God's Awesome Glory... In His Words

By Linda Noskewicz

October 20, 2015


Tuesday, October 20, 2015
When I pray the Divine Mercy, I am ashamed to even ask for Your forgiveness Father, because it is at the expense of Your Son’s torture and death.  It hurts.  I picture Steve in Jesus’ place but only for a moment because my heart can’t take it.  I can’t take the idea of someone causing that kind of pain to the one I love.  I think, even though You know everything, that what You saw happening to Jesus hurt You very badly.  I think You may have cried like I always do when I see it.  Then, after knowing humans were the ones that tortured and killed Your Son – the Son of God who was a kind and gentle person – and then to ask You for mercy for the sake of Jesus’s terrible death….I am ashamed to lay His broken body before You as my sort of “key to forgiveness.”  I feel as if I am saying, “Okay, Your Son died so I could benefit.  Let me in!”
What might be even worse is that I know I don’t live my life in the way that would at least honor Jesus’ Sacrifice for me.  I figure, if someone drowned while saving me from drowning, shouldn’t it (or wouldn’t it) be a duty from thankfulness and respect for me to live my life in a way that would make that person glad to have saved me?  And at least provide their family with some consolation?  And know the answer to that, how come I don’t easily do that for Jesus who saved my butt from drowning in hell for all eternity??  What am I?  Stupid??  I can’t seem to reconcile my inability to do this with the logic behind it….


3:07 – 3:38 pm
Oh Belovéd Children, I am with you at all times.  I am with you and adore everything of you.  You are My Perfect Creations and I long to have your Love.  Sweetest Children, how you worry for no reason.  Give to Me your lives and you have no concerns that will eat at your Hearts.  For I lift your burdens from you and place My Loving Peace into your frail and desperate Hearts.  I am here.  I am with you.  Know this to be true.  Rely completely upon your Lord God and Father.  I am Love and My Feeling for you, My Love, is pure, ever-lasting and Life giving.  You cannot have Life without Me.
Children, come to Me in your darkest hours.  Cry out to your Father who Loves His Children unconditionally.  Cry out to Me and I will answer with great joy and with a wholeness of Heart and Love that will bowl you over.  My Love is BIG!  It is for you.  Do not dismiss or reject this marvelous, amazing, unfathomable gift of Love I offer to you.  My Love is deep and fathomless.  You cannot understand the very content or context of My Love.  I am Glory and Holiness and Joy and Love.  When you call out to Me, your ever Loving Father and Eternal God, I will crush mountains for you.  I will wash away oceans and down entire forests.  When you call to Me in your weakest hours, I am your powerful shield and protective sword.
Children, believe Me when I say, your prayers to Me, regardless of their forms or format(?) are powerful.  You are speaking to your Loving Creator, the Lord God of the Heavens, the Eternal One.  Believe this, My Children.  I have created the skies and suns and pebbles and air.  I have created great things and small things.  I have counted the very details within your bodies and the details of every plant you see.  I am a Mighty Creator and I am Love.
Belovéd Children, believing this as you must, do you not think your Most Powerful, Most Eternal, Most Belovéd Lord God and Father will not listen to the prayers of the Children I Love more deeply than you will ever fathom, and not crush mountains that block your path or not move oceans that you may eat of their fish?  When you are in need, look to Me!  I am your Lord God and Father and I Long for your Love.  I am ready, anxiously waiting for your calls.  Children, the Love of a parent is a sacred gift.
Being told this, how much more Sacred and powerful is the Love of your Eternal God and Father.  Your parent would provide your children gifts.  I provide My Children great gifts!  I long to give you such graces!  Oh Children, come to Me, your Lord God and Father.  Can you not guess at My anxiety over you?  Can you not see or understand the fear I have orthe worry I have over My Belovéd Children?!
You are merely Children.  You need the Love, protection, guidance of your Holy God and Eternal Father.  Grasp this.  It is My Eternal Gift to you.  You need only come to Me.  Call out to Me.  Say My Name.
Belovéd Children, My Belovéd Son, the Christ, longs to fill your aching Hearts with His Gentle Love and peace.  Do not deny the Christ this.  Do not deny His Love for you.  His Heart is made wretched when Hi is denied your Love and affection.  His Love for you is boundless and unconditional.  He is your Saving Grace and opens the door to My Mercies.  My Belovéd Son is all-Merciful.  His Mercy stems from His Absolute and Total Love for each of you.  Thus, I say, do not deny the Love of the Christ.  Those of My Children that deny His Love will find My Love denied as well.  I am the Lord God and I Love My Children.  I Love My Most Belovéd Son and it is through Him that you come to Me.
I am not a difficult or complex God and Father.  I seek your Love, your praise, your respect.  When you Love and praise and show homage to the Son of God and Man, you Love and praise and honor God the Father, Eternal God and Mighty One.  Believe this to be true, My Children.  You cannot dismiss the Christ.  You must not dismiss His Love or defend yourselves with the weights of this World.  It is a sorrowful choice when My Belovéd Children place the temporal before the spiritual.  See to your priorities, Children!
I am Love.  There is no reason in doing so (choose other than Him).  Love My Belovéd Son, the Christ.  Worship Him at His Feet! Humble yourself before Him and find the consolation you crave in His Own Sacrifice.  Belovéd Children, who will not humble himself before the One who is Eternal and Sacred who humbled His Sacred Self before Man?  Do not deign to place yourselves above the Christ.  Do not be so uppity or foolish or all-consumed, self-consumed as to do this, for you cannot.
Your Lord God and Father desires you to Love His Belovéd Son.  To do this brings great joy to Me and My Love for you swells in My Heart.  When one person, one Child denies the Christ, he is led away from Me and endangers himself with the perish-ment (perishing) of his Eternal Soul.  Belovéd Children, know this with all of your Hearts.  Your Life as you live it is vastly essential or crucial or important.  You have a choice before you that you have only one Time to make.  That is to choose Me or choose that which is not Me.  One will bring peril.  I shall envelop you in Merciful Love.  I have said this and now will request again all of your Hearts and your constant prayers.
I say, pray My Children.  Recall, your prayers will crush mountains beneath your feet and move the paths of great waters.  Be faithful and joyous in your Love for Me.  Trust Me in all things, for My Will for you is Loving and Merciful.  Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace in all of your Hearts.  Feel this as you choose every day, Me.