Our Souls are Sacred and So Fragile

By Linda Noskewicz

September 8, 2016

3:05 – 3:21 – 4:09 pm
Jesus as a human being:  I figure, You must’ve been afraid when You prayed on the rock asking Our Father to take this cup away, if possible.  Then, I think how heartbroken You were to be betrayed by Judas, although maybe You knew that was coming.  And the beatings...You did not want them but anticipated it, given You were dealing with soldiers...the other thing that strikes me as so human and so fearful and so essentially tied for me to Your humanity and singular Love for us was the nails.  Did You know they’d use nails instead of ropes, like the thieves?  If You didn’t, what a horrible new knowledge of torture You faced...My Heart is so shocked by the image of soldiers hammering those nails through.  When I think of it, I feel like my own soul howls for You.  So maybe that is it – the souls and Love of those who Loved and Love You howl(ed) in pain for You while You suffered.  I hope I’d have been like Veronica.  I’d hope I’d be kind and brave enough to try to bring You some comfort while You endured everything for us.  Anyway, I wanted to say thanks.  Not only for guiding me and saving me by going through such terrible things, but also for making Yourself human as You knew that’d be the only way man could even remotely understand Your guidance and Our Father’s Love for us.  What He wants from us and for us.  And we STILL get it wrong!  So thank You for showing me that You laugh and feel joy.  That You are playful and affectionate.  That You know fear and the sorrow of death.  That You are generous, wise, and forgiving.  That You are compassionate and hold great Love for Your Mother :-) .  That You felt anger and pain.  That You showed us what humility really is.  And forgiveness and righteousness.  I see You and those qualities every day in others, and yet we are never perfect.  I see where sometimes we do follow and behave in Your image.  The Holy Spirit guides (or prods) our souls to kindness, generosity, pity, Love….xoxoxox

