Rest Easy

By Linda Noskewicz

December 7, 2016

Father, I feel You are embracing me every moment.  I wondered while visiting You You say You made us people in Your likeness.  Well, as I prayed, little lights like candles with high orange flames sat above the heads of everyone in Mass.  It was so beautiful, and I wonder, is that what we are?  Or is it our souls somehow?  Or is it the Holy Spirit saying hello?  Well, either way, it was pretty.  And thank You for my half brick.  Oh, and help me to be quieter and more humble.  I am so noisy!

Belovéd Child/Children, you are so pleasing to Me.  As Children, you cannot truly know the Love of your Divine and Holy Parent. Rest easy, My Children, and pray.  I seek your Hearts and crave your Love or the Love of My Belovéd Children.
Stand with Me, oh Daughters of Israel.  You can withstand but look away from My Holy Countenance and thereby seal your fates.  [With God, you can withstand anything; without Him, you are in trouble.]  Children of Babylon, you do well to suffer.  Oh Holy Ones who pray and please Me so greatly, pray, for your Brothers and Sisters are in danger or not ready or are threatened with Death.  Just as the Lamb is led to slaughter, so are the Children of Zion.  Repent of your ways, Belovéd Children, for Israel will not stand.  Its walls crumble and My Children kneel at the feet of idolaters.  You cannot worship Me and worship what is temporal.  You cannot split your Hearts in half, allowing one portion to this World and the lesser portion to Me, (and) Christ Jesus, My Son and Most Belovéd.  The World, once taken in, takes all of your time and empathy.  Thus, you are left with no time for your Lord God and Father who Loves you more than you can know, and gives you My Love, and I desperately seek your Love.
Belovéd Children, do not turn Me away.  I knock upon your door minutely, daily, and so few answer.  And so many deny Me with glee or fall into half-heartedness.  My Love is for you as your Love was meant for Me, your Lord God.  Little Children, come to Me for compassion, Mercy, strength and forgiveness.  I am the Lord God.  I am a Just God and a most Loving and forgiving Father.  I plead with each of you and not in vain.  Come to Me, Children, and take the solace and joy of My Love.
Belovéd Children, My Glorious and Beauteous Son, the Christ Jesus, stands before you or the World now.  He is ever evident or here and you need only call to Him in worshipful prayer.  Take Heart, Belovéd Children.  The Lord God does not abandon His Children.  Follow the Christ and reap the sweetest fruits in Heaven.  You cannot know the joys that are laid out before you!  I am the Lord God and how I adore you, My Little Children. [SUCH LOVE!!]
Oh Children of death and violence, your Souls cringe in fear as fire is thrown (from) above you.  Know that I am present and guide your Hearts with My Love and Salvation.  Children, this World is temporal, thus, what have you to fear?  I am the Lord God.  I AM and have and will.  I create all things and thus, Love what I have made.  I Love what I have created and thus, will not allow My Belovéd Creations or Children to drown or douse yourselves in the confusion ordreadfulness of worry.
Do not be afraid of this World, for it is transitory and finite.  Why shall you fear as a Child of the Lord God?  I am your patient and Loving Father and I let no evil enter your Hearts when you gladden your Souls by being One with Me.  You are My Blesséd Children of the Light.  Do not stray from Me, for where there is darknesses, there will be no Light, and where there is My Light, darknesses scurry away.
Belovéd Children, believe in My Love or in My GREAT Love for each of you.  If you could only see or know or understandor grasp even a little of the calibre and depth of My Love for each of you, surely your joy would light fires in the Hearts of many and your trust in My Will so utterly complete or whole.  Had you one small kernel of knowledge, how you would beg to Glorify My Name.  You would weep so joyously at the feet of My Most Belovéd Son, Jesus, Yahweh (?), who is for you, your Salvation and Glory.  Through Him you are given Life for eternity.  Pay [Share or give] your reverent Love and joy to My Son, for the Christ longs for your Love just as the Father thirsts for your Love, and what you give to One, you give to the other and what you would deny one, so you deny or dismiss the other.
Bring joy to your Belovéd and Most Holy Lord God and Father.  Count Me as first in your Life and Love Me above all things.  Stay away from those things that draw you away from Me.  I am first and foremost.  Thus, I say, do not allow this World to pull you away or distract you from Me and My Holy Word, the Christ.  For He is One with the Father and He gives each Child new Life when the Child’s Love is pure and unending.  Belovéd Children, give Me your Heart and know peace and My Gentle Forgiveness.  [So Loving!!]  You are My Belovéd Children, and My Hand of Love and forgiveness is extended to you joyfully and with greatest hope.
Belovéd Children, come to Me and know peace.  Come to Me and rejoice in My BIG Heart.  I will forgive you, My Child, and I Love you, My Child.  Peace for you and this day, I give My Children peace.