The Lord of Love

By Linda Noskewicz

May 6, 2015


Wednesday, May 6, 2015  3:15 – 4:04 pm

I am in you as you are in Me.

Belovéd Children, I call to you perpetually 
and wait with great anxiety for My Children to answer.

Belovéd Children, do not lay in the lap of darkness.
Do you not see that is a foul and corrupt thing?
You wither within the darkness like a tree without Light.

Come to Me, My Children, 
for My Heart longs for you, each of you.

I cannot be placated except by or with your Love, Children.
I crave your Love as a man thirsts in the desert.

Do not withhold your Love from your God who Loves you so.
I have created you in My Blesséd and Bountiful image.
Your capacity for Love is so great, 
yet darkness douses the flame that brings your Love for Me to fruition.

Belovéd Children, you cannot be a stranger to the God who has created you from Love 
and with such Love that you might live knowing Love.

Do not despair, My Children, 
for My Love for you is ever present or ever existing 
and it only expands as you return My Love for Me.

Belovéd Children, be as One with Me, your Lord God who cherishes you 
and wants to give you great gifts.

My Love for you is larger than the skies 
and more endless than the stars.
It is deeper than the oceans you know, 
and yet, you do not grasp the amazing or strength of My Love for you.

My Love exceeds BIGNESS 
and it is incomprehensible to you.

When you Love and trust your Lord God and Father, 
you feel only what your Heart can hold, 
and I say to My Belovéd Children, you are fortified for even BIGGEST Love 
when you join Me in the Kingdom of Graces and Beatific Holiness.
[Our hearts will be bigger in Heaven, so we’ll be able to contain more love in them.]

My Love for you is so BIG, you cannot fathom it, Children.
I cannot describe its depths adequately that you might know, 
and yet, if My Bewildered and wandering Children
could have but a taste of the BIGNESS of My Love, 
surely their Hearts would explode with utter joy.

Your Hearts as they are cannot understand or feel BIGGEST Love in its entirety, 
and when you see the Face of your Lord God, 
how filled and glorious will you be!

You will be a vast container of BIGGEST Love 
and you shall know such joys and Love!

Beleaguered Children, do not turn away from your Lord God who Loves you.
There is not one hair on your heads that I do not cherish.
There is nothing you can do that will turn Me away from you.

I am not a God of rejection.
I am the Lord of Love 
and I grant you My Graces as you grow attentive to Me. [!!! The Lord of Love!!!  Wow!!]

Grow or become attentive to your Lord God.
Grow affectionate too.
Bathe in the Glory that is your Lord, the Christ whose Mercy for you is great 
and the passion of His Love ineffable as well.

My gentle and Belovéd Son is the Christ Jesus.
When you call out His name, 
call to Him in respect and Love and complete adoration.
He is your Lord and King of all Heavens and earth.

When you utter His Name, utter it in harmony with His Love for you.

Children, do not discard the Love your Savior holds for you.
Do not (curse) the One who saves you.

Instead worship Him with all that you are.
Do not let go of His Hand that seeks to lead you to Me, His Holy Father.
Follow the Son and you will find the Father.

Glorify My Belovéd Son, 
and know that you make My Eternal Heart swell with Love and gladness.

Do not treat My Son, the Blesséd and most Belovéd Jesus with disregard.
Do not dismiss His Love 
nor call His Name low.

Jesus the Christ is My Belovéd Son.
When your turn away from the Beatific, Beautiful, Loving Christ,
you turn away from your Lord God and Father.  
[It was as if there were no words good enough to describe Christ.  It is absolute Love.]

When I see your distaste or disrespect or hatred for My Son, 
My Heart aches and the Love I feel for you is endless, 
but I am the Lord God and My Displeasure is sorely felt 
by those who are embittered by My Son.

Love My Belovéd Children and through My Belovéd Son, the Christ, 
I grant My Mercy to you.
I am a compassionate Father 
and I am a just God.

When you reject Me, My Son, the Godliness that We are, 
surely My Door will be locked to you 
and your gifts shall be dispersed amongst many.

I do not save the weeds as I prune My Garden of Children.
I do not accept sour wines, 
but bestow only the best of drinks 
and place them upon My Table.

I do not invite strangers to My Home, 
for these are thieves who seek to harm.

Belovéd Children, follow My Belovéd Son, the Christ,
who has reconciled you with His Righteous Father. [HUGE, HUGE Love!]

He is your Redeemer 
and He Saves you from everlasting darkness.

Heed His calls.
Embrace Him with Love 
and place your full Hearts in His care.

Your Belovéd Lord brings good gifts to you 
and basks in the joy of your endless praise.
“Spoil” or be attentive to My Son with all of your Love.

We are One.
When you Love and praise My Son, 
you Love and praise the Father.

Do not lose yourselves to this World which is such a temporary moment.
Be Loving to every Sister and Brother you meet 
and extend the Love of the Christ to every one.

Belovéd Children, waste no time on that which is frivolous.
I call to you now.

I call for you to pray 
and be one with the Christ.

Do not delay, for such things come 
that you will wish that you had known Me 
with LARGEST Hearts and deepest Love.

Belovéd Children, it is not too late to heed the Blesséd calls of the Queen of Heaven, 
the Belovéd and Beatific Mother of Christ.
It is not too late to heed Her calls, My Children.

Look to Her, the Most Holy Queen 
to lead you to peace 
by showing you how to Love Her Belovéd Son, your Savior.

Such graces she bestows on those who grant Her their Love 
and whose Love is devoted utterly to Her Son, the Christ.

Heed the Holy Mother.
Heed Her words and pray.

How she Loves this World also 
and pleads with each of you to Love Her Belovéd Son with Great Passion and devotion.

Heed her calls, Children.

Belovéd Children, you close your eyes to the sins this World commits 
and grow deaf to My Cries.

I call to you and I am disregarded so easily by My Belovéd Children.
I say to you, Children, do not do this.

Do not deny your Lord God, 
for once you have entered the eternal blackness of Hell, 
I will know you no more.

Believe I am a Loving Father and a just judge.
There are consequences orpunishments or actions for sin.

Hear Me Children when I say this to be true.
Do not disbelieve in My Love nor in My Righteousness.
They are both worthy and available to My Belovéd Children.

Choose Love, My Children, and worry not about the Justice of your Lord God.

I am for you, Children, 
and give you every moment to be absolved of your sins 
by My GREATEST Love and Mercy.

Thus I say, come to Me and be clean again.
Do not delay, but run to Me as you run to Greatest Love.

Belovéd Children, I grant you My Peace.
Believe in My Words and have great peace.

Be prayerful and attentive, My Children.
I am with you.

Belovéd Children, I say, pray.
Be one with the Christ 
and know fully that you are most Belovéd by your Lord God and Father.

Peace, My Children.
Peace.  Peace.