Who Do You Follow?

By Linda Noskewicz

August 22, 2016

Father, my brain and heart are too small. How can any of us keep up with Your expectations and Love?

Belovéd Child, I do not expect you to match My Love and Intimacy. I AM and all that I am is Love and you are so Belovéd and small and I am so infinite in My Love. I am the Eternal and all that I am is yours. Belovéd Child, you are Mine as I am yours. Do not reject your Love of Me. Do not denounce your attempts of Love, for I see each strand or particle of Love you offer. Even in your fear and doubt, your tentative Love touches Me. You are not perfect and I do not expect perfection. There is only One True God, and I Am and perfection is Mine. It is not that which is pompous or credit worthy or expected to be held in hard and high regard. [Ours – our love cannot be conceited or boasted about.] My Love is gentle and incongruent to what you understand. I need no fidelity or circumspect or acknowledgement to be utterly Love. I am of and full with Myself and I am ever Love. BIG beyond tangible.

Belovéd Children, My Greatest wish is that you come to Me. You need not come to Me as (as if a) prisoner. You must come to Me in faith and joy. I do not force My Will upon My Belovéd Children. Thus, you stray by your own wills. Belovéd Children, Love and cherish and value the Love of your Lord God and the saving Sacrifice of the Christ Jesus. Love Him, the Christ, now, today, for soon the Blessings of His Gift shall fall away and those who doubt shall fall and those who believe those who doubt shall crumble to dust. Thus, I say, Love and pray and adore or support those who are most holy and guided by the Spirit. Do not follow those who reject others. Follow those who shall know what I accept and what I do not accept. For there are many who shall guide My Belovéd Children astray. Heavy is My Heart, for these men shall suffer seven times over what a sinner shall for their faulty and ignoble guidance. Pray for those who have gone astray, for they guide My Flock awry. Their souls endanger the Souls of their flocks or followers and it brings sorrow to My Heart.

Do not wait to come to Me, My Children. Do not discern with the Worldly eyes you use. Discern by prayer the title of your Hearts. You will be blinded otherwise, and thus, if you do not pray, you shall not understand and when the dark is light and light is dark; thus shall your confusion hinder you in an hour of great need. Only, turn to your Eternal Father who Loves you, and I give you succor and recompense.

Belovéd Children, you cannot know the grains of Time which I create. I am here now and ever was and ever shall be. Too big with Love for My Belovéds to comprehend. Thus, I say, you must trust in your Heavenly Father who Loves you like no other and be obedient to My Word in your trust. I do not lead My Belovéd Children to danger or waste. I protect you and bring you to the fullness of Life. Trust in Me and follow My Heart and Will.

Belovéd Children, you are not privy to all or to that which awaits you or that what comes. Why will you wait for the violent storm to land before shuttering your windows? Why wait for the impact of disaster when you are buffered from pain? Belovéd Children, you are Mine as I am yours. You need only turn to the Lord God who Loves you.

Call out the Beauteous Name of My Son, Christ Jesus, for I Love Him as He Loves you. Seek the protection of His Love and kneel at His Feet, begging for His Holy Guidance. Follow the Love of the Christ’s Heart and Love. Thus you shall be led to the Father, for I am anxious for My Children.

Oh, Belovéd Children, recognize the signs that tell you the land crumbles and the skies will alight with fires and all animals shall scatter in fear. The lands will sink and the peoples of doubt shall relinquish their power and choose that which is temporal to that which is pure and true. Belovéd Children, pray against this catastrophe. Too many, far too many of My Belovéd Children doubt My Justice and that of the natural Earth. The winds are stronger than a man’s step. The swirling death of storms will overcome Man, despite his struggles. Why would you fight He who is and always shall be that which is all powerful, infinite, good, and waiting?

Do not fear your Lord God. You are for Me as I am for you. Do not be afraid when the winds blow and fires light the skies. I am ever with you and watch for your unwavering faith in Me, your Lord God and Father. Therefore, I say to you, peace My Children. You are and all that I want. Peace and live in the path of the Lord God, Jesus Christ. Peace, My Children, and be kind and forgiving of one another.