Pray & Grow Stronger in your Faith For Me

By Linda Noskewicz

May 11, 2015


Father, You are my comfort.  When my internals have felt gross, I know You have been my Pepto-Bismol.  Holy medicine.  I wish I could go to sleep crawled up by Your feet as You sit in Your chair.  I see myself curled up below You often.  Just a lump.

Peace, Belovéd Children, is what I give to you today.
For it is with My Holy Peace 
that you in this World will find solace and refuge.

My Love is abundant.
I open My Arms to All of My Children.

Take heed, My Belovéds.
Do not leave your Lord God and Father in distress for your souls, 
which He/I crave so dearly.

Belovéd Children, I am free and generous with My Blessings to you.
Grasp My Eternal Love for you 
and know the joy or happiness of true peace.

My Peace is a peace that can be the result 
only of My Compassion and Love and Greatest Mercy.

Belovéd Children, when you come to Me, your Lord God and Father, 
I forgive all of your debts 
and embrace you with entire or intense (both) Love.

My Love for you, My Children, is boundless.
I cannot give you enough Love 
for My Desire to Love grows like a Light within your Hearts.

Open your Hearts to Me, My Children, 
and drown happily in the Blessings and Holiness of My Divine Love.

Children, when you give Me your Hearts, expect such Love in return.  
Your Hearts will be filled 
as they are not at present.

The containers of your Hearts that hold Love are small 
and you must make them larger.
Increase your capacity for Love, My Children.

There I see much anger and hatred amongst yourselves 
and against your very self.

Belovéd Children, Love your “self” as I do.
I have created you from Love, 
for Love, and to give Love.

Do you not know the Sacredness of My Creations?
You are one of the Creations I have placed specially in this World, 
and I ask you to Love all of My Creations.

Thus, do not wound Me, your Holy Lord and God the Father with self-hatred.

I weep for My Children 
who do not know the Love inside of their Hearts 
is for you as well.

Belovéd Children, Love Me and Love all those I have given Life.
Each Brother and Sister is a container of Love 
and your opportunity to fill their Hearts 
while increasing the capacity for Love of your own Blesséd Heart.

As I say, Love only grows.
It does not diminish.

My Love for you will never diminish.
I am incapable of un-Love.

Belovéd Children, ask for My Love 
and I bewilder you with the extent of My Love.

Come to Me, Children of this World.
Heed My Calls.

Belovéd Children, do not wait.
Do not sit on the edge of water 
pondering its depths or coldness.

You must be absolutely baptized in your Love for Me.

Belovéd Children, I see each of you 
and I cast a Loving Eye on all of My Children.
When you come to Me, your Lord God, 
expect Love, forgiveness, and great joy.

Do not avail yourself of temporal things, My Children.
I am first and shall always remain first 
as long as you Love Me faithfully.

Be attentive to My Son, the Lord Christ.
His Love has saved each of you from the calamity of endless darknesses.

You do not fathom the Brilliancy of His Love.
It is a brightest (Light) within your eyes.  [Like looking directly at the sun and being dazzled by its light]

My Belovéd Son, the Christ Loves each of you so.
He has redeemed each of you 
that you may find the path to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Follow the path of My Belovéd Son.
Live in Love and know that the Spirit guides you.

Open the ears of your Hearts, that you may hear His Calls.
That you may discern all that brings you anxiety.

Belovéd Children, I am your Lord God and Father.
I see much hatred and anger within your Hearts, 
the Hearts I made for Love.
There is no place with Me, that has hatred or anger.

Turn your Hearts over to Me 
and I shall sweep the unkindnesses and un-Love’s from your Hearts.

With Me, your anger will be cooled.
With Me, your hatred wanes 
and turns into Love, as it is supposed to be!

Belovéd Children , Love and pray greatly or often and with resounding praise.
Pray, My Children, 
and you will find comfort and Peace in My Heart.

I Love you, My Belovéd Children.
My Love is clear like water.
It is easy to know and feel.
Only open your Hearts to Me.

Be attentive to Me.
Do not wander from the Light of My Love.
I am your safe haven and livelihood.
I am your Lord God and Father.
Everything I do erupts with Love and is sourced by Love.

Do not disbelieve, My Children.
Your disbelief in My Love 
and your rejection of Me, 
wounds Me deeply.

Do not be frivolous with Time.
You know not when your Master shall return.

You do not know how to please 
your Master with your devotion 
if you do not know what your Lord accepts and does not accept.

Belovéd Children, become prayerful and be hasteful.
This you cannot and should not delay.
My Heart grows heavy with grief to see so few prayers   (those who are prayerful).

Belovéd Children, always pray 
and make Me the cornerstone of your lives.
I am not temporal and I am a Loving and just God.

Remember that Love and the Just exist together.
For My Love, there is no “middleness” or middle ground.

Heed My Words, Children.
Come to Me and be strong in your Love and trust for Me.
You will know, Children, 
that welfare of your lives is in the hands of prayers.

Belovéd Children, do not delay.
Things are about to become worse, or chaotic or frightful for you.
Find solace and comfort in prayer.

Do not cease praying in favor for the temporal.
Do not eat now when a feast is prepared for you.
Look forward to the celebratory feast and keep patient until then.
Do not give in to temporal cravings.


Cease sinning and pray.
Love your Brothers and Sisters and pray.
Be rid of your anger and hatred through prayer.

Your prayers are Heavenly songs in My Ear 
and I long to answer every prayer you make.

Belovéd Children, I give you My Loving Peace.

Pray, Belovéd Children.
I insist on this, 
for by your prayers you show Me your Love.

Pray, Belovéd Children.
Not only does it bring you solace, joy, and comfort here and now, 
but it also provides My Children a direct conduit to Me.

Heed My Calls.
You are being warned.

Pray, Children.
I Love your prayers.

Grow strong in your faith and Trust for Me, your Lord God.
You will be tested gravely, My Child.
Do not lapse in your devotions.
Soon a difficult test or thing or warning comes 
to open your eyes and ears to your Hearts to Me.

Prepare and Love Me.
Pray and Love Me.
Belovéd Children, I Love you 
and give you My Peace and Compassion.

Belovéd Children, come to Me now.
Answer My Calls now.

Peace, My Children.
Peace.  Peace.