Do Not Delay

By Linda Noskewicz

September 30, 2015

Trust in Me, oh Children of this World. I seek to forgive My Belovéd Children and not smite you or them in anger. I am your Heavenly God and Father and I offer to fill your Hearts with My Peace. Do not be troubled, Little Ones, for I am for you and I long to pour My Love and Mercies out upon you. Belovéd Children, do not play at Loving Me, but give Me your truest and utter devotion. I Long for you. I long for your Love, Belovéd Children.

Come to Me, your Lord God, and stay by My Side. Your souls are holy things and fragile. Your souls need or beckon or crave the strength of My Pure Love or Pure and Bountiful Love. Even as the stars gaze upon you, My Eyes are more intensive still. I watch each of you so carefully like the buds of seeds first planted. I take such joy in you, My Children, and I want you to know My Joy. Be with Me, Children, and be ever-prayerful. How I Love each of you so well.

Belovéd Children, there comes a time soon when you shall be tested. I am with you in all things. Do not be afraid, but open your eyes to My Glory and the Glory of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who Loves you also. Do not delay, for this dismays Me. You must be ready as prayerful Children and Loving Servants. I offer such compassion and Mercy to each of you. Grasp these in your hands, quickly My Loves. You do not throw away a feast before you. I am the Feast. The Lamb is your host. Come and nourish your souls with the Glory of God, the Father, the Son, and the One who extends before us.

Belovéd Children, watch, wait. I am all around you, yearning for your Love. I thirst for you. Answer My Loving Calls and be One with your Lord God and Father. Do not doubt the Glory of My Presence. Do not doubt the answers or the answers I give you by your prayers. With great confidence, submit yourselves to Me and know with full understanding what it is to have Love and be filled by Love and the sheer joy and Glory of My Sacred Love. Your prayers, My Children, are songs offered to the whole of Heaven. You cannot guess or know at the power of your prayers. I listen with bended ear and kiss your brow gently each day as you pray.

Belovéd Children, do not fail in offering Me your Love, for My Love is for you and time is short. You do not know when the Master comes. Will I find your Heart readied for Me or shall your(s) be darkened without My Light in it. Oh Belovéd Children, you cannot live without Loving My Belovéd Son, the Christ. He saves each of you by His Boundless Love for you. His Mercy is a countless bounty, paid in His Blood, in the Blood of His Most Sacred of all Hearts. Thus, Love the Lord Jesus with all of your Hearts.

To dismiss Him is a grievous sin. Do not denounce My Belovéd Son, the Christ I say to you, those who denounce the Christ shall live or endure an Eternity of utter darkness and pain. I am the Lord God and Father. I do not lie to My Children, as I am ever pure, ever Holy, ever Loving. I AM and has been and will be. Trust in Me that you will inherit the Kingdom where My Son sits in repose, waiting hopefully, so hopefully for your Love.

Children of the Christ, you will be tested. I say this again to urge you to pray in all things. If you are offered an ounce of gold, do you not take that which has been proffered. When you are given sweet water to drink, to aid you on your journey, do you not drink and not pour it into the sands before you?

Oh Belovéd Children, where are your Hearts. The Name of My Belovéd Son is spat upon by wolves and the innocents who follow. Do not be misled, My Belovéd Children. Know what is dark and what is light or what brings you to My Light. Step on the path that the Sacred and Beatific Christ has set forth before you. Labor under the rules of your Lord God knowing your compensation will be thousands times more than you know.

Children, know Me and know this to be true. You have not long to wait. I shall send the Glory of your Lord God in the Spring and no man or woman or child shall be left standing. In that hour, My Wayward Children shall long for Me. My Prayerful Children will weep and rejoice in My Name. Thus, I say to All of My Children, come to Me. Come to know Me. Pray and feel the strength of My Love. I do not abandon My Belovéd Children and I will answer your every call. But know I am not an intrusive God, even as I long for your Hearts.

Belovéd Children, I say this thrice. Prepare in prayer before the day of atonement arrives and your eyes are blinded by the penchants of this World. Call out to Me and My Hand takes yours. I hold it to My Very Heart that you should know the audacity and enormity of My Love. Precious Children, pray. Prayer strengthens you as it strengthens your relationship with your Lord God of Heaven. Belovéd Children, I bid you peace this day and always and long to hear your prayers.