Do Not Pause In Your Prayers To Me

By Linda Noskewicz

December 9, 2016

Father, I wish everyone knew your Love.  I think people would be so surprised by how affectionate You are.  Like a sweet old grandpa.  But You would still have your teeth.  I know You answer prayers.  I pray that everyone turns to Your Love.  I just don’t understand why people are so angry about You.  If they only knew!  And no one would ever think that the rest of us are nuts!  When You come, I think the world is going to be a fine-looking place.
Belovéd Daughter, My Love is for every one in this World, for I have created each of you with such wonder and passion and Love.  How can I deny My Great Love to those I have made?  The answer is that I cannot, and so I await for My Belovéd Children to turn to Me, not simply or only in their time of need, but every day with all their joys and sorrows, and all the little things you believe are unimportant to Me.  Your prayers are songs to My Ears and the whole of Heaven listens with anxiousness and anticipation.
I am the Lord God and My Will for My Belovéd Children is Merciful and Loving.  I am the Lord God and My Will for you is always correct with My Love for you foremost in My Answers.  Do not be afraid, My Children.  Even animals run from storms and seek shelter from hail and fire.  Wake up to your Love for Me and see how no disaster touches you.  I am the Heart of Heaven and seek each of you to join Me aloft in the Beauteous Arms of My Kingdom.  You need not worry about praying with fancy words and with the dignity of priests.  I accept all of your prayers with GREATEST joy!  I long to hear your voices rejoice in your Love for Me.
Belovéd Children, I am your Lord God and Father.  Worship My Most Belovéd and Beauteous Son, the Christ Jesus who so longs for your attentions.  Our Love for you is so grand, so awesome, so BIG, we long to pour Our Love out upon all of My Children.  Open your Hearts to Me, My Children.  Do not hesitate to speak My Name.  Come to Me in all things, for your Heavenly Parent is gratified by your attention, and I seek to look or watch over you as a Good and Most Loving Parent.
Your Hearts would not ache so, nor would your concerns seems insurmountable if your Heart was completely placed in My Own.  Your concerns would put no lines of worry on your brows if you trusted your Lord God.  See, My Belovéd Children, all that I am willing to do for you that you might understand even a minute fraction of My Love for you.
Oh, Belovéd Children, there are vipers within the midst.  Slay the dragons that come at you and seek to destroy what I have built.  The one has defiled what is Holy and will tarnish My Belovéd Children with lust or lasciviousness.  He turns all that was once white and Most Holy into that which is black and suspect.  Beware, for the words of the dragon are spat out as lies and deceit.  Do not follow those who would lie and disgrace the Name of the Most Belovéd Jesus Christ.  When one refuses or deflects or disavows the treasure given over of the Savior Himself, run from them and close your eyes to their evil.  If those deny the Bread that is Christ, if they have spat upon His very Name and cursed Him for His Sacrifice, run, My Belovéd Children and enclose yourself in the protective mantle of the Most Holy of Mothers and the Queen of Heaven.  Cast your eyes at Me, that you are not blinded by the trickery which makes things appear wrongly.[appear in a way that deceives, or not right] White must be white and cannot be black, just as the day can only be day, as the night is night.  Be aware that such words and beliefs will men counter [use] against Me and My Great Love for My Children.
I say to you, when in the midst of all darknesses, call out to Christ Jesus, for He is perfection in all that is Holy, Eternal, and good.  He will slay the Leviathan that seeks to murder My Belovéd Children.  Darknesses are kept at bay by His Sheer Holiness and Beatific and Holy Power.  The Christ Jesus is your Salvation, My Children.  Do not turn away from Him.  Instead, follow His Path, for it is just and true and leads my Belovéd Children to Me, your Holy God and Father.
Do not be dumb [deaf] to the threats of this World.  Darkness would pull you into unholiness.  The World is scarcely[hardly] without sin and so many of My Children have relegated hatred to Me, their Eternal God and ever-Loving Father.  They turn away from the Love of My Most Belovéd Son and choose to be raked over coals and fire.  They are choosing pain and agonies and eternal darkness and fear.  Their Souls are becoming ripened for the evil one ordarknesses or hell.
Believe this to be true, My Children.  There is evil and the one who is anti Christ [against Christ] exists and those who aid the angel of death, once so Loved, and (they) take great pleasure in the downfall of My Belovéd Children.  Thus, I say, pray.  Pray and begin to Love your Brothers and Sisters with honest and full Hearts and compassion.  Come to Me and follow what I accept and avoid that which I do not accept.  Do not be afraid, My Children.  When you are with Me, you very easily avoid darkness.  When you pay Me attention or are most attentive to Me, your eyes gaze upon Heaven and Eternal Life, and no darkness can douse your Light.  When you are My Belovéds and your trust is totally placed in Me, this mortifies or frightens or makes angry the Leviathan and his minions.
Love Me, your Lord God and Father.  Pray, My Children, for prayer prevents evil and turns what is detrimental to mere dust.  Trust that your Lord God and Father hears and answers all prayers with such Love and affection.  I do not bring weight for My Belovéd Children to bear, but take the loads that have bent you and carry their weight happily for My Belovéd Children.  Children, remember all that is written, for a time comes when you shall be tested, and your Salvation comes from the Son of God and your Love of Him.  When you are obedient Children, how I Love to see your efforts.  I long to tend to you in every way and place the Light of My Love within you and your Heart.
Praise the name Jesus, for His Love and Mercy for you are immeasurable and Glorious.  Walk in His path and know the righteousness of the Word.  His path is lit with His Holy and Endearing Love.  With Jesus at the forefront of your life, you will encounter no darkness that cannot be doused by light.  You will be un-fooled by those who might urge you to sin against your Lord God and Father.  Know Me intimately, My Belovéd Children.  Be prayerful and attentive.  I open your eyes to My Love and compassion and give you the power to discern what is truly black and that which is truly white.  You cannot expect to discern these things on your own accord, for the trickery [the one who tricks] is forceful or strong and looks forward to causing the demise of Souls.  Thus, I say, pray and I shall bring you discernment when you are tested.
Belovéd Children, stay close to Me and do not stray.  Do not walk into a storm ill-equipped to withstand it.  You do not pause in your work to observe the fury of a storm before you.  Thus I say, do not pause in your prayers to Me.  I hear your every one and they are good.  Belovéd Children, avoid pretension and all that makes you boastful.  Make the taste of bigotry, avarice, and gluttony sour to your mouth.  Find the treasure of My Compassion as you Love and forgive with great and unconditional Mercy, your Brothers and Sisters.
I am in Love with all of the Children in this World and reject not one.  My Love is for you just as your Love is meant for Me.  Find truth in prayer and tie yourself tightly to Me.  Worship and Love My Most Belovéd Son, Christ Jesus, and let Him long for your Love no more.  Give your Love to Him with lavishness, excessively, and with the whole of your Heart!  He treasures your Love and your notice, just as I treasure your Love and attention.
Belovéd Children, pray to Me and unlock or wipe away your confusion.  Trust in Me, your Lord God and Father.  My Love for you is boundless and I treat My Belovéd Children with Love and compassion and kindness and affection.  Do not lose yourself to this World.  Pray, Love, and be faithful to the Christ, your Lord and Saving Grace.  Do not be detrimental to your Brothers and Sisters, for there is no hate that does not destroy, and no anger that does not lead to sin.
Belovéd Children, a time comes when your faith in Me shall be sorely tested.  I am your strength and protector.  Trust in Me and pray.  Pray and I shall place my Hand upon your brow and lead you rightly and guide you away from the nefarious and your faith in Me will be unblemished.
Children, prepare with all that I have told you.  Partake always of the Holy Eucharist, for the Divinity inherent to it is Most Holy BIG and so unfathomable to you.  Trust in Me and I Love you.  Trust in Me, and (you) shall not want.  Give your Heart over to Me and how precious and amazing do I find you.  My Love is not tempered by difficult conditions.  I offer it to each of My Children freely and BIGLY.  My Compassion and Love are always yours, My Children.  Pray and find rest and glory in My Loving answers.  Pray, My Children, and know the peace of My Heart is within yours.  Pray, My Children, and you shall be granted discernment.  Pray, My Children, and all that is detrimental to your Soul is wash away or kept at bay by My Heavenly Angels.  Belovéd Children, I grant you My Peace.  Peace, My Belovéds.  Peace.