What Problem Can Concern You That I Cannot Solve

By Linda Noskewicz

November 23, 2016

I like that answer – that faith transcends knowledge.  How perfect is that?  And I noticed, Father, that You made animals with smiles all their own!  Dogs, dolphins, lions, even giraffes.  I guess, in addition to wanting a dog’s tail for friendliness, a badger’s arms for hugs, elephant ears for me to listen better, a heart as big as a cow’s (to forgive more easily), and a small snout like a field mouse (so I don’t open my mouth too much), and a dolphin’s smiley face.  I’d probably be one funny looking animal, but then again, look at what You did with the platypus and the octopus and the sloth. XO
Belovéd Children, I am with you always and long to give you My unbounded Mercy.  I am for you as you are for Me, My Belovéd Little Ones.  Seek Me out in your hour of need.  I protect and watch over you like a good parent watches over a child.  I am ever present and only wait for your invitation to your Heart.  Belovéd Children, do not act upon the temptations you face.  Your rejection of temporal pleasures are a slave of joy upon My Heart.  Reject sin and My Heart leaps with joy, and great relief.  My Belovéd and Little Children, you are so small and thus cannot fathom the depths of damage wrought upon your Souls by sin.  You cannot fathom the detriments of sin.
I say to each of you, My Children, come to Me in My Glory and seek out My Great Compassion and forgiveness.  It is I who gives you peace.  It is I who gives you redemption by My Belovéd Son, the Lord Christ whom I beg you to Love and adore.  He has brought you Life from death.  He opens the doors of the Kingdom of Heaven by opening the Mercy of His Heart.  Love My Belovéd Son, for He is My Most Belovéd.  We pine for your Love together.  Seek Our peace, for only the One True God offers you peace.
Belovéd Children, do not scatter your Love through the four winds.  You must focus all of your Love and attention upon Me and only Me.  When your Love is scattered about, your Love and faith in Me becomes lukewarm and how that wounds Me to see the lukewarm Children walk through life only half lived or lived very little because of this state.  Look to Me for Love and Mercy.  My Heart longs to enfold you in My Compassion and Love.
Know that I forgive the restless and penitent Hearts.  There is nothing My Belovéd Children can do but that I do not forgive.  When you give your Hearts over to Me, the graces of Love and compassion are BIG, GREAT, ASTOUNDING!  Children, do not forego My Beauteous gift of Mercy.  It is for you as I am for you.  My Mercy is plentiful and I wait for My Belovéd Children to seek the great graces of this gift.  Children, the Christ purchased such BIG Mercy by allowing Death to take Him and He gives you new lives, just as He ascended into new and eternal Life.  Oh Bewildered Children, seek Me, and I embrace you in your Holy and Forgiving Parent’s patient arms.  I am your patient and Loving Father.  Come to Me with repentance in your Hearts and know My complete Peace.
Belovéd Children, do you not see that this act of great Mercy I long to give to you is a glorious gift?  Why do you decline My invitation to feast?  Why do you keep the pebbles you find in the sand and reject the treasury of gold?  Why do you pour water upon the dry desert when you should quench your thirst?  Do not disregard the Gift of My Mercy.  Do not reject My Love for you.  You are made whole by My Love for you and when you choose or accept Me, the wholeness of your Spirit or Soul is complete.
Know this, My Belovéd Children, I am not an intrusive Father, and while I long for each of you so deeply, I wait for you to come to Me and My Love.  This, My Children, is not true of darkness and sin.  Darknesses actively see you out and rattle lies into your ears.  Thus I say with all Mercy and emphasis, close your eyes to sin when it calls to you.  Hold your ears tightly, that you will be deaf to the temptations of sin and darknesses.  Hold your tongue between your teeth that you avoid argument over the detriments of sin with those who disagree.  Thus shall you be safe from the awesome darknesses scattered throughout this World.
You are My Belovéd Children and I give My Children good and lasting gifts.  Belovéd Children, do not stray in your Love and faith in Me.  Once your prayers were so strong but the first flushes of My Love have worn off you and you return to the abject concerns of this World.  Do you not know or see that your Belovéd Father has everything in hand?  What problem can concern you that I cannot solve or fix?
I am the Lord God and Mighty in My Love and justice.  I mete out forgiveness and Light to My Prayerful Children.  Do not stray, My Belovéds, for it is when you stray from the path of My Son when you are in most danger.  Your Souls are left defenseless and impoverished.  Belovéd Children, how I Love you and how My Belovéd and Sacred Heart desires to bind each of you to Me.
Belovéd Children, relent in your hatred of each other and turn to Me for aid in softening your Hearts.  I am present in every Man, and I Love every Child created by Love, for Love, and from Love.  Know that I am and always was and will be the very essence of Love.  Do not reject Love.  I am for you as you are for Me.  There are no problems or conflicts in My Love for you.  My Love is unconditional as is My Great Mercy.
Belovéd Children, come to Me before day becomes night and the skies above grow ablaze with fire.  The storms of today will seem small and wieldy to those that come, for the more this World sins, the larger the detriment to this land orearth.  Land will be raised or razed and forests set fire by the fires that all from the heavens.  Thus, I say, Belovéd Children, do not stray but be faithful and Loving of Me.
Extend My Love and Mercy into your own Hearts and grant the peace of your full forgiveness to those with whom you are angry or desire to destroy with your words or actions.  My Mercy and Love are yours.  Share them, these Heavenly and Most Holy gifts amongst each other, for how can you desire to be granted Mercy without you yourself acting most Mercifully?  Thus I say, extend the peace of Love and forgiveness amongst you.
Belovéd Children, it is late and Time crawls by and you are unaware.  Pray, My Children.  Maintain your faith in Me.  Do not founder in your Love and devotion to Me.  Happy am I to know and be embraced in your Love for Me.  Belovéd Children, seek to cleanse your Souls through the confession of your sins.  It is a gift of peace that is given to you.  Partake of the Most Holy of all Holies in the Eucharist, for the blessings you attain are indescribable and uncountable.
Belovéd Children, pray to Me and I shall answer you.  I Love your prayers and answer each according to My Wise and Loving Will.  Keep faithful to Me and I will reward you.  Lose faith in My Love and the detriments are clear and dark.  Belovéd Children, pray for those who will die soon, for so many Souls are vastly unprepared to cast their eyes upon the face of God.  Pray that the darknesses within this World are resisted by each of My Belovéd Children.  Be My Belovéd examples of Love and faith and Mercy and joy by how you live your lives and how you approach those around you, for each of your brothers is in need of your prayer.
Belovéd Child, I am with you always.  Do not despair but trust that your Loving Father does not abandon His Little Children who are so absorbed with temporal concerns.  Come to My Heart and increase your faith in Me, Child, for it is you and not I who has strayed from Love.
Belovéd Children, I grant you My Love and peace this day.  Peace.