Persevere— Message from the Eternal Father

By Linda Noskewicz

February 2, 2016

Belovéd Children, you have not long to wait.  Time is but a blink of your eyes and Eternity is endless.  Beautiful Children, it is not for you to understand these things that are most beatific and holy.  Trust in Me, your Lord God and I shall guide you righteously on the path to My Home.  I wait for each of you, My Children.  I long for each of you.  Pray, My Children, for so many do not.  So many of My Belovéd Children betray Me even as I weep for them.
Pray that they listen to the Call of your Lord Christ.  Listen to My Calls, the Lord and Father of all things.  Pray that My Children come to Me in great haste.  I am the forgiving God.  I offer each of you compassion and forgiveness.  These things are for you by the grace of My Beauteous Son, the Lord Christ.  Hail Him always, for His gift of Love is boundless.  The treasure of this gift is un-nameable.  Treasure and Love the Christ, for He only is worthy of full and abundant Love.  Yet, in His Love for Man, He has struck down the evil one and has pulled off the cloak of darkness for all people.  By His Mighty Sacrifice, you, My Children are made clean.
You are safe from all things un-Christ-like.  He shed His Precious Blood and poured it out into the Souls and Hearts of all Mankind.  Bless your Souls daily with this firm belief in your Hearts.  My Belovéd Son has died that you may live.  Treasure this gift, My Little Ones.  You cannot fathom its importance to you.  I am the Lord God and Father.  I call out to My Children to call out to Me in reciprocity.  Love Me, for I Love each of you and My Love is pure and never will falter.
Belovéd Children, do not feel betrayed by the Eastern Skies but instead look North to all that you might see.  I reveal My Glory to the Children of God.  So shall the World see My Holy Temperance.  So shall Man see their doubt has scourged their Souls.  Belovéd Children, at the behest of His Father, the Lord Christ will glorify Me soon ****.  Gird your belts and pray.  There is no greater power than prayer.  When will you know and trust in Me fully with all of your beings.  I am the One.  I am the Lord God who Loves you and has Mercy on you and who forgives the sins of Mankind.

Children, do not treat Me wrongly, with haste, without patience, without Love.  How I weep to be rejected by My Children so easily.  Those who worship, who pray, and who believe will have seats at My Table.  It is a feast of the Loving and obedient.  Man’s indifference has made entry almost impossible.  Those who will die without asking for forgiveness will find themselves solely alone.  Thus, I say pray for these men and women who lack the valor to express their Love for Me.  Woe is the Man who carves his idols from stone and gem rocks (avarice) and dismisses the Lord God and Father.
I am He who allows Souls to My Loving and Perfect Home.  You cannot reject the King of Love and come to Me.  To dismiss and reject My Belovéd Son locks you from My Heart.  When you worship and Love My Belovéd Son, how glad you make Me.  Thus, I say, Children, do not negate the strength of His Love for you.  Do not dismiss His Love.  Worship Him, for He is Holy and deserving only of your Love.
Persevere My Loves.  This is not an easy time and times will come more difficult still.  Pray always and My Hand reaches out to you perpetually.  Belovéd Children, pray.  I emphasize this to you.  You must pray and trust in My Love for you.  Do not doubt.  To doubt is to allow the darkness a victory.  Doubt draws you away from Me.  Trust in Me fully, and I never fail My Belovéd Children.
Know this to be true.  You have weak sight and do not understand eternal blessings.  You cannot guess at the wonder of everlasting life.  Therefore, trust in Me like a baby trusts in his mother and father.  Recognize that the Son of God and Man opens Himself up before you and pours His Precious Blood upon this World that wounds Him even now.  Thus, My Children, pray for forgiveness and it is granted with great Love and joy.
Belovéd Children, some things you do not know.  Some things you have no right to know but through My gift of discernment.  Some things you will know.  Do not play games with My Love.  Pray.  I am not a fortune teller.  I am the Lord God and Father of all that is.  I am Love and will be and always have.  Do not doubt.  Do not make folly of My Words of warning.  Do not make folly of My Love.  One day you shall bear the scrutiny and judgment of the Lord Jesus Christ.  You will endure My scrutiny.
Love and forgive.  Be merciful as you wish for My Mercy.  Give yourselves over to Me.  Jesus is your path to Me.  Worship and Love Him thus.  To do differently is to sin and abandon your soul to the dead.  Belovéd Children, pray.  I listen for your prayers and respond to you in Great Love and Mercy.  Peace, My Children.  I give you My Peace.