I Call Out to You Daily

By Linda Noskewicz

October 20, 2016

Thursday, October 20, 2016 
I was told once to include my thoughts and feelings during these times, and it is funny.  Today You have given me diarrhea of the mouth.  Three bricks, (well 4 really) were thrown by one of Your Goose Gossage pitches!
1.  Jesus (according to Luke) was not here to bring peace to the world, but fire and passion.  Today’s reading said mother against father, brother against brother….  Those who believe against those who do not believe.  And isn’t this division so clear these days??  I think of the wives who struggle with their husbands because one or the other doesn’t believe in God or wants nothing to do with Him.
2.  Faith transcends knowledge.  ‘nuff said.  I have to share this with a friend who always becomes stumped when someone challenges here about being Christian.
3.  If I were to be accused and put on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict me beyond a reasonable doubt?  That’s a heck of a measure, right?!

The Message:
Thursday, 10/20…3:15 – 3:51 pm
Belovéd Lord, thanks for giving me insight.
Belovéd Children, call upon Me for My Boundless Mercy, for your Hearts and Souls should be Mine.  My Love for you is infinite and yet so many of My Belovéd Children will not recognize the One who has created them and who assures each of you the joy and Glory of My Love and Forgiveness.
Belovéd Children, worship My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ, whose Sacrifice opens the World of Eternal Life for you.  Do not turn away from this GREAT, UNIMAGINABLE gift.  Without Me, there is eternal darkness, eternal death.  When you Love Me, you have Eternal Life.  Do not falter, dear Children of Mine.  Do not hesitate to Love Me or fear to Love Me.  My Love and compassion are for you.  I do not turn My Belovéd Children away.
A Father who loves his children is relieved to have a lost one found; an embittered one returned; a sick one cured; and an unholy one made holy again.  Oh Children of My Light, make haste.  Take heed!  Grasp the Mercy and compassion I give to you.  Why or how can you resist My Love?
Trust in Me.  I am Love and all that is, I have created and what will come, I have created and you are My Belovéd Children.  You were created with Love, from absolute Love, and for Love.  Why do you fight and have angst against your Most Loving Father who wants you safely ensconced in His arms.  I reach out to My Belovéd Children.  I call out to you daily, minutely.  I yearn for your notice and long for your Love.
Oh Children, I am bewildered by your lack of Love for My Belovéd Son, the Lord Jesus.  For He has given all that you may be saved in Eternal Life.  His gift cannot be measured.  The temporal wealth and treasures you use to measure your joys and sorrows are held against your Spirits (souls) and meant to restrain you from seeking Me.  These things are not worth the value you have placed upon them.  Open your Hearts.  Trust in your Lord God.  Trust deeply in My Son.  The gift He has offered you is so much greater, so immeasurable, it is a farce or silly or ridiculous to compare Him to the Worldly rewards which are so cheap but do not come cheaply. [These things cost us our souls.]  For My Divinity and the Love of the Christ hold no bounds.  Our Love for you cannot be encompassed or contained.  My Love for you is abundant, loud, grand BIG!  Let Me fill your Hearts with the Spirit of joy and holiness, that you may turn away from Worldly temptations and worthless rewards.
Your Souls are so fragile, My Belovéds.  As fragile as a web, and more fragile than a child’s laughter.  Do not damage your Souls, just as you do not stifle the laughter and joy of children.  Belovéd Children, the whole of Heaven is aloft with joy when just one of My Children turns his Heart over to Me.  Oh, Children, I long for you.  Please, do not wound Me ordo not wound My Heart by dismissing My Great Love for you.  I cry out to each of you, to Love Me.  Love Me and only Me, for I am the Lord God and what has been made, I have made, and (what) will be made, I have made.
Sound Children, pray, for the nighttime shall arrive and the light of day shall dim quickly.  You are unable to find your way through darkness when you have no light.  When perpetual night comes to the unfaithful, how shall they weep and yearn for the Light.  Children, My Light and Love is within each of you.  This World seeks to douse the Sacred Flame within you.  Thus, I say, pray My Children.  Pray and I hear your desperate and joyful prayers.  Believe, for I answer every prayer with all of My Great Love.
A good father seeks only goodness and health and joy for his children.  I am the Lord God and Heavenly Father.  And how much more Love and joy and goodness and health do I wield for you?  Oh, Belovéd Children, Love Me.  Place Me first in all things and I shall never deceive you or lead you astray.  I Love what I create and I have created each of you with Love and for Love and by Love.  Do you not see, My Love is not pretentious but patient.
Come to Me oh Children of Israel.  You have not the time to disagree or argue or debate the inner sanctums of your knowledge or what you believe, which is simple and temporal.  Believe in Me and cherish My Belovéd Son.  Worship and adore the Christ.  Partake of the Holiest of All Holies, the Eucharist which is the very Heart of My Son’s.  You cannot fathom the blessings you receive, and know that you are in full Communion with Christ as you partake of this blessing.  You are within Him as He is within you. [ ! ! ! ]
Oh Belovéd Children, do not be stubborn or irate.  I bring you Love and forgiveness and great compassion.  Why do you not reach out for such graces?  Why do you shut your eyes to My Love and yet open them to sin?  Why do you hear the lies of darkness and not My Calls of Love and Mercy?  [He is so sad here.]
Belovéd Children, pray.  You know not what divisiveness comes.  Temples will be cut in two.  Families split from one.  Lands will disconnect and fall into the sea.  The fires of the earth shall fall from the skies.  Sweetest Zion, your betrayal has doomed you.  You shall be crushed under the thumb of your sins.
Do not weep, Belovéd Children, but pray.  Pray.  Love.  Forgive.  I am first and always.  Thus I say, Love Me first and place all things within your Life before Me that you may be led to the righteous path of your Lord God.  Pray, Belovéd Children.  You cannot discern the truth from lies, white from black, if you do not pray and receive the comfort of My Wisdom.  I do not betray My Belovéd Children, but strike out at those who would betray My Children.
Pray, Belovéd Children, and I shall open your eyes that you will see.  Love Me, Children, and your Love is reciprocated immeasurably.  Know that I want each of you.  I Love each of you so dearly.  You are each precious and irreplaceable to Me.  Thus I say, come to enjoy the spoils of My Great Love.  Pray always, My Children.  Pray and look to the south where the waters linger.  Avoid that which is unholy.  Do not sin, for there are consequences for sin.  In your Love for Me, do not sin but live your Life in a way that pleases Me, your Lord God and Eternal Father who LOVES you.  Peace, My Children.  Peace and be My obedient Children.