Explosive Love!

By Linda Noskewicz

December 1, 2016

Oh Brothers and Sisters, turn to Me in all things.  You are My Most Belovéd Children and I am your Holy Lord and Father.  Do not doubt the tempest or test comes and I ask or urge you to heed My Warnings.  Just as the Most Blesséd Mother worries and asks each of you, My Children, to pray and make way for My Belovéd Son, Jesus Christ, the Lord of all that is above and below and between.
Belovéd Children, you are so small in your Hearts and understanding.  [He says this with such affection!]  My Love for you cannot be quantified, for it is larger or more than that which is infinite.  Grasp My Love for you and hold Me close to your Heart, My Children, for how can I know you intimately if you do not know Me.  Treat Me or visit Me as you do a great friend.
I crave you.  For you to share your joys with Me, and your errors, your tears and laughter.  I long to embrace you, My Belovéd Children.  I am for you as you are for Me.  There is no greater Love than Mine and I await your calls for Mercy and Love.  I invite all of My Children to Me.  Those who rejoice in My invitation, I hold close to My Heart, for their faith and Love for Me is a Beauteous thing.  Still, I call to My ignorant and lukewarm Children.  I call often and hope with great ardor that you will respond.
Do not let the darknesses of sin compel you to ignore Me, your Most Loving God.  I am for you as you are for Me.  Do not doubt that sinfulness eats at your Soul.  It is true and I am astounded or very dismayed when My Belovéd Children dismiss the future and history of your Souls. [I understood that to mean something spiritual - and way out of my league!] Belovéd Children, when you lock yourself away from Me, the whole of Heaven groans with pity and dismay for you orfor My Children.  You are led astray, and do you not think or feel the condemnation you shall face for your preference of all that is temporal?
Lovely and Most Belovéd Children, let Me be your Loving Parent, your Father, for I look after each of you just as a good father takes care of his son.  There is nothing you can do, no sin so great that I cannot wipe clean with My Mercy and GREAT Love.  Trust in Me, your Lord God, as a child or babe trusts in its parents.  I shall nurture you and give you succor.  I will carry the loads of grief and pain and anger for you and lighten the weight within your Hearts.  I am the Lord God and there is nothing you can do that moves Me to move against you, My Belovéd Children.
Belovéd Children, do not sin, for sins lead to darknesses and darkness longs to make you perish in the fires of all hell.  Do not doubt the truth of this, My Children.  Do not be afraid, for when you know Me and devote your time and life and Love for Me, you are safe from anxiety and far from the pit of the sinful and dead. [eternal death]  Pray, My Belovéd Children.  Before you know or realize it is time, I shall watch or walk amongst you to separate the chaff from the crop.  Man shall be run through a spiritual filter, and those who are devoted to Me, those who adore and worship and Love My Son with fullest Hearts shall not succumb to darkness.
You must enhance your lives or Hearts or Souls by prayer.  Be prayerful, My Children.  There is no thing you might ask that I will refuse you.  I give My Belovéd Children good gifts and say to you, trust in My Will for you, for it is always perfect.  I do not send vipers to bite My Children and cause you illnesses.  I do not give you terrible vinegar with which to drink.  I am your Loving Father and Loving Lord.  Why do you believe I want that which is un-Love or against Life orSoul for My Children?  Trust in Me fully, I say, and you shall never want.
Gaze upon the next or your life in Heaven and know that the face of God will astound you (BIGLY! Because of His Love for us – His love will astound us!)  I do not lie, My Children.  I say to you, keep your eyes on the Christ and forego your temporal and damaging concerns.  My Belovéds, put your Hearts into My waiting Hands.  My Love preserves you and I give you such BIG Love.
Follow the Christ Jesus, My Most Belovéd and Blesséd Son who I adore so well [explosive love!].  To turn away from Him is a powerful or shattering wound to His Sacred Heart.  Heaven swoons with His pain.  What you do or give to the Son, so it is given to the Father.  Know this to be true, those who ignore or dismiss My Most Belovéd and attentive Son, the Christ Jesus, will not enjoy or rejoice in the great light of Eternal Life.  Those who are profane in the midst of My Holy Son and purposely commit themselves against the Christ shall endure or never rest in a painful and infinite hell.  There are especial punishments for sin, and I desire to keep every Soul, every one of My Belovéd Children.  I abhor knowing when a Belovéd Child falls to darkness.  My Heart aches because these Children will never know Eternal Life with Me, the Lord God and Eternal One.
Belovéd Children, hold the hand of My Belovéd Son that He will lead you on His path of righteousness.  His path leads to the Kingdom of Heaven and to the Glory of My Immense and immeasurable Love.  Pray, and you receive My Guidance.  Pray, and the Holiest Spirit lays claim to your needs, and you are given sustenance.  Pray, pray to My Belovéd Son and bless Him for His Great Sacrifice of Life that you might have Eternal Life.  Do not discard the gift of New Life, for you know not what you do to your Souls.  Instead, rejoice in My Love for you and trust in Me fully.
I give you peace, My Children.  Peace, Belovéd Children and I urge you to pray.  Be prayerful, My Belovéd and I grant you My Peace.