Your Homes Are Your Hearts

By Linda Noskewicz

October 7, 2015


Tuesday, October 7, 2015 2:59 pm – 3:29 pm
Choose Me, Belovéd Children.  Choose Me.  The Heart within Me is enlarged or emboldened by your Love.  When you call out to Me, My Heart swells with joy.  My Love is Holy and life-giving.  Thus, I say choose Me.  Run away from the darknesses that are always around My Belovéd Children.  How they fight for your attentions.  Pray to Me, your Lord God on High and know the joy and consolation of My Love.
Belovéd Children, do not wander from Me.  You are for Me as I am for you.  My Belovéd Children do not belong to or in darkness.  Come to Me, My Children, before it is too late.  Your lanterns must have oil to light the path for your Master.  A calf must be slaughtered that your Master should eat.  A bed must be made ready, that you will welcome your Master home and bid Him rest.  Oh, Belovéd Children, your homes are your Hearts and you are not ready for your Master’s arrival.  When will you make yourselves worthy for His Call?
Belovéd Children, I have said to you many Times, do not be frivolous with your Time.  Turn to Me and submit yourselves and your Love to Me.  I am the first and shall be the last and I am the One.  You cannot have Eternal Life when you do not Love or acknowledge (Me) in this life.  This life that is so fleeting is so very important, My Children.  Your dismissal of My Son and the Love and Mercy or Gifts He offers is blasphemy of the blackest nature.  Do not dismiss the Love of your Lord Christ, My Belovéd Son.  His Mercy is Beatific and His Love for you stronger and deeper than all of the heavens you attempt to count.  You cannot fathom the Love of the Christ, for He is the Lord God of Mercy and We call out to each of you as One Loving Heart.
Oh, Belovéd Children, Time is so short.  You will face many fears or disasters and you must pray faithfully to mitigate those things that are fearful.  Belovéd Children, the choice is in your hands.  Choose Me, for I am Love and know every minute detail of your face, your life, your ills, your future, and all that you have done.  Come to Me now, for I offer you My Compassion and forgiveness.  Face Mercy that you will be armed with a buffer or a gentle intercessor when just judge comes to you.
Belovéd Children, pray.  Understand My Call.  Do not dismiss My Words of warning, for they are Mine and each soul that is thrown into the Pit of fire brings My Heart to tears.  The whole of Heaven weeps to lose but ONE CHILD.  Do not fall into this pit.  I do not wish to weep for My Children.  Only to celebrate your Love for Me by My Love for you.
Belovéd Children, all that is said will come to pass, and on the day of Mercy, so shall this World know My Glory or the Glory of the Christ.  You shall be the one (who) weeps on this day, for the Glory of My Belovéd Son is ineffable and unquestionable.  No person on this earth will look away from His Glory and We shall be One in Our Love for you.

Look to the East and see what dwells there.  Look to the West and know there is fire there.  Look to the skies and be bewildered by the rocks that fall and the storm that rises above the seas.  See the Glory of the Christ, for in His Glory shall He break through ALL darknesses and those who have heeded the Word of God shall be joyous.  And those who have denied the Love of God shall wail in fear and with self-pity.  Thus, long for Me as you are prayerful.
Pray, Little Children, for your prayers are powerful and beautiful to Me.  Know this to be true.  When the sun rises and you pray, I place such marvelous blessings upon you.  Focus only and always on your Love for Me, your Lord God and Father and you shall know the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand.  Pray and be at peace in your Hearts, for I am with you, My Prayerful Ones.
Belovéd Children, call out to others, your brethren, and lead them to Me.  Shine the Light of My Love into their Hearts and eyes that they will know and recognize Me, their Lord God.  Let them know and recognize the Glory of the Christ through great prayer and Love.  Of all things, do not dismiss the Love of the Christ.  Do not dismiss His Love.  He is Mercy itself and stands between you and cold justice as you die.  Do not take His Love for granted.  Love My Belovéd Son fully with all of your Hearts, with humbled Souls.  He is My Belovéd Son, and only those who come by My Belovéd Son shall know the face of God the Father.  Belovéd Children, have My Peace as you pray and pray faithfully Belovéd Ones.  You know not when your Master shall return.  Look or anticipate the Glory of the Lord Christ and weep within His Merciful and Loving presence.  Be prayerful, Children, and make yourselves ready, for you are beholden to the Son of Man, My Belovéd Son, the Christ.  Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace.