Embrace Me

By Linda Noskewicz

October 5, 2015


Belovéd Children, embrace Me and My Love for you, for your Time is short.  Do not think this World goes unnoticed and the sins within it.  I am your Holy and Beatific Father.  I am the Lord God.  You cannot take My Laws in vain or lightly.  Belovéd Children does catastrophe open the eyes of those who I offer Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.  Why will you not turn to Me in Peace?  I am the One who has Created you.  There is no other who can Love you more.  Believe Me when I say to you, Time is short and your sins are great.
Do not suffer Me to banish or hurt this World that I Love so dearly.  Belovéd Children, a Time comes soon when you will Long for Me as I long for you.  It will be a barren Time and so many shall weep for it.  Do not take this or Me lightly.  I am the Lord God and Mercy and Judgment are Mine.
Belovéd Children, turn to the West and see the sky alight with Fire.  See what it brings and how the World trembles by its pangs or destruction.  Belovéd Children, I am for you.  Be for Me.  Be with Me.  Do not wait until the final hour to attend to Me.  I am greater than gold.  I am ever powerful and Eternal.  I AM LOVE.  Love exists always and swells with growth.
Gentle Children, praise My Belovéd Son, the Christ.  He weeps so.  He sees the darkness in this World and Our Hearts or We cringe from what We see.  I Love you and will help you whenever you call out to Me, but call out to Me.  I am unobtrusive even as I long to be with every Child of Mine.  Belovéd Children, see as the poor grow poorer still.  There will be countless destitution in this World and countries will not eat or will not have food.  I show you the way, but you must be prayerful and faithfully worship the Most Holy and Beatific, the Lord Christ.
Who but the hardest or darkest can refuse My Belovéd Son their Love?  Woe is the man or woman who dismisses the Christ without thought.  Woe are the Children who seek the darkness of un-Love and that which I am not.  Do you not see, Belovéd Children, that you cannot live in both Light and darkness?  They do not coexist but repel the other.  Walk in the Light of My Love.  Walk with the Beatific Christ.  Be rich in your faith in Him, ever trusting in His Love.
Belovéd Children, you cannot be frivolous with your Time.  There will come a Time where all that is Holy, all that is taken for granted, will no longer be available.  It will be with great search(ing) that My Belovéd Children shall find the Eucharist.  Claim this gift now.  Strengthen your Spirit by communing with the Lord Christ Jesus.  You cannot live without Him.  Belovéd Children, know that the pit of fire and the duplicity of evil and the stench of hell are all too real.  Do not doubt this, for so many of My Belovéd Children have doubted and fallen.  I weep with such amazing depths of sadness to lose but only one soul.  It is as if to lose a million Children all at once and lays waste to My Grieving Heart.[Words were not enough to explain or describe His pain] 
Thus, I say, Children, do not take My Love for granted.  I am for you and Long to have you with Me always.  I am the Lord God.  I reign over time and place and all things Heavenly and earthbound.  Have Loving confidence in My Will for you always, and I shall guide you rightly.  The path of the Christ is a difficult path but is made for you to reach Me in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Place yourselves in My Eternal hands and trust in Me.  The Christ Jesus longs to dote on you and provide even more Love in your consciousness.  Children, do not reject that (He) who is Blesséd, Holy, Loving, and Eternal.  Do not reject everlasting Life, My Children.  I have said the darkness and Light cannot exist together.  Thus you must choose.  Are you for your Lord God or are you against your Lord God.  Will you Love My Belovéd Son, the Christ and as such, Love His Father, or will you spurn His Love.
Belovéd Children, do not let your pride lead you to false gods.  You go astray and do not believe.  I am not tested, and yet I shall offer up a sign that Humanity will see the Glory of the Christ.  Choose Me.  Choose My Son, for you do not know when Heaven shall fall through to the earth.  You do not know when the Master comes.  You are but fragile things left in a World that can crush you.  Come to Me and understand the state and nature of your World.  Come to Love Me, Belovéd Children, and know My Fullest Peace.  Peace, Belovéd Children.  It is with Peace that I ask you to pray.  Submit your prayers to Me, Dearest Ones.  I hear your prayers and speak My Words to you.  Take faith into your Heart and know I am ever with you.  Thus I say peace.
The last three sentences seemed to be for a Kathy or Kathleen.  Not sure why.