Children of Zion

By Linda Noskewicz

August 12, 2016

Oh Children, My Love for you is abundant and I long to carry you in My Love with your full willingness.  I am the Lord God and Father, and I Love each of you so immensely.  Turn to Me and My Love, and know Eternal Joy, Peace, and Greatest Love.  Come to Me by your Love and prayers to My Belovéd Son, Christ Jesus, whose Heart is filled with Love and Mercy for this World.  He has set a sure path to Me and My Love by His Loving and miraculous, BIG HOLY Sacrifice.  Another act of Love has never been so BIG, WONDROUS, Opportunity, Abundance.
I am the Lord God and I long for My Children’s Hearts.

Hear Me, Children of Zion, for your sins are many and My Judgment of you just.  Do not be fooled by the patience and trickery of the darknesses before you.  I am not an intrusive Father and God, even with My Immense Love and Longing for you.  Be aware, My Belovéd Children, that darknesses are intrusive.  They long to take My Belovéd Children from Me and wreak havoc upon your Souls.

Belovéd Children, hold the hand of My Belovéd Son, Christ Jesus, for your Souls are so weak and fragile.  Garner strength to avoid sin by deepest prayers and great Love for the Lord Jesus Christ.  When you praise the Son, you praise the Father, and when you denounce the Son, so do you denounce the Father.  And where shall you be when the gates to Heaven are closed before all darknesses?  My Kingdom is perfection in grace, and no sin is within, for My Heart is Love and I Love each of you and want each of you with Me Eternally.  I do not abide by sin, My Belovéds.  You cannot enter the sanctuary when your clothes are amuck and your hands and feet unclean.  You cannot step into the Kingdom of God when there is sin sitting upon your breast.  Belovéd Children, seek out My GREAT Love and Mercy.  It is a gift, a Loving gift to you and yet so few of My Belovéd Children reach out to Me to take this gift of Love.

Oh, Wandering Children, do not allow yourselves to become overwhelmed by the vanities and destruction of this temporal World.  Instead, turn your eyes toward My Son, the Christ who adores you so BIGLY.  Turn to Him, for His Love and Compassion are Eternal and do not fade.  My Love is not temporal.  It is BIG and Eternal.  Choose My Love and forgiveness that you may live in Eternal Love, joy, holiness.

I am made joyful by your earnest prayers, My Children.  All that you say and pray, I heart with anxious and attentive ears.  Trust in Me, for My Will for you is always correct and Loving.  I do not lead My Children to that which is poison to your Souls.  You are My Belovéd Children, and I am your Ever-Loving Father.  How I long for My Children to be joyful and filled with Peace.  How I Long for My Children to turn your Hearts over to Me.

I am Life and Love and I AM always and Eternal.  I cannot reduce My Love for you but expand it.  My Love is BIG and unending.  Belovéd Children, , treat your Belovéd Souls carefully, for they are fragile and easily succumb to sin or the temptation of sin.  Look to Heaven and all that is Holy and Eternal.  Do not succumb to momentary pleasures that lead you to sin.  Instead, pray to your Most Loving God and I grant you such sweet joy and peace.

As you draw yourselves closer into My Loving Heart, the joy you found in the temporal is replaced by a Spiritual, deep, BIG inner joy that I give to you as a gift of your Love and faith.  Do not settle for one piece of gold when you might be given a chest-full if your work is done.

Children, the Lamb of God is before you, longing for your Love, trust and devotion.  Bring your Hearts into the Sacred Heart of Love and be overwhelmed by the sheer Holiness, miraculous-ness of His Great Love.  Give yourselves over to Him.  How He longs for your Love as the Father longs for your Love.

Belovéd Children, prepare your Hearts with prayer and devotions and the sanctity of the Eucharist.  There comes a span of Time when all that is the most Holy of Holies will be hidden or taken or prevented from being with you and where shall your Hearts be without solid faith and trust grounding or tying or tying or binding yourselves to My Heart?

Children, this World is not immune to the punishments of its core, for the World rumbles in protest, and when once there was day, there is night and when there was singing, it is now wailing, and where there was joy will be anguish.  Belovéd Children, prepare your Hearts with constant prayer.  Without prayer, you are weak and an easy target for darknesses.  You are easily taken and easily wounded.  Thus, I say, guard your Souls adamantly and pray to your Lord God who Loves you so well.

Belovéd Children, do not disbelieve.  I am a Loving Father and a Just God.  You cannot sin and be dismissive of consequences, for they exist and to shut your eyes to this or to deny this is to wound your Souls near permanently.  You cannot deny your Lord God, nor can you dismiss My Belovéd Son, the Christ, and be Saved.  Belovéd Children, turn to Me.  Turn to My Love and compassion.  I am ready and anxious to give you My Holy and cleansing Forgiveness.  My Love and Mercy are such AMAZING, ASTOUNDING, IMMEASURABLE GIFTS!  Do not deny your Souls these gifts.  Do not deny yourself My Great Love!

Belovéd Children, Love.  Turn to Me with Love.  Love My Belovéd Children and bestow your own Love and mercies to one another.  Belovéd Children, My Heart swells with joy when you are forgiving and Loving Children.
Garner your strength by your prayers.  I am always with you and ever hopeful, ever waiting to hear the cries and prayers and words of your Souls.  Belovéd Children, I Love you and today bestow My Peace upon you.  Pray and joy is yours.  Pray and your Souls come to the Eternal with joy.  Pray, and My Holy Guidance is yours.  Pray and increase your Love and trust in Me.  Peace, Belovéds.  Peace.