I Desire to Give You Mercy

By Linda Noskewicz

May 26, 2015


Call to Me, My Children, and I answer.
Look or Turn to Me for Love and I am with you.
You cannot escape the BIGGEST Love of your Eternal Father 
who Loves each of you like no other.

You are My Precious Children, 
and My Love for you is unfathomable.
You shall see this and understand this fully and completely 
when I have called your name.

Surely you will be awed BIGLY by the Greatness or Fullness of My Eternal Love.

For I am Love 
and My Love for you never ceases.
I have Loved you before you were an entity or before you were born into this World 
and I created you with all that is beauteous in my Holy Eyes.

Seek Me out, Belovéd Children, 
and know the Glory and joy of a relationship, 
mutual relationship with your Lord God and Father.

You are meant for Me 
as I Am meant for you, My Children.
You are in Me as I am in you.
Where ever you shall be, I Am with you.

Belovéd Children, all of My Eternal Love is yours.
Come to Me, your Loving Father 
and imbibe in the Graces I give you.

Belovéd Children, do not delay.
Do not waste one more hour in distress or anxiety, 
for I am here.
I Am with you.

Call to Me and I place My Hand upon your Heart and issue you My Peace.

Oh, Belovéd Children, seek My Mercy.
It is a divine gift offered to you 
and will give you peaceful repose.

Believe in Me, gentle Children.
I am here and want your attention.
Be attentive to your Lord God whose Love for you is vaster than the oceans and skies.
I am for you, My Children.
Come to Me in repentance and I shall give you mercy.
My Hand of Judgment will be light, 
for My Mercy is given to you with all Love and adamancies and relief.

Oh, Belovéd Children, I desire to give you My Mercy. 
I long to show you My Compassion.
I want you to know deeply the blessing of My Forgiveness and All-consuming Love 
that I give each of you, even as you sin or even as you are in the state of sin.

Belovéd Children, what must I do to convince you of My Love?

Children, you are My Love.
I am with you always.
Come to Me.

Follow the divinity of My Belovéd Son, the Christ.

Children, His Love for you knows no boundaries.
He withholds nothing of His Sacred Heart from you.
He longs to feel His Love for you reciprocated by your Hearts.

Oh, Belovéd Children, do not wait.
Do not delay.
Do not harden your Hearts against your Lord God who Loves you.

My Belovéd Children, be thrifty with your Time.
Pay not attention to what is temporal.
Do not let the anxiety of this temporal World, 
this fickle World, to lay waste to your Belovéd Soul. 

Oh Children, if you could know and understand 
the fragility of your souls, 
how you would (weep and/or cringe) about your blacknesses 
and strive to see and consume and live within Light…the Light of My Most Belovéd Son.

The Son of Man is the Light of this World.

Know that in blackness, your souls are at risk.
You cannot pretend at attentiveness,
for I am a jealous God and Lord.
I want your Hearts to be fully with Me always.

Do not fall into the ways or momentum of this World, 
one that it lays before you.
Choose instead to herald My Ways 
and march forth in the glorious Light of My Love.

Oh Belovéd Children, be attentive to Me.

Belovéd Children, pay to Me all of your attention, 
for My Belovéd Son, the Christ… has redeemed Mankind in My Holy Eyes, 
and I wish to give you My Peace 
and the great joy of being a child of God in your knowledge of Me.

Oh Belovéd Children, My Sacred Heart breaks 
as I see the hatreds within this World.
Your eyes see evil, are privy to great evils 
and even as you see these things before you, I cry out for you.

Close your eyes to the evils and darknesses around you.
Do not have your inner souls succumb 
to the fervor and fear and inhumanity of This World.

Your life begins in the Life hereafter, 
thus, every complaint and every pain and every issue becomes nothing, 
for when you are with Me, I am with you 
and your anxiety and distress wrought forward from the annals of this World flee from you.

Your anxiety evaporates 
and your Soul is made HUGELY joyful 
in the knowledge of Me and My GREAT Love.

Children, you are My Creations 
and I Love each of you more than you can ever know.
Give to Me your very Hearts.
Give to Me all of your trust.

I am for you and I do not wound the Hearts of My Belovéd Children.

            Belovéd Children, much
            comes and I want you
            to prepare.  Pray,
            My Belovéds, for the 
            prayer of so many is
            weak and too many
            of My Belovéd Children
            find My Glorious Love
            tiresome.  The Master 
            opens the door to His
            Home to those He knows
            and who know Him.
            The Master will not
            open His Door to admit

Think on this, My Children 
and understand that your dismissiveness of My Love 
costs your soul.

Rejecting My Love is like rejecting air as you drown.
Rejecting My Great Love for you is a blasphemy 
and why shall you hurt your Loving God and Father?

Children of this World, hear My Calls.
You must come to Me to be saved.

Today you wonder ‘from what will I be saved’?

Children, I long to show you Eternity 
but you will not know it yet 
and thus your Hearts remain hardened against Me.

Belovéd Children, I call to you.
I call to you.
Hear My Call(s) 
and ignore them not.

Oh Belovéd Children, trust in your Lord God, your Savior, the Christ.
Through Him you are given Peace and Forgiveness.

Those who My Son Loves, I Love.
And those whom I Love, My Son also Loves.

We are One in unity and extend Our Love like the Greatest oceans’ waves in the sea.

Belovéd Children, acknowledge Me 
and know the safety and comfort of My Love.

Oh Children, you must pray.
To deny Me is to deny prayer 
and this World, with its future that comes unbearably close, 
must know prayer.

Believe in this, My Children.
Prayer is your guard against all evils.
Pray and discernment is yours.

Pray and I answer your prayers, 
for I am ever with you 
and will Love you endlessly and unconditionally.

Every Child in this World is precious to Me.
Come and call out to Me.
I will lift you up.

Belovéd Children, I bid you to pray heartily and with constancy.

Belovéd Children, how I Love you.
Pray, My Children and know peace by prayer.

Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace.
Peace, Children.  Peace.