Be Attentive!

By Linda Noskewicz

October 26, 2015


Monday, October 26, 2015 3:04 – 3:39 pm
Belovéd Children, I wish to be one with you.  You are My Belovéd Creations and you are meant for Me.  I forgive you for all of your iniquities, but you must come to Me as the shamed son returns to his father.  I am the ultimate Father, for I am glory and Love and Eternal.  Love Me, My Children.  Be for Me.  I ask you to pray for it is through your prayers that you learn more of My Great Love for you.  I hear your prayers, My Loves.  I hear your prayers and answer you with great hope and longing.  Give your Hearts over to the One who knows you best and Loves you best.
I am the Lord God and Father.  All is forgiven by My Great Love for you.  You need only come to Me.  Ask for redemption and it is yours.  The Christ has paved the way to Heaven for you because He is Love and His Love for you is beyond measure.  You cannot fathom the reality and beauty and fullness of His Love.  He is My Belovéd Son and as such, I say, worship Him.  Worship the Christ with all of your Hearts and with many oblations.  He craves your Love, the Love of every man, woman, and child.  He leads you to Me because He has given His Life that you may receive My Mercy.
Blesséd is My Most Belovéd Son, the King of Heaven and earth.  You cannot come to the Father without knowing intimately, My Belovéd Son.  He is the Christ Jesus.  Say His name with great Love.  Love Him from all the depths of your Hearts and Minds.  Do not turn His Love away.  To do so means only an Eternity of Darkness and pain, for it is an eternity without Me, your Lord God.
I say to you, My Cherished Children, I am a merciful Father and a Just God.  You cannot make folly of My Laws.  You cannot betray your Eternal God and not expect the consequences or punishments.  The child does not make the decisions for his parents or father.  The child does not choose its own direction.  The child is obedient to his parents because the child knows his parents are filled with Love for him.  He trusts in and Loves his parents.  So it must be with Me.  My Children do not run the whole of My Creation.  I have made you from My Own Love and have pulled each of you forward from within My Heart.  Thus, you are a part of Me and you are meant for Me.  You are Mine.  Choose Me, Stubborn Children.  I give you such mercies and blessings.
Can you not see the errors you commit?  The sinfulness of your lives?  You cannot come to Me without repentance and sorrow in your Hearts.  I long to give My Mercy and Love to you, but you must choose Me.  Belovéd Children, do not ignore what is so clearly before you.  The Son of Man clings to you in the hope that each of you shall open your eyes to Him and His Love.  Belovéd Children, do not cast darkness upon your Souls by spitting upon the Love of the Christ.  It is a grave sin, and the Father adores and Loves His Son so bewilderingly.  When you insult the Son, you insult the Father.  When you wound the Son, you are wounding His Father.  For We are One in Our Love for you and it is only through My Belovéd Son that you are saved and given Glory in Heaven.
See the World in its spinning air.  You cannot know the devastation that comes.  When you think you are safest behind your door, it is then when the thief comes.  Do not be over assured of your Souls, My Belovéds.  If you are inattentive to your Lord God and father, what Mercy and Justice shall you call upon as your own?  Belovéd Children, I long for you, and there are consequences or ramifications for your folly.  Your human eyes are blinded by folly and you do not see what is ahead of you.  I am the Creator of Heaven and earth.  When I command, the winds will blow.  The earth shall expel the vulgarities of this World and its great sins, for the sins of Mankind are great.
Storms of fire come to you and so much ceases to be.  A fire rolls down hills and into cities and crops and into homes and through the sky.  You shall see fire everywhere you cast your eyes, and then shall your eyes, the eyes of the Soul be opened to My Love and wrath.  Belovéd Children, I protect My Adoring and consistent Children.  I protect those who have called out to Me and who have spent their time wisely, giving the Lord God may oblations.  I see to My Children who have been attentive and linger over all they shall face.  Inattentive Children, I Love you, but your Time grows short.  I am a good and Loving Father, and I do not stand aside to watch My Belovéd Children become fodder for darkness.
I call to you who are lost.  I call that you shall follow the sound of My Voice.  Come to Me now.  Choose Me.  What comes will be difficult even when I am with you.  To dismiss My Love and support is to make that which only burned a little erupt into the heat of a thousand flames.  One is a difficulty.  The other is complete agonies.  Children, I am for you as you are for Me.  Know this to be true.  I say your eyes shall be opened and you shall see the Glory of God before all of Mankind and still, so many will depose or reject My Love.  You are given choice, and I want for you to choose rightly.  Choose Me, your Lord God who Loves each of you.  Every piece of your body, the details of your eyes and veins.  You are made of Me, Love, by Love and for Love.  Take My Love into your Hearts and be faithful to My Will.  Trust in your Lord God and all is good.  All is palatable, and you are saved.
Belovéd Children, worship your redeemer whose Love for you is Great.  Do not discount Him or His Sacrifice for all men.  He is to be worshipped as God, for He is God and is One with the Father.  It is through My Belovéd Son that you come to Me.  Thus Children, do not wait to come to your Lord God.  Do not wait.  Be fully Mine in your Love.  I want your entire Hearts for My Own that I will be ever first in your Hearts and eyes.
Belovéd Children, pray and be attentive to your Lord God and Father who Loves you.  Be attentive, My Children, and pray.  All things that come to the earth, their destruction and violence are mitigated by your prayers.  Believe this to be true.  The fire comes.  Mitigate its fury with great prayer and k now and understand the reality of My Mercy.  Belovéd Children, I give you peace, this day and all others.