3:21 – 4:09 pm
Oh Belovéd Children, worship the One who you behold on the Most Holy Cross, for He is My Belovéd Son and by your Love and adoration of Him, My Heart is made glad.  Belovéd Children, you have not long to choose.  Do you not see the gifts I give to you?  Do you not hear My Calls?
Do not ignore the warnings of a great storm, but prepare yourselves before it hits or lands.  Why would you wish to be swept away and killed when, with forethought and planning, you would live through the storm in safety and warmth?  Oh Children, hear Me, your Belovéd Lord God and Father.  Do not wait.  Do not be frivolous with your Time.  Seek My Mercy and forgiveness, for they are yours to take.  They are your Souls’ bounty, and yet so many of My Children stand so poor and starving within this World.  The Souls of My Belovéd Children starve for lack of holiness and prayer.
The fruit of a tree cannot be reaped if the tree has no water or has not been richly watered.  When you, My Children, are not devoted to Me, your Lord God who Loves you, you are starved of all that is of Me.  Why do you seek darkness instead of light?  Why do you corrupt what is good with what is terrible.  Your eyes are shut to understanding because your Souls are given no nourishment.  And when a tree is starved of water, it does not prosper but dies.  Come to Me for Love and compassion and I give succor to your Souls.
Your Heavenly Father Loves each of His/My Children so well, I will never let you starve.  Come to Me, My Beauteous Children, and bask in the light of My Overwhelming Love.  Do not doubt but trust in Me.  I lead you to truth and Love and righteousness.  Avoid the temptations and accolades of this World, My Children.  These are but temporal things orgifts and do nothing for your Souls.  My Belovéd Children, know that your Souls are sacred and so fragile.  You cannot subject your Souls to sin without its devastation and this devastation rings loudly as a lament in My Heart.
Belovéd Children, turn to the Christ Jesus who is My Belovéd Son.  He has saved you for Everlasting or Eternal Life with Love.  You need only choose Love (God).  Choose Light.  Choose Christ who is so in Love with each of you.  Worship and give adulation to the Christ Jesus, for He is the truth and the Word When you place your Lord God at the forefront of your lives, how blesséd are you and how healthy are your Souls.  I am not a burden and My Forgiveness is a gift purchased by My Holy and Most Belovéd Son.  Who can you say will Love you more dearly and more deeply than the Eternal One who has created you for Love, from Love, and with Love. [And God has said that He is Love
Belovéd Children, do not stray.  For even a moment, do not stray from My Love.  You do not know the hour at which I shall call you.  You do not know the devastations of sin upon your Souls.  Thus I say, repair your fragile Souls by seeking Me out and accepting with your entire Hearts My Love and Mercy and Graces.  My Heart is unfathomably BIGimmense, and you cannot understand My Great Capacity for Love and thus for forgiveness.  Mercy is yours, My Children.  Take this glorious bounty that I lay before you with eagerness and thankfulness.  Come to Me with humble, repentant, Loving Hearts and I embrace you tightly with My Great Love.
Travel the path of Love the Christ has laid before you and honor His Great Sacrifice with all of your Hearts.  Express to Him your Love, thankfulness, and worshipful adulations.  He is perfect Love and He is My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ.  When you wound Him with your disregard, you wound Me, as I am His Loving Father, and what befalls Him befalls Me.  When you praise the Son, so you praise the Father, and the joy in Heaven is grand or great [like a holy spectacular!].  When you dismiss My Son, the whole of Heaven is astounded by this World’s foolishness, disregard, ordisrespect or such un-Love[Un-love is the complete opposite of Love, or that which is of the anti-Christ.]
The Christ has given to each of you a resplendent and precious gift.  Eternal Life is too large for your small Souls to grasp.  You also do not grasp the terribleness of an eternity without Me.  For I am Love and without Love, you are put asunder (from Him and…put into…) into torments and suffering.  Do not disbelieve that sins are detrimental.  There are special sufferings or consequences or punishments for those who fall to sin and dismiss the Christ.  Oh, Belovéd Children, do not commit this act of un-Love.  You do not know the horror of what you do.  Crave My Love and tie yourselves to the Glory of My Belovéd Son!  He has given each of you the path to Eternal Life.
Belovéd Children, believe that your Belovéd Lord God and Father gives you good gifts and does not lead you to the garden of vipers but to the Glories of Love.  Do no not wait, My Children.  Trust in My Love and choose Me.  Choose Redemption, and forgiveness and Mercy.  Oh Children, My Mercy is so BIG, unconditional!  You need only come to Me and how My Loving Heart revels in your Love.
Come to Me, Children and show that your Love has needed no prompting, no devastation, and no conditions.  Come to Me freely by the pure Love of your Hearts, and reach out to Me now.  This World is shattered by sin and the earth’s body cries out savagely.  Be One with your Lord God and know the strength of My Love guides you and makes you whole.  The rumblings of this earth shall grow with most unusual pains.  Hear the rocks rumble as they fall down mountains and the fire that spreads like an uncontained river.  See the fires that fall from the skies and the depthless holes that appear on the grounds before you.  See such storms with winds that devastate the land and fires that destroy that is in their path.  See what the earth spats (not spit but fights) out, for it is sin that disturbs this World.  Sin is the road to devastation, My Children, and how this World embraces darknesses.  
My Blessed Heart is heavy with despair and sadness, for so many of My Children do not take notice but submit their Hearts to untruths and the lies of sophists.  Belovéd Children, run from those who would pull you away from My Love.  Escape from those who would denounce My Belovéd Son, the Christ.
There will be those who live in darkness and those who are most blind who shall lead the foolish and weak.  How can you know My Will when you do not know Me?  How can you see the path before you without the Holy Guidance of My Light or Spirit who precedes Me?   Belovéd Children, I urge you most essentially or determinedly or with great urgency to pray and follow and Love, obey and cherish My Belovéd Son.  It is through Him that you shall come to Me.  When you deny Him and His Love, I shall not know you on the day of judgment and shall treat you as a stranger to Love.
Pray, Belovéd Children, and prepare your Hearts.  Partake of the Most Holy Eucharist always.  You do not know the depths and ecclesiastical blessings you will receive by your devotion.  Within the Eucharist is My Son and His Never-ending Love for you.  He nourishes your Soul and brings you into Loving Communion with His Most Sacred Heart. [Very powerful]  Thus, I say Belovéd Children, go to the Christ in repentance and Love as often as you can, for one day soon the well of the Church shall dry up and a host of misgivings shall evolve to disbelief and betrayals within My Most Holy Church (and this) will bring the World to its knees.

Pray and partake of the Eucharist.  Come to Me and accept My Great Love.  I will give you succor when the land is barren and the Souls of My People starve for want of Me and those who serve Me with truthful Hearts and with great Love for Me like that of the innocent children I Love so dearly (will be given help during those times) Belovéd Children, pray, for soon you shall grow confused and will be drawn away from Love.  Only through constant and devout prayer do you receive discernment.  Only through deepest prayer do you receive consolation.  It is only through great prayer that you shall not be led astray.
Come to Me now and understand what I accept and what I do not accept.  Do not fall with the lukewarm who rely on My conveniences.  I am the Lord God.  I am Eternal and Mighty.  My Children, you must put Me first lest you die in darkness and the temporal that take you away from My Love.  Thus, I say, pray, My Children.  Pray and I shall guide you and protect you and give you consolation through the storm.
Peace, My Children.  Offer to each other all that is Love.