Love.
Do not reduce the Beneficence and Superior-ness 
or Divinity or the Divinely BIGLY Glory of His Sacrifice for Man.

The Christ Loves you so 
that He continues to give or offer you wondrous graces.
Yet you are repelled by these gifts.

Children of the World, when you turn away the Christ 
and have shut your doors completely 
so that the King of Mercy is locked out from your Hearts, 
only darkness is left for the World.

When there is no Light, 
there is only darkness.

Extinguish the Flame and you shall plunge yourselves into darkness.

            The darkness will
            come like an explosion
            or an exclamation point to 
            emphasize the nature of
            our sins.  Look to the East,
            My Children.  It comes
            from the light of the East
            and it grows hot like the
            burning coals in ash.  Do you
            see how men stir the waters
            and the earth cries out?

            Do you see the murders and
            My Heart is broken by
            such hatred.  Belovéd Children,
            do not make folly of your
            Time, but pray.  Only prayer
            can mitigate or contain the
            ruin and wreckage that
            comes.  Your faith will be
            sorely tested, and will
            your Hearts and eyes still
            be set faithfully, trustingly,
            singularly upon your
            Lord God or shall you
            turn away from Me in
            your despair and confusion.
            Know Me.  Know that I
            Am ever with you and
            make your faith strong
            that you do not waver.
            Your trust in Me saves
            you and I Love you.

            Do not bear witness to Man
            when their ears are closed
            and their eyes are set on
            the World and on gold and
            silver.  They cannot see
            and will not hear.  I say,
            those who speak in My
            Name will be mocked and
            abused. There will be
            detractors who will laugh
            and work to lessen your
            words and their power over
            My Children (is strong).  Do not be
            afraid.  My Servants are
            protected by the God who
            Loves them and I do not fail
            My Children who I Love.

            The detractors and defamers 
            are many and they are
            loud.  They are vicious and
            each of My Belovéd Servants
            must shield your Hearts
            and pray constantly.  I
            Am ever with you protecting
            your Hearts from darknesses
            and enemies.  The Spirit 
            of the One True God
            goes before each of you
            and paves the way when you
            face those who would deny
            your work for Me.  Your tongue
            will not be your own but
            the Spirit’s and many great
            things or events will happen.

            Thus, while your attackers
            will mock you and work
            to bring you down, My Works
            shall be carried forth like
            sweet air in a breeze and 
            will touch many souls.

Pray, Dearest Children.
Pray and build your faith in Me.
Your faith and trust in your Lord God and Father saves you.

Pray and search your Hearts for all iniquities 
that you may reconcile yourselves with Me 
and attain Greatest Mercies.

I grant such Mercies as a gift by My Precious Son’s Immense Love for each of you.

Children, pray.
You must keep vigil 
and be in constant prayer.

The World does much to distract you, 
yet I must be the larger of the two.
I Am the Lord God.

The Christ has prepared the path for you 
that you may see the Face of God in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Pray, then, for that is a stone on the path.

Pray, for prayers on your tongues are songs to My Heart which is Beneficent.

Pray the rosary especially to mitigate the catastrophes and havoc that come.

Pray, My Children, simply because you Love and Adore your Lord God.
How joyful these prayers make Me, 
and My Heart is filled with Joy.

Belovéd Children, peace